By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz

1.    ...first, some neccessary introductory thoughts....

1.We stand now at an interesting crossroads. We completed the meditations dealing with sexuality [at least one or two dfferent types of angles].
2.  We're motivated to go in one of a number of directions...perhaps it's time to do 'awaken our souls' meditations, and then again maybe it's time to meditate on the secrets of marriage; how to make it happen and how to keep it happening! I don't know which way to go-----but I'll keep my ears open and when I get the word, I'll be sure to let you know.
3. Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you some meditations of the lower soul. [That'll probably be a nice transition from sexuality to either marriage or Soul awakening].  The lower soul is perhaps one of the most misunderstood topics. Not neccessarily what it is [I've provided you with a few animated, illustrative hints about that at the top of the page]. Rather, what needs understanding, is how to integrate this vital side of ourselves into our lives... What's this whole realm of lower soul all about? What is it and what is it not?
a. It is a part of our psyche\soul usually associated with the animal soul [the Nefesh Bhaimi]
b. a possible one word description is 'desire'
c. It's a part of ourselves that is oftentimes neglected. Therefore in order to make it's prescence known, it will often try to sabotage us and block us up. unless we somehow embrace, partnerize or integrate with it
d. It is the key to a big part of;
1. our life force
2. our sex drive
3. our inspiration
4. our fully expressed motivation
5. our ability to bridge the
lowest levels of life with the highest
6. our ability to bring things to closure
7. our ability to attract and bond with people that would otherwise probably be lost to us
8. our ability to live life and Judaism with the totality of ourselves
a. It is not our WILL  which is represented by the Sefira part of the psyche that is a connecting point between our will and Hashem's Will, and the part of our psyche that serves as our main internal motivator
b. it is not our YAITZER HARA [our evil inclination] ----ie...the inner [and outer] drive to go against Hashem's Will. Nevertheless, because of it's similarity to the yaizer hara, oftentimes it is confused for the yaitzer Hara, and the same evasive strategies are used against it as well, such as squashing it, blinding it and elevating it. Our approach, for many reasons that we will bring here, is to embrace and integrate it in the right ways    
6. At this point, I'll let the meditations speak for close your eyes and listen to my words,and have some FUN,
and see all that that you need to do as being already DONE,
and let the  healing flow 
assist  your life to  become ONE
 and I'll take you there friends.....
scan the fun sides of your life...... on a scale of 1-10, how much of a fun person are you? now yearn for and embrace those fun sides of your personality [and the ability to raise their levels from low numbers to 9's and 10's]....
see them as being people;
adventurous andy [or annie]
inspired ilan or ilana
creative cory
beautiful bodied bubba
sexy sadie
groovin' gershon
...etc...and all the other fun parts of yourself that you can come up with....take time to see  and embrace these arts of yourself
now line up aventurous annie and all of her friends, and cordially introduce them to Hashem....ask Hashem to properly integrate them all into your life for you
project how your future will be blossomming with fun....with each of these characters....and groove on how these aspects are adding so much to your life;
zest for living
a great social life
and so many other things as well
see how all of these new areas are integrated in a G-dly, wholistic, constructive and safe way!
scan the areas of your life that make you feel burdened in a negative way;
Find the worries and  feelings of control  that you feel that you must hold onto in order to fulfill your responsibillities[ or so you think]
Find also the extra efforts that you think you need to worry about making
 Find the need  that you feel  to worry about  receiving the proper approval and  respect from others 
Now take all of these worries and toss them up to Hashem to take care of for you [not that you are giving up dealing with them at the right time, place and manner, it's just that you're trusting Hashem to remind and guide you to take care of these things in the best way]. Embrace the feeling of being
DONE with, and freed up from all of these worries
now ask Hashem to properly alert you to take care of all of the underlying causes of your worries[control, effort and approval] properly and positively. Be receptive and aware when you receive a positive healthy flash of insight instructing you how to take care of your responsibilities and needs at the proper time, place and manner.
Now project how you will daily grow into becoming a person who is liberated from destructive worries, and instead you find yourself  positively and proactively taking care of your needs in a worry-free, control-need-free, approval-need-free
identify all the parts or characters inside of yourself and  your life, who are blocking you from being a healthy, holy, loving and flowing human being. ....
here too, assign them names; fearful frieda
sabotaging sonya
disfunctional danny
spoiled sam
spacy spencer 
can't close on anything clyde
and any other dark sides of yourself that are holding back your ability to be ONE, to be unified, to be in constant flow. 
now visualize all of these parts sitting around you in a semi-circle.....go up and embrace each one of them, and thank them for a gift that each one has given you----such as protecting you in some way.....find each one's gift in your life and thank them
now, with all of these characters lined up, ask Hashem to integrate each one in your life in a positive, holy, healthy way......
gaze into your unfolding future and watch how you are becoming more and more healed and alive and at peace and ONE in every sense of the word
see  how all of these characters are playing a very special and beneficial roles in your thankful and grateful.

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