ILLUMINATIONS   of increasing intensity

By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz


These illuminations are meant to counteract various forms of darkness in our lives----anything from simple confusion all the way to devastating personal loss. The order of the tools brought are from a lower intensity counter-darkness impact to greater and greater levels of intensity.
----M stands for ME first category of 7 illuminations are all self generated---of course with Hashem's constant help...
1. DONE     -----project the absolute minimum amount of work or activity that you would need to do in any given task, and still be o.k. regarding your responsibility in taking care of this task. The idea is to thereby free up yourself of all unneccesary worry, and go ahead and enjoy doing what you need to do
2. INSPIRATION    ------ask  yourself how you can raise the inspiration level of the activities of your coming day [or week or whatever time period you choose]. Here's a few tips on how to inspirationalize;
a. project how you can apply all of yourself to the task
b. do it in a way that only you and noone else can do it
c. fuse Hashem into the process amap [as much as possible]
d. do it in a way that stretches you way beyond your normal capacities
3. DRAWING ON A PREVIOUS POWER TIME  -----recall a previous time in your life when you coped with  the a similar task in a very powerful way. Draw on that same strategy or something similar to succeed at your present challenge
4.  FUTURE PROJECTION   ------place yourself into a future ideal time. In a celebratory manner, report on what you have accomplished and have become and how you did it. Now with your newly created 'road map', march into the future with joy and clarity
5. HIDDEN MISSION   -----with the help of others or on your own, contemplate what is your hidden mission in is it that Hashem is really directing you to do---for example, are you meant to be a healer or a visionary or a champion of global justice...etc...     With this hidden mission in hand, you can reframe all that you do in the context of this mission
6. CORE MOTIVATION   -----ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing  [specifically the very low-level or negative motivated activities]. Gratefully visualize the object of your motivation coming to fruition, and ask yourself what more would you want ---and then gratefully acknowledge receiving that as well---and keep going deeper and deeper in this way until you reach your deepest spiritual motivation---- now re-approach your normally low-leveled motivated activities in an entirely new high-motivated core way
7. 'AIN BRAIRA' / THE POWER OF 'NO CHOICE'  -----when faced with a difficult task, project yourself carrying it out in a superhuman way---which is generated by  your crystal clear knowledge that you MUST succeed-----because theres just NO CHOICE! And then proceed to walk through all kinds of normally closed doors in life!
G/M   -------G\M stands for a fusion of G-d-ing and Me-ing  [as we mentioned, the more that we encounter deepr and deeper forms of darkness, we need to transform them with brighter and brighter types of illumination---and this involves a gradual phasing out of all self-generated approaches---and in their stead, to phase in G-d generated approaches...these G/M approaches are somewhere in the middle...]


8. SURPRISE AND DELIGHT ME------Project a future intended ideal state of being you intened to step in to. Next, open up your power of receptivity. Take note of all the delightful surpises that hashem is sending to you daily and all of the time. The more receptive you are to the delightful surprises, the more manifest they will be in your life... 


9. HIDDEN GIFT ------Look at the darkness that you are confronting 'right in the eye', with an intention to find all the gifts that are hiding there. Notice that the  hidden gifts appear more and more---the more you look for them. It would be helpful to directly ask, 'What are the hidden gifts that i see in this situation?'....


10. ALL FOR THE BEST------First of all, meditate on the general idea, that everything that you encounter in life is for the best. That is G-d's way. No matter how contrary this principle seems to be to the general understanding of the real world, be absolutely clear that if things would play themseves out in any other way, it wouldn't be as good. Now ask, 'Why is this particular [apparently bad or painful] situation the best possible thing in the world for me?' Now, just sit and wait for the answer[s] to come to you... 


11. WHOLE PICTURE SPARKS-----Know that whatever situation that you presently find yourself in, is only one 'puzzle piece' of a much larger, more complete and whole picture. Therefore do the following---View your situation in it's widest perspective. See what you are going through as being a small part of a perfection process [yours and others]-----you are now much better than you ever were before----and one step closer to where you eventually will be....


12. MIRACLE WATCH -----Know with absolute certainty and clarity, that the 'salvation' that you need in order to be liberated from your very difficult [sometimes impossible] situation, is coming to you with greater and greater intensity all the time[ sometimes it shows up all at once]. Realize that what is constantly coming to you is beyond nature, beyond logic and absolutely miraculous. Know that the more that you keep your eyes open for the miracles to come flooding in to your life, the more they will actually come...


G   ------------G stands for G-d-ing [at this stage we have totally phased out any self-generation---and all illuminations are solely coming from UPSTAIRS---stay tuned for these meditations' instructions ASAP]



Project a desired outcome in your life or work with what you are already dealing with.

Get yourself out of G-d’s way by surrendering totally all control of when and how your desired outcome will come about.

Inject large doses of Bitachon (see below).

Enter your surrendering process.



Whatever difficult situation you find yourself in, have one hundred percent surety and clarity that just as Hashem helped you make it through in the past in similar situations, so too will He do this for you now.

It would be helpful for you to recall a number of these past situations that Hashem helped you through, and then to project this trust into your present situation.



Realize that the constant worry and anxiety that we carry with us all the time in our thoughts, most often does not help us to cope properly.

Therefore, simply place the burden of worry into Hashem’s hand.

Let Him deal with your control needs and your approval needs.



