Meditations For Letting Hashem In

By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz




A. Feel Hashem's Prescence beyond me

B. Release to Hashem to take care of what I'm helpless to do

C. Release to Hashem to take care of the results of my efforts

D. Release to Hashem my need to control

E. Release to Hashem my need to receive approval

F. Feel Hashem watching over me

G. Feel Hashem's Prescence all around me


2. KETER [Emuna, primal pleasure and will]


A. Feel secure and certain that Hashem will come through for me

B. Feel certain that all that Hashem does is for the best

C. Feel the pleasure of experiencing the Divine Prescence inside of me

D. Feel Hashem's Will deep inside of my own Will

E. Feel that my inner core motivation is to always be connected to Hashem


3. CHABAD [Chochmah, Bina and Daat - the intellect]


A. Feel that the source of my wisdom and all wisdom is the realm of the Divine

B. Feel that whatever question I ask, I can receive a Divine [flash] answer

C. SEE Hashem's Prescence

D. KNOW Hashem's Prescence


4. CHAGAT [Chesed, Gvurah and Tifferet - emotion]


A. Feel my love for Hashem

B. Feel Hashem's love for me

C. Feel the fear of the Divine Prescence

D. Feel the beauty of the Divine Prescence


5. NAHIM [Netzach, Hod,Yesod and Malchut--action]


A. Feel Hashem's Prescence while doing Mitzvahs

B. "                                         " making a blessing

C. "                                         " accomplishing something

D. "                                         " I'm in the 'zone'

E. "                                          " I speak with someone

F. "                                          " I undergo a tribulation

G. Feel Hashem's Prescence where it's normally not found

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