By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz

Here are some examples of Divine traits to emulate, depicting G-d's creative expression;
a. The Divine Artist
b. The Creator Making room for others
c. The Creator Bridging us to Him
d. The Creator bringing everything to perfection [this week's choice]
e. The Creator creating something from nothing and something from something
1. KNOW  that the Creator hid a part of His Infinite Being, in order to make room for the existence of His Creation-----whose exclusive purpose is to re-Infinitize and re-Divinize the Divine hiddenness
EMULATE  this trait by constantly seeking to get your self OUT OF THE WAY,  and bring the Divine Prescence IN THE WAY [thereby re-infinitizing and re-Divinzing the Place of His hiding]......One way to do this, is by searching for any and every opportunty in your life, that you are capable of letting go [partially or completely] of the controls---------by allowing G-d to take over the controls------all the worrying needed, the efforts and strategizing needed as well as letting Hashem be the One who determines how things will turn out----Be happy with whatever the outcome may be.
Another way of bringing Hashem INTO THE WAY---is to reframe those of your motivations that are selfishly motivated to being altruistically motivated---to do it all for Hashem----or----to do it all in order to cling to Hashem----or---- to do it all in a way that Hashem would approve of....
2. KNOW  that the Creator is a Master Artist, whose artistic creations  are either perfect now just as they are, or are designed to ultimately reach perfection.
EMULATE  this trait by infusing all f your creative artistic work with perfection or the potential to become perfect......Do this by foreseeing a projected future state  that is as ideal and perfect as it can be.....Foresee the process needed to reach this perfected state.....Now apply and integrate  this ideal perfected state into whatever it is that you are presently creating--------------
If it is a story or a movie script that you are working on,  show how all that is imperfect comes out perfect in the end......If it is a song or a painting that you are occupied with, express, somehow, how the chaos and imperfection of a certain aspect of life resolves itself perfectly.........If it is a certain aspect of your life that you are seeking to improve, co-create that aspect of your life to become resolved and perfected ,by intending that ideal projected situation with great clarity, and ask G-d to make it happen [if it finds favour in His Eyes]....

3. KNOW  that the Creator, in the process of bringing His Creation to a perfected state, is constantly transforming that which is incomplete and imperfect to become complete and perfect
EMULATE  this trait by seeking to reveal and actualize the  Divine Will and Wisdom that is intrinsic to all aspects of reality.......Do this by asking what does Hashem want out of any particuar object or situation that you encounter......For example, when encountering an amazing person, or some amazing technological advance,  ask yourself, 'What role does this amazing person or technology play in Hashem's ultimate Creation purpose and plan?' the perfection process of the world.............When you discover a meaningful answer or direction-----then do all that you can do to help direct or enpower this person or design towards it's ultimate Divine purpose......Do the same thing for the personal challenges that you face in out how you can utilize these challenges towards the betterment of yourself and all of mankind........Do the same for any piece of wisdom that you come across
Here are some examples of Divine traits to emulate depicting G-d's way of relating to us
a. He is righteous and loves righteousness
b. He seeks those who are pursued
c. He confers glory to the humble ones
d. He's high, yet sees the lowly
e. Wherever you find G-d's greatness, there you will find his humbleness
f. He loves the stranger or convert
g. He's the shepherd
h. He raises up and lowers down
j. He's a G-d of justice and truth
k. He relates to us measure for measure[ mirroring us]
l. He's close to those who seek Him
m. He first brings the cure before inflicting the sickness
1. KNOW that G-d is the epitome of benevolence---a benevolence that is loving and compassionate and long-suffering....From this stance, He sees below the surface, into people's hearts, enabling them to be  their best , especially those most in need of this benevolent guidance.
EMULATE this trait by opening up your heart to see and to relate to all people with love compassion and benevolence.....especially direct your love and compassion to those who are most in need of it .....Become a person who enpowers others to bring out their best, solely by virtue of your seeing them in their absolute best light.....When relating to others, see their welfare as being at least as important as your own, if not moreso....Do what you can do to guide them to be and do their best.....The more that you relate to others in this way, the more that you will find that they will reflect it all back to you.
2. KNOW that G-d is the source of truth and justice, and therefore , constantly seeks to redeem those who are prevented from deriving the benefits of truth and justice, despite the fact that they deserve and seek out these ideals.
EMULATE  these Divine traits of truth and justice, by constantly seeking to become as just and truthful of a person as you can be....See to it that others also benefit from truth and justice---especially those who seem to be victims of unjustice and falseness.......
First, focus on yourself -----See to it that you are a person of your word---what you say you will do---you do.....Also, see to it that you never take advantage of others ....When you are in a conflict with someone--first see if you're the one in the wrong....Give others the benefit of the doubt....
 Then,  focus on others--------Regarding the victims of lies and unfair treatment, emulate Hashem's traits of truth and justice, by seeking out the welfare of these unfortunate victims.......When you are capable, step in and defend them from whatever travesty that they are suffering through.-----Sometimes this may involve directly going after the
one[s] who are misusing or abusing them.......
Other times, this may involve you taking a more indirect stance, by seeking to prevent and change  the root cause of the unfairness in the community or interpersonal dynamic....
3. KNOW  that G-d is the healer of mankind and of all created beings.  Sometimes, His healing is effected merely by virtue of His blessed prescence. The healing is enjoyed by everyone at all times, but especially is felt by those who are in great need, and actually seek help from the Divine Healer.
EMULATE this trait by constantly seeking to become a conduit or channel for G-d's Divine healing.....Try to help heal others , even when they don't ask for it, or even when they do not recognize that they are in need of it ......... Try to become a beacon of blessing and healing just by virtue of your prescence......Do this by constantly seeking to integrate G-dliness in areas where G-dliness is not felt or found.........Be especially sensitive to try to help heal those who are aware of their suffering---and are desparate to find any type of healing that can help them------This is even more pertinent if they specifically seek out your help.....
If you find that you personally are not a person is so capable of channeling Divine healing, you can nevertheless emulate this Divine Healing trait by seeking out those people who are capable of healing those in need, while you constantly lend your support and prayer.....
May we continue to open up the wellsprings of this great Mitzvah of Emulating G-d's Ways, by constantly learning what His ways are and how we can best emulate them

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