Realize that everyone in your life are puppets that are sent to you from ABOVE to help guide you in one way or another towards becoming what you are meant to become.  Therefore, experience these people in your mind’s eye and the emotional short circuit feeling that they produce.  Next, see them as being puppets and ask of Hashem what their message is and then detach emotionally from negativity that you experienced from them.



Gather to yourself (in your mind’s eye) all of the negativities in your life.  See these negativities as pieces of wax attached to a huge wax ball of darkness.

Next, fill yourself up with Bitachon (above) and love of Hashem and His love for you and the knowledge He is hiding inside the darkness and discovering Him would melt away the darkness.

Then begin to zap away the dark negativity of this wax ball with your light until it all melts away into pure light.



Take any hard or impossible situation in your life and contemplate all the efforts and strategies that you have done so far to cope.  When you get to a point when you find yourself and your efforts unable and helpless to cope any further, then in a very emotional way, toss up your problem to Hashem by saying:  “I CAN’T DO IT HASHEM, PLEASE DO IT FOR ME.”  Carry on with other problems in this way.



In the hardest and most impossible situation(s), that you find yourself in, think deeply what is the gift, the lesson, the inner transformation, the new way of seeing life and people etc that this situation enables you to see.

The more that you discover, the more you should be grateful and incorporate into your life.

*****these words are being spontaneously generated ,based on the inspiration of one anonymous 'desert rose '---who is presently teaching me what  TRUE LIVING is all about.....Life-ing just means awakening, generating, reproducing and maximizing G-d's gift of life to us A.M.A.P.----these words are dedicated to all those of us--in sickness and in health--that are in need of turning up the volume of LIFE--so that we can all be fully healthy and ALIVE!
1. SELF REALIZATION LIFE-ING------imagine that you are informed that  the next 5 years of your  life , are going to be the most important years of your life ,  in addition to being informed that your chances of living beyond these 5 years are very slim, all of the people of the world will be watching  you----in this generation and future ones as well,  on closed circuit internet TV....everyone will be breathlessly waiting for this 'reality  show' to come at the same pre-scheduled time....everyone will be discussing what they would do if they were in your place---therefore your every decision is doubly crucial, not only for yourself, but for all those out there that are living precariously through go deep into yourself , into your thoughts and your will--what do you do with your life---what do you in these years, what will you make of yourself, how do you make every minute count , how do you feel about living in best as you can, jump into this role FOR REAL----the truth of the matter is that besides Hashem, your upper and lower world soul family 'fan club' are riding on every move that you make....and besides that , who knows what awaits us every day----make it conscious and not accidental---make it count!!!
2.  CLEAR OUT THE DARKNESS LIFE-ING----imagine all the dark areas of your life coming together in some type of  mass gathering---here comes the confusion comes the depression-ers...and don't forget about the fears-clan--they even brought their distant cousins and patriarchal  figures---all  of the hidden fears......the same with all of the other darknesses in your  lives---large and small---let them all gather----notice how they are suck out so much of your life from you---now send them all away even if it's for just a short while---notice how much more unfettered and ALIVE  you are...




Realize that we are only activating four per cent of our capacities in all areas of the psyche, therefore;



Project 5 – 10 of your most constricted areas of expression and how they are fully awakened and realized, to the point that you literally feel like an overflowing wellspring.



Realize that the second, third, fourth and all subsequent times that you review a piece of wisdom, you open up the depth of understanding it as well as a conduit of SUPERNAL WISDOM FROM ABOVE.



Project yourself going over most every piece of wisdom that you encounter and experience the magnified understanding and the SUPERNAL WISDOM FROM ABOVE.



Realize that every thought, word, feeling and action that you express will exist forever; therefore,



Project yourself entering into a consciousness where you are aware that every thought, word, feeling and action will exist forever and therefore, you express them all with the utmost care and sublimity.






Realize that the essence of death is when something comes to an end or terminates, therefore:



Project yourself entering into a state of consciousness where everything you encounter and do and experience, is infinitized, i.e., it has the ability to go on and on without terminating.




Realize that just as biological unifications cause life to reproduce itself and bring healing, so too, with spiritual bridgings and unifications therefore;




Project yourself entering into a state of consciousness where you are constantly bridging and unifying  that which is healthy with that which is unhealthy, and that which is giving with that which is receiving, and that which is G-d conscious with that which is not.  And see yourself experiencing the wonderful and amazing “Shefa” (abundance) and healing which is born out of your unifications.



Realize that the purpose of life and creation is to reveal G-d where He is hidden.  By doing so, you draw down incredible life and “Shefa” and well being, therefore;



Project yourself entering into a state of consciousness where you are constantly seeking out any opportunity to reveal Hashem where He is hiding.  And you find yourself becoming an overflowing conduit of Divine Revelation.




Realize that your direct or indirect experience of “post-life” or near-death experience, is meant to elevate you to live your life in a more profound and primal way, therefore;



Project yourself entering into a state of consciousness where everything that you do is motivated by the awareness that your actions have eternal ramifications and benefits.  Experience the feeling of being more awake and alive than you have ever been.



Realize that  any damage or negativity that you have brought into the world, other people’s lives or your own life, can be at least partially rectified by drawing down the opposite energy, i.e. an expansion of life, positivity and benefit for yourself, and for as many other people as possible in your life and in the entire world, therefore;



Project yourself entering into a state of consciousness where you are constantly concerned with magnifying, expanding, and giving birth to any and every form of life wherever life is constricted or in short supply.  Experience the wonderful feeling of tikun and healing that you are constantly bringing about.

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