By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz



***** The vision  of  our Paradise Healing  course

is to awaken inside of ourselves,

a  flow…

a healing flow…

an unhindered  flow…

a fully expressed  flow…

a Divine/human  fusion flow…

a flow that ultimately will  enable us

to return to the Garden of Eden

We yearn  to integrate all kinds of  supplements in the course [if that is what Hashem will want as well], such as; an alphabetical healing tools chart[drawn from all areas of  life and Torah], an inner circle of like-minded friends seeking to be healed and heal other individuals and the whole generation, 1 on 1 sessions for those wishing to benefit from the healing in an intensive and  personalized way, a course that will touch upon as many aspects of the human condition and contemporary topics as possible, a network of healers—enabling everyone to share their special wisdom with those most in need and

the latest inspirational idea that I’m working on, is to go through every day’s corresponding ‘Aliya’ in the Parsha, and discover all the healing lessons and tools, and use them as a daily guide in life….
Paradise healing foundation meditation


See yourself in the garden of eden …..


take a look around yourself

and see what you can see—trees, rivers, a beautiful breeze and whatever else you can see….. Allow yourself to experience seeing from one end of the world to the other…..


take a look inside of yourself

and see what you can see….what does your mind feel like here in paradise? Your heart? feel the feeling of being aware of all aspects of yourself…..feel the feeling of being a fully actualized and fully expressed being….feel the feeling of being at one with hashem—fully fused in all ways….feel the feeling of easily grasping insights that have always been beyond you….

take a look at your life now [outside of the garden of eden]

and paradise your life!!....what would it take to step into the garden of eden now?! Let’s try……paradise all the upcoming events of your life….simply see each event as it will most likely play itself out ---and then project how you can paradise all the events of your day by energizing all that you do with_______;


***zero worry, anxiety,negativity

***full self expression

***divine empowered fusion


For example, take a look at an upcoming meeting with someone later in the day…..see how great that meeting will be….toss up all worries and anxieties and negativities onto a cloud floating up to hashem, for him to take care of……..see how you will enlist all of your unique strengths and talents and joy and prescence in the meeting…………….see how hashem will make it all happen for you in the best way possible…..see how you will be fused with hashem’s empowerment and guidance….see how you will act even  beyond your normal  capacities……

Do the same for all of the events of your day …

Begin paradising your day and your life …..


May we merit a true paradise healing


******The formula for ‘Paradise Healing’ is straight-forward…It is the process of  removing all obstacles [internal and external] in the following 3 realms;


FLOW—uninterrupted/unhindered flow of consciousness           

ALLNESS--total self expression & actualization

BEYOND—fusion with Hashem and w/what’s beyond us


Every one of the upcoming Torah healing approaches will fit into the above definition in one or more of the above three realms


******Torah Paradise Healing is an awareness….One is  aware of  the Torah’s  healing powers  that our Sages [ both contemporary and ancient] reveal to us….Also one is  aware of the potent power of Torah, and accordingly, approaches  Torah with a mindset and intention of  awe ,holiness, intensity, dedication and a relentless dedication to achieve clarity and the greatest possible depth…Then, as

a consequence, one remains aware of one or many of the healings that result and is personally transformed and healed…..


 ******Just as the Torah is infinite, it stands to reason, that the number of it’s healing benefits are infinite as well, but being the finite being that I am, I bring a partial, finite list of Torah Healings;


1.    HEAL PHYSICAL PAIN----If your head hurts,or your arms, stomach or your entire body—occupy yourself with Torah and remove the pain


2.  HEAL YAITZER HARA---- Learn Torah as a remedy or a type of  healing spice/herb {Tavlin} for transforming your inclination for going against Hashem’s Will {Yaitzer HaRa}into an inclination to do Hashem’s Will {Yaitzer HaTov]}


3.  HEAL INNER CHAOS----Occupy yourself with Torah and transform your natural chaotic perspective or mindset  to being a clear ,orderly, rectified state

