By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz

A tools-based guide for achieving infinite empowerment,
transcendent consciousness and enlightenment.

  15. BEYOND - Moving into 5770
  17. A Tshuva Meditation


As usual, I write these lines from the standpoint of considering myself
to be a constant 'work in progress', an 'explorer'---allowing myself the
ultimate perogative of re-creating myself and my work at any stage of
the process.     Nevertheless, since creative output requires structure
[as the Kabbalah teaches, spiritual light requires a vessil to contain it]
in order to enable it to exist and influence others--------------------
I therefore hereby announce to you, that this is officially the beginning
of a book --THE TOOLS BOOK----the book is a guidebook guiding
you towards reaching a type of transcendence, enlightenment and infinite
empowerment.      The means of getting there is through tools.    I hope 
to be able to access as many creative resources as possible in the process
 of collecting , internalizing and presenting these tools.
Before speaking about creative ways of processing tools , I feel the need
to share with you my premise for being so braken as to suggest that I will
present the key to enlightenment or empowerment.     As I told you, I'm an 
explorer.  I've spent the last 10 to 20 years collecting ways of internalizing
wisdom in ways that transform us and our lives------a process that I call 'TOOLS'.
These tools have been presented for the last 4-5 years  in 5 booklets comprised
from the weekly email teachings that i have been sending and still feel moved to
send to you, my beloved online community.    The tools --or sometimes known
as the meditations or formulas, have been used to transcend life's obstacles ,
as well as to internalize the wisdom of ;
a. the weekly Torah portion [ the 'Parsha Tools' booklet]
b. living a life of Paradise ['Paradising My Life']
c. living a life of jewish transcendent consciousness ['Jewish Transcendence Meditations']
d. achieving a mastery of primal Jewish observance ['The Masters Book']
e. Kabbalistic living principles ['Kabbalistic Life Applications']
In the course of being occupied with all of these various types of wisdom-internalizing-tools,
I stumbled upon a pattern----a gateway to enter into higher consciousness.    This is a pattern that
I've checked and rechecked many times over.      The pattern corresponds with many  triad universal
principles/patterns that i have learned in my study over the years of Jewish mysticism [I hope to elaborate
another time soon on these triads].        The pattern is what i've used as a template or outline of the
meditations that I brought in my 3rd booklet, 'Jewish Transcendence Meditations'.
The pattern is F.A.B.---which stands for;
F-------Flow [enabling flow by removing it's obstacles]
A-------Allness [total self actualization]
B-------Beyond [fusing with the Divine inside and ouside of us enabling us to go BEYOND our capacities]
Being armed with all of these tools , as well as a pattern or formula of consciousness which I can use to
organize these tools into---sort of a roadmap----all of this is a great basis from which to create a tools book---
but it's not enough!        G-d constantly provides us with with infinite resources to draw upon, and to the extent that
we are open to receive them from G-d , our lives become very abundant and overflowing.        So, in opening up
myself to check out SOME of the resources at my disposal, I come up with the following;
TOOLS GROUPS--------------I spent an entire year , a few years ago, leading a group who met weekly for an hour
and shared with eachother , all of the original tools that we came up with and utilized during the previous week. This
group was one of the best groups I've ever had.   I discovered how incredibly innovative we all are.     We are all full of tools, my friends, whether we realize it or not [as the saying goes, 'Necessity is the mother of invention].       Based on this life lesson, I'd like to tap in to the tool-collection of anyone who'd like to be tapped in to.      This could include [live, phoneor online]  a free form tools format of groups or individuals, a Torah tools format, a cross-cultural dialogue  tools format, a creative and artistic expression or packaging  tools format, a healing tools format...and the list goes on and on.
The way that all this will play itself out , I believe [with 'Emuna Shlaima -complete Faith] will be revealed to us [by
THE ONE ABOVE] all in good time.     Suffice it to say, that when there is a will, there is a way.     In general, I
hope to be occupied with , and to send out weekly [by email and hopefully in other formats], the topical tool[s]
of each particular week.
Our sages say, 'The time is short and the work is massive...'      I hope that I am beginning to inspire you to perhaps be
an active participant.     I hope to start with the first of the FLOW TOOLS next time, as we work our way step by step
through the F. A. B. format.        One immediate way that I seek your participation here in Jerusalem [for you locals or visitors], is to help me find a place that can be available to me as often as I need in order to give tools classes or 1 on 1
counseling/healing sessions based on these tools.


