By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz

Greetings friends...Top of the week to you... it seems like we just met-eh?, how time flies when you're having a good time ....anyway, enough of this chit chat, we've got work to do...If you'll recall what we spoke about last week [i hope you do--at least some of you...]----- we spoke about getting into the proper head-space prior to beginning your prayer service...Before we move on to a new realm in the world of Prayer and G-d Consciousness, let's come to some type of closure on what we began discussing, namely-- ' preparation for Prayer Space'  

1. FLOW [BLOCK BUSTING]  PREPARATION PRACTICES----[In addition to the practices we elaborated on last week, these practices also fall in this category]------pray to overcome obstacles, pray and declare your nullification of all foreign thoughts and other disturbances...
  A PRAYER FOR BUSTING THROUGH THE MIND OBSTACLES IN THE UPCOMING RAYER SERVICE------may it be your Will that my prayer be conveyed to You with a clear mind....a prayer that truly expresses my deepest yearning and desires.....May it be your Will that any distracting thoughts and feelings that are not an integral part of the prayer service----that are not a part of the Holy sparks that I am meant to be elevating in the prayer itself, should be null and void, as if they don't even exist----so  that I may be completely focused and concentrated on you in my prayers...  
2. TOTAL SELF EXPRESSION PREPARATION PRACTICES-----------------[ Here's some practices that are included in this realm ]---------proper place, proper time, candles, special clothes and ritual clothing [Tallis and Tefilin..etc...], pipe smoking meditations, the 'Merkava Meditation', heart opening meditations,visualizing yourself in the Land of Israel or in the Garden of Eden or singing and dancing
A.   A PERMANENT PLACE--------Try to find [without any negative confrontation with people] a permanent place to pray-----The very fact that this place is set aside for prayer on a consistent basis, will invest the 'place' with Holiness
B.  AN AUSPICIOUS TIME--------Try to pray at the most auspicious time---- Sunrise for the  service in the morning and  sunset for the  service for Mincha /afternonn and Maariv/Evening [before and after sunset respectively]
C1. THE MERKAVA MEDITATION--------This Meditation opens up our receptivity for the Divine fusion inside of us......Focus , one at a time , on as many personality traits or powers and then fuse with them, the corresponding Divine Trait---for example--Start with your will [and then fuse that with G-ds Will], and go on to your intellect and to your emotion and to your speech and action and to specific traits as well, such as giving, enabling, closing....etc...
C2.OPEN YOUR HEART----------Go through all the areas of your life where you feel stuck or helpless.  With deep emotional passion, ask Hashem to help you out [where you cannot help yourself]......................Another way of opening up your heart, is to sing and dance and generally celebrate all of the wonderful and miraculous acts of providential kindness that G-d has and is doing with you all the time
3.   INTERPERSONAL CONNECTION PREPARATION PRACTICES-------------[ Here's some practices that are included in this realm ]---------charity, loving one's fellow person as they love themselves, forgiving one and all, connecting with the mystical dimension called'All of Yisrael', connecting yourself with 'Tzadikim',
PEOPLE CONNECTIONS---------------Give a certain amount of charity or commit to give it, in order to connect yourself to those in need.   Then, connect yourself to KOL YISRAEL [All of Yisrael] and realize that when we can't break through on our own, we can join our prayers with the mystical dimension called KOL YISRAEL, and we CAN break through!      Next Focus on loving your brothers and sisters [in the
soul sense] as you do yourself.....Next forgive all those who need your forgivness in your heart....Next connect yourself spiritually with all the righteous people alive today and those who are not....
3. G-D FUSION PREPARATION PRACTICES------[Here's some practices that are included in this realm] --------Divine breathing meditations, spontaneous -longing to connect -prayers, Emulation meditations, Wordless or One word mantras directed to Hashem [such as 'Tatee!'---Daddy!], spiritualize the entire environment as being all G-dly-visualizations, pray to pray and  meditate about G-d's greatness and your smallness.....
G-D FUSION  PRAYER TO PRAY PROPERLY--------------Take a few deep breaths......Every time you inhale, focus on Hashem's love for you, and every time you exhale focus on your love for Hashem....Now begin to pray [say a prayer to be able to pray in your own words, or here's one if you like];
Dear G-d,
I yearn for You with all my heart at all times.....
I ask for your help to enable me to express myself properly to you in my daily prayer service........
Let it be Your will Hashem, that my prayer be acceptable before you......
Allow me to truly express my love and appreciation to you.....
Allow me to express myself from the place of my true will....Allow me to truly connect with and pray for what I lack and need to rectify.......Enable me to truly intend that all that I pray for be for Your sake---for the sake of giving you  the Delight of removing the source of my lackings in their corresponding source in the upper  Divine realms.
******before we go onwards into the 'spiritual-space' of prayer itself as well as many other expressions of our 'Bridges/Masters Program', I'd like to just reiterate  that accessing  the proper mind space is of benefit in all situations......Basically , it's the same as getting in to a state of expanded consciousness....Here is a list of some of the tools [that I have drawn from my 'booklets' ] that you can use to get into the 'SPACE';
 TOOLS AND MEDITATIONS FOR BEING IN THE PROPER 'SPACE' OR HOW TO LIFT YOURSELF INTO EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS  [from my 3 booklets---'Parsha Tools' and 'Paradising Your Life' and 'Jewish Transcendence Meditations']
from  the 'Jewish Transcendence Meditations' booklet 
flow meds, life-ing meds, spiritual warrior meds, first aid for the broken hearted meds, Kabbalistic Healing
p.l.u.g. i. n. meds, lower soul meds,
A------A LL-ING
rosh hashonah meds, kabbalistic sexuality meds, soul awakening meds, A. of f.a.b. meds, sefirotic allignment therapy meds
people-ing meds, marriage-ing meds
letting Hashem in meds, transcendence meds, beyond meds, conscious community meds, shabbat dvaikut meds, Divine unification meds, surpise and delight me meds, a kotel med
from'The Paradising My Life' booklet
infinitizing my life
A------A LL-ING
18 features of a Tzadik, 32 Torah approaches, ratzoning
soul familying, bridge person, paradise-ing relationships
hearing your inner Divine voice
from the 'PARSHA TOOLS' booklet
constricted consciousness [yaakov] cope, exodus from exile, impossible cope, primal scream, darkess bust, helpless dvaikus , light into the darkness, me against the world ordeals, coping with deception
soul resonating, seeing our future presume, Holy eating, correct seeing, opening our hearts, maximizing the Mitzvah, preemptive initiating, Yom Kippur Tshuvah point, Joy[ Sukkot], channelling wealth
A------A LL-ING
Holy selfishness, my Torah take, inventory-ing
grooving on giving, seeing negative people positively, all encompassing communication, the everyone in me, Holy interpersonalizing, matchmaking, parenting, enabling
Bar-Mitzvah-ing, my personal Divine Coach, above nature-ing
stay tuned friends for much more with help from THE ONE ABOVE 24\7, cuz all of it [and yours truly as well] is A WORK IN PROGRESS
and happy birthday [every day] to all those who are busy being born!

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