[Kabbalistic interpretation of the rectification of the ‘Broken Vessils’]

4.  HEAL EVERYTHING\CURE-ALL----Whenever you are in need of healing/tikun, just increase the quantity and /or quality of the Torah learning that you presently are used to

[a tradition from my Rav, and his and many others]

5.  HEAL THE G-D CONNECTION----Know that Torah actually is G-d’s Presence filtered down infinitely to the level of  conceptual words on paper----so attach yourself to these concepts and you automatically connect yourself to G-d

[Kabbalistic teaching]


that the Torah, Yisrael and Hashem, are one,

therefore, the more that you engage in Torah, the more that you connect to and refine your essence

[the Holy Zohar]

7.   HEAL YOUR SOUL----Know that Torah can be learned

on one of a number of levels---from the most simple to the deepest of  levels, and what is in-between….....All of these levels correspond to one of the levels of Soul….......To the extent that you engage Torah on one or more of these levels, to that extent you refine and heal that level of your Soul 

 [the Teachings of the Ariza’l]


******Here are more Torah Healings in short-form;


    8. Eternal  source of  Spiritual Nutrition

            9.    The Source of keeping the World running

    10.Rectification of character traits

    11. Source of Atonement

    12. Source of the Hidden Light [Ohr Ganuz]

    13. Refiner of physicality\materialism

    14. Source of the unifying principle of Interinclusion

    15. Microcosmic Source of Tikun Olam

    16. Partially reduces the need for sleep

    17. It’s light brings us to a state of goodness

    18. Expands our constricted mind-state

    19. Purifies our corruptive mind-state

    20. Source of happiness

    21. Source of purification

    22. Reflector of our present spiritual level

    23. Connects us to the atmosphere of the Garden of Eden

    24. Causes specific Providential Reality to take place

    25. Opens up a channel to receive Divine information

    26. Opens up the gates of Infinity

    27.  Makes the fool into a wise person

    28. Clarifies that which is unclear

    29. It’s multi-dimensional realms serve as the sources of

           Tikun\healing for their corresponding aspects in life

   30.  Provides for us a bridge and guidance to engage all wordly wisdom


        A Torah Healing Meditation


Project yourself engaging torah in a paradise healing fashion………………………………………………………………………………………


Go through each one of the above torah healing powers

With the intention of allowing Hashem to cause each source of healing To slowly but surely  permeate your being........., every time you learn torah, experience how these Torah healings profoundly impact your life More and more as time goes by………


Now  make yourself into an empty vessel, thereby opening up your ability to receive...............simply receive each one and notice how each one will affect you over time…………



   I have been playing with the idea of creating a table of contents, a ‘roadmap’ for this 'Paradise Healing Course'…and in contemplating many individual topics which I feel to be most interesting and pertinent, I see certain patterns presenting themselves, but I still see it best not to lay out an entire course plan just yet [until the direction becomes clearer than it is now]....

I sent out an email to test the waters of some new ‘brainstormed’ healing topics….I asked some people which one of 31 different types of healing topics they may be interested in…..I got a few responses, but my favorite response was from a friend of mine, who made 2 comments;

1.Next to every Baskins and Robbins 31 flavors of ice cream, I should open up my own chain stores and call them, ‘Reb Yitzchak’s 31 Flavors of Healing’

2. ‘’All this healing is making me sick’’  [though I  thrive on and love my friend’s unique sense of humor,I hope to show him in the end, that a massive collection healing recipes can truly be healing and not just ‘’too much of a good thing.’’




I do see that one of the realms that seems to be quite all encompassing and central in it’s drive towards opening up a healing flow of consciousness, is the concept of ‘Wholeness’……………….When we live our lives in a whole or holistic mindset, as opposed to a fragmented one, then we attach ourselves naturally to the solutions as opposed to the problems, to the light and not the dark……….I won’t elaborate on this point now too much , mainly because, besides my own upcoming lists, I bring you selected quotes from the writings of 2 people---the first one , a scholar from the world of academia, and after him, a true Jewish Mystic’s view on wholeness…..