***Where We're At
1. We are beginning the first of the FLOW opening [obstacle removing]tool categories of our toolsbook
2. To begin to reach the goal of Flow Allness Beyond   transcendent consciousness, we need to have prescence of mind [Be here now-ness]-----in order to focus all of ourselves [and what's beyond ourselves] on all that we engage in
3. When our prescence and peace of mind is blocked, the first [and perhaps most effective] step to take to secure this prescence, is to seek G-d's help or to actually give over or toss it up to G-d

***'Hashleich' ---Toss it up to Hashem [the concept]
1. King David teaches us the principle in tehillim/Psalms [chapter 55, verse 23], 'Toss up [Hashleich] to Hashem, your burden, and He will take care of you...'
2. Our Sages [in the Talmudic Tractate Megilla 18a and Rosh Hashona 26a, as well as more contemporary Sages] learn from this verse, that to the extent that one places their trust in Hashem, Hashem will take care of them, so much so, that other people will miraculously seek to take care of their burdens [financial and otherwise] without being asked

***The Sliding Scale 'Hashleich'/Toss it up to Hashem Tool[s]
Like some other tools, that we will bring, this one is an entire healing modality and consciousness in and of itself---here are the sliding scale steps;
A. Perfect As Is
Repeat over and over with closed eyes, the words, 'Perfect As is'......Allow all of the challenges, burdens, problems and obstacles come to mind....See them all as being perfect just the way they are.....Take note of all insights, feelings and resonations that come to mind as a result of seeing everything from the perspective that all is perfect as is......Take note of those problem areas that still bother you, and go on to the next 'Hashleich' step....
b. On A Cloud to Hashem
One by one, bring to mind those aspects of your life that still bother you....Experience the pain that you feel---specifically the pain that comes as a result of needing to have too much control of these areas [in order to make sure to take care of it properly] and/or the pain involved in your need to receive approval from others in the troubling area that you are working with........Now, simply toss up to Hashem these control, approval worries.....Visualize these worries going up on a cloud to Hashem.....Trust that Hashem will worry about them for you and alert you to take action at the right time and place, and in the right way....carry on in this way with other problems....Take note of those problems that still bother you, and go on to the next step....
C. The Helplessness Tool
Bring to mind the problem that you are working on.....Go over all of the steps , efforts and strategies..etc..that you have taken to try to cope with this problem....Identify what you are\were
 able to solve with your own efforts, and what you were not able to cope with and solve with your own efforts----ie..the areas of your Helplessness......With great emotion , scream out your helplessness to Hashem, and plead with Him to take care of it for you because you just cannot [if you are in a setting where you need to keep quiet, you can emit silent cries, screams and tears...etc...]....Carry on in this way with other problems until you have given over to Hashem all those issues that you can't cope with on your own....
*** Toolsbook Creative Columns
 ['Toss it Up' and other Tools]
1.  From this week's Parsha [Shelach Lecha]
[**note**during this part of the summer, from Shavuot till Parshat Pinchas, Israel is one parsha ahead of the USA---so I am focusing this column on the USA Parsha]
One essential message that we learned from the spies episode, is that the Spies and all of the people of Israel were expected to rise to the historical occasion---and throw away  all of the 'This Worldly' efforts, speculations, precautions..etc..., and rely on Hashem's promise to give them The Land despite all obstacles.......This, they could have done by trusting that Hashem would open up in them, their hidden 'Above-Nature' powers  {similar to what happened when we said 'Naase vNishma'  'We will
[commit] to do and [only afterwards] listen [how to do it]---as a prerequisite to receive the Torah}....
This tool [of jumping in to a crucial situation with pure emuna/faith] is a very elevated demonstration of 'tossing it up to Hashem' in the face of life's most crucial choices---where, if one did not exercise this 'Above-Nature'trust in themselves and their hidden powers, there would be no 'natural' way to succeed....
2. An Open question/contemplation to ponder and discuss
Is tossing up our burden to Hashem, a sign of weakness or strength and why?
3. Tool-Chest
[...this column is dedicated to sharing with you, and hopefully you with me, new creative and innovative tools that come up for us in the course of our week, as well as new creative innovative ways of 'packaging' or presenting our tools----and all these are not neccessarily related to this weeks theme tool.....]
a.The many friends networking Tool
Make a list of many people that you know.....Next to each of their names, write down one strong point or trait that they have that you'd like to have......Communicate this desire of yours with as many friends as you can.....Take notice, as time goes by, of how enhanced your social live becomes, as well as your networking life and your general sense of  abundance and expansion in the areas of the spiritual and the physical as well....
b. The alternative ways of sharing tools Tool
a. mini tools group
b. teleconference tools classes
c. ratzon counseling tools group and 1 on 1 counseling
d. interpersonal and family dynamics tools group
e. creative and artistic packaging tools group
f. mystical musical meditations tools group
g. forming satellite tools groups
h. Torah text  tool group