But first, I bring you a list designed to transform normal fragmented ways of perceiving reality and transform them into;



    Perceptions  & Communications


        Transform fragmented consciousness into wholeness consciousness


1.   SOLUTIONIZE----------instead of solving problems by focusing on 1 or a few isolated aspects of the problem, solve  problems by orienting the problem within the context of the whole story


2. STATE YOUR CASE -------instead of convincing others of your ‘case’ , by only presenting a few sides, present all of the sides, from before the beginning until after the end


3. MAKING A CHOICE--------instead of trying to choose between a limited number of different possibilities , allow all possibilities to be given an equal shot by simply saying to all possibilities [let them all run the race , like a lineup of racehorses], and then, based on which of them fares the best, go with those


4. COACHING OTHERS------instead of only listening to what the person’s immediate problem is, have them tell as complete a story as possible---the background , the emotional sides, the other people involved, desired results etc….often, you will see that the more they themselves elaborate on the story, the more they see the direction to go in, all by themselves


5. INTERPERSONALIZING------instead of relating  to[and judging] others based only on what you are being presented with right now, see their past [i.e.…they are the way they are , due to past experiences, traumas..etc..] and see their potential future [ie…they ultimately will be perfected , and by reflecting that to them right now, you empower them greatly]


6. TORAH IN EXILE---------instead of seeing non Torah secular wisdom as being something different and separate from Torah wisdom, see it as being a part of Torah wisdom—a complimentary, supplementary way of understanding mainline Torah concepts [after all, Torah essentially encompasses all wisdom]


7. ASSOCIATIVE MIND REMEMBERING-----instead of remembering things by straining your brain, relax and write down in the middle of a circle,  what ever you would like to remember, then at the end of the lines coming out of the entire circle, tap your associative mind, and in a passive way, just let the answers come to you and mark them down at the end of the concentric lines


8. PROCESSING G-D’S PROVIDENCE [A]----------instead of assuming that you understand why G-d did what He did, allow for the possibility that G-d had 1000’s of considerations in coming to His decision that you never even considered


9.  PROCESSING G-D’S PROVIENCE [B]-------------instead of seeing only the immediate challenge that you experience as being solely indicative of how G-d is guiding you, make a list of all the events of your day or week , and see the common thread that connects all of these events , as being your personalized Divine guidance


10.   YOUR PERSONAL IMPACT IN THE UNIVERSE--------instead of seeing yourself  and the impact of your actions as being insignificant in relation to the entire Universe, see each one of your thoughts , feelings, words and actions as being potentially so powerful, that they can influence the parallel thoughts , feelings , words and actions of many other people across space and time


11.   YOUR DAILY/ANNUAL PRAYER--------instead of seeing every prayer that you pray as being disconnected to all other prayers , see all the prayers of the entire year as being one unit, and focus each day on another aspect of your prayer, putting all of your power into that one aspect—and then the next day, another aspect, and so on, until by the end of the year , you have a string of perfected parts of the entire prayer service , all combining into one grand Prayer service


12.   ALL IS SIGNIFICANT---------------instead of seeing all of the seemingly endless details of your daily dealings  or of the subject that you are learning etc… as being just another detail in the maze of life, see each detail as being a part or puzzle piece of ultimate importance and significance---and when it comes time to analyze the whole picture, see how all the parts are very necessary and interconnected


13.   MANAGING A GROUP OF PEOPLE------------instead of seeing only some of the various  people and/or components of your community or organization as being important, see ALL the component parts of your group as being vitally important, and relate to everyone and everything accordingly






         [quotes of dr. david bohm who’s based
his book,  on 40 years of research in Berkeley and U. of Penn, Princeton…and elsewhere..these quotes are taken from the 1st chap. of his work
-'wholeness and the implicate order’ ]
‘’ …fragmentation is now very widespread…throughout society,…in every individual….leading to a kind of general confusion of mind, …an endless series of problems,…interferes with clarity of persception…prevent us from being able to solve them [problems]…..’’
‘’ Thus art, science, technology and human work are…divided up into specialties,…considered  to be in essence separate from the others…
Society…is broken up into separate nations, …religions, political, economic, racial groups.etc.’’
‘’…each individual…. fragmented into large number of separate, conflicting compartments according to his different desires, aims, ambitions, loyalties, psychological such a degree that
It is generally accepted that some degree of neurosis is inevitable, while many nindividuals going beyond the ‘normal’ limits of fragmentation are classified as paranoid, schizoid, psychotic.etc..’’
‘’ The notion that all these fragments are separately existent is evidently an illusion, and this illusion cannot do other than lead to endless conflict and confusion. ..and has led to …a series of extremely urgent crises…today….pollution, the destruction of the balance of nature,over-population, world-wide economic and political disorder…an environment that is neither physically nor mentally healthy….individually…a feeling of helplessness and despair …of disparate
Social forces,…comprehension of human beings…’’
‘’…to some extent, …necessary…for man to divide things up…to reduce his problems to manageable proportions…..neverthless ultimately led to destructive results….when this mode of thought is applied to man’s notion of himself, and the whole world in which he lives, then …man begins to see and experience himself and his world as actually constituted of separately existing fragments…[and] acts in such a way as to try to break himself and the world up, so that all seems to correspond to his way of thinking…and man thus obtains proof of his of the correctness of his fragmentary view…[and] overlooks …that he himself has brought [it] about….’’
‘’Indeed, man has always been seeking wholeness—mental, physical, social, individual….the word health in english is from ‘hale’ meaning whole…that is, to be healthy is to be whole…roughly the same as the Hebrew ‘shalem’…[and] the English ‘holy’… has always sensed that
Wholeness or integrity is an absolute necessity to make life worth living…yet, over the ages , has lived in fragmentation’’
‘’…our thought [pervaded with differences and distinctions] objective reality…so that the world is …experienced as actually broken up into fragments….in scientific research and in a great deal of our thinking
is in terms of theories…from the greek root ‘theoria’  …the
 same root as ‘theatre’…’to view’…’an insight’, ie.. a way of ‘looking’ at the world , and not a form of ‘knowledge’ of how the world is.’’

....Here are the words of R. Avraham Isaac Kook[zatz'l];
    Philosophy embraces only a given part of the spiritual world. By nature, it is detached from whatever is outside it's sphere. By this itself, it is framented in it's being. The grace of perceiving how all feelings and tendencies, from the small to the large, are interdependent, how they act on each other, how separate worlds are organically related--this it canot portray. For this reason, it must always remain an aristocratic discipline, set apart for special individuals.
     Greater than this is the mystical quest, which by it's nature penetrates to the depths of all thought, all feelings, all tendencies, all aspirations, and all worlds, from beginning to end. It recognizes the unity of all existence, the physical and the spiritual,the great and the small, and for this reason there is, from it's perspective, no bigness or smallness. Everything is important, and everything is invested with marked value. There is no lost gesture, there is no vain imagining.
      Because of this advantage, mystical vision, in being able to embrace within itself all thoughts and all sparks of the spiritual, is alone fit to chart for us the way to go.
       Therefore, the mystical dimension is the soul of religeon, the soul of the Torah. From it's substance derives all that is revealed, all that is circumscribed, all that can be conceived by logic, all that can be carried out in actions. The far-reaching unity of the mystical dimension embraces all creatures, all conditions of thought and feeling, all forms of poetry and exposition, all expressions of life, all asprations and hopes, all objectives and ideals, from the lowliest depths to the loftiest heights. The source of life deriving from the highest realm of the divine, which only the light of prophecy, the clear illumination, the light seen by Adam, , the supernal lights can disclose, streams into and passes through all stirrings of thought, all movements of the spirit.
[R. Avraham Kook zatz'l --The Lights of Holiness]