The Concept
    Last time, in the framework of overcoming those blocks that stop up our flow, we introduced the idea of tossing up to Hashem's care, all those areas of our lives that we find to be too difficult to cope with on our own, as well as those areas that we can and will eventually overcome, but in the meantime, we prefer not to be burdened or worried about them...
    There exists in addition to the 'toss it up' process, another realm that deals with a whole different dynamic. This dynamic is 'repression' and how to liberate our selves from it.    We learned last time from the wise counsel of King David's Psalms that when we are in need of help in coping with a problem THAT WE ARE AWARE OF,  we can 'Toss it up to Hashem, and He will take care of you..." . 
         However when we are NOT AWARE OF THE PROBLEM, as is the case when the problem is a repressed one, then we cannot begin to liberate ourselves until we first become aware of the problem.    Our Sages [of the Mystical tradition] teach us that our tests, problems and challenges are actually lost parts of our souls, beckoning us to redeem them through our dealing properly with what's presented to us in life.    However this process must be conscientious and willful.   We need to reveal that which is hidden and repressed, in order to be able to redeem and liberate it....
What follows is a very partial list of  repressions hidden inside of our psyche, and some possible ways or tools for liberating them;
                                       Repression Liberation Tools
a. Drawn from my booklets
1. Your Inner Deceptions
Identify the lies, deceptions and in-authenticities and other forms of 'non-truths' that have taken root in
your own way of engaging the world [as well as in your thoughts and beliefs and feelings...etc...].      Feel the negative impact that this inner deception has upon you, as well as upon others.....The more [and deeper] deception that you can identify and reveal, the more inner flow that you can  potentially liberate....Many are the ways to reverse the inner deceptions---you can simply commit to  decrease the instances of  inner deceptions while increasing the instances of being truthful and authentic, you can radically declare yourself to be a 'zero-deception-zone' or you can Co-Create [declare] a new you --a non-deceptive you--and hand over the execution of creating this new you to Hashem....
2. Broken-heartedness
Identify those parts of your life when you were devastated, burned, defeated , rejected etc...and how these experiences served to break your heart in one way or another.    Your 'heart'---ie.. your capacity for experiencing or feeling or engaging life has become numb or terrified or dysfunctional as a result of your traumas..... Allow yourself to experience as much as possible the pain of your broken-heartedness---it's cause or source, it's present effect and it's future projected experience and consequences........Know that a significant part of the healing occurs by simply being present with and identifying the pain and the essential problem.....Know also that Hashem is with you, and has infinite love, mercy and guidance available for you if you would only open up yourself to receive it.....Trust that Hashem will pull you through this, just as He done many other times , in similar situations in the past....
3. Lower Soul
Identify your inner lower self urgings ---the urgings or messages that often seem to contradict what your conscious or higher self wants....View these inner voices as being the inner child inside of you---a child who is often rebellious, spoiled, lazy and fun loving---a child who will not give in easily to your Higher self's demand
of you to be responsible and disciplined in your choices and thinking and actions.....Know that your Lower self can play a beneficial role in your life if monitored properly [this is to be distinguished from the 'Yeitzer HaRa' --the Evil inclination--whose sole, exclusive motivation is to drive you away and disconnect you from G-d and from all that is good].....Be aware of your lower self and come to terms with it.....Suggest to it the following deal---if it will let you [your higher self] have your way, you will let it have it's way---or better yet, suggest to it a way that you two can best work together---ie...that you'll do what you 'should do' [the higher self's life-slogan] in a way that is empowered by the enthusiasm and excitement of what you want to do [ your L.S.] and avoid suffering it's inner repressed self sabotaging effects......
b.ToolsBook's Creative Columns
1. From the Parsha  [Korach's false pride repression problem]
The Vilna  Gaon taught that it is harder to change one character trait than it is to learn through the entire Talmud [a massive project that would demand at least 7 days a week, for an hour or 2 each day, over a period of more than 7 years and a deep stretch of one's intellectual capacities].....Korach, who was blessed with an abundance of some of the most valued human traits--wealth , intellect, noble lineage, access to the Holy spirit, had a major problem---FALSE PRIDE.    It was the cause of his downfall as well as all those who were associated with him in his rebellion that he declared against the greatest leadership that our nation has ever known [Moshe, Aharon...etc...], and against any type of leadership and any type of hierarchy and any type of interactivity whereby one person seeks out the help of another in order to gain that which they lack....................Where did Korach go wrong?   He had a bad repressed case of false pride----a pride that blinded him into believing that if he could create and perpetuate his leaderless revolution---he , ironically enough, would replace the existing leadership and  become the leader, and his outlook on life, would replace the
one existing at that time---both of which would have been fatally dangerous for the wellbeing of the Jewish people and the entire Universe....
The 'Repression Liberation Tool' that we draw from the Parsha, is to identify our false pride and it's effect and impact on ourselves and on others.....Once identified and exposed, then the ways of dealing with it are numerous........Sometimes, just the realization of it's negative impact is enough of a wakeup call for us to commit to invest serious effort towards minimizing it.......Sometimes we need to reroute or reframe it's proud for all the RIGHT reasons, such as your connection to Hashem , your people, your goodness....etc.......sometimes, we just need to toss it up to Hashem....
2. Guest Column    [featuring one of Jerusalem's premier tools people]
Rav Zeev Pliskin [shlit''a], wrote a book entitled 'Begin Again Now' --an encyclopedic collection of his 'states'---mind-states which he prescribes as a sort of massive mind control approach, whereby a person decides to tap into the proper mind-state for the appropriate situation, similarly to the way one chooses the desired channel in a radio or cable TV.      One of the categories of mind-state tools that R. Pliskin brings is 'Overcoming Life-long Blocks'--which deals extensively with deep repressions and how to break out of them. Some of the states that he brings are;
1, the inability to hear the word 'no'
2. one's irrational fear of other people
3. inferiority complexes
4. imaginary blocks that we place upon ourselves
R. Pliskin suggests that in these and other blocks, a person should tap into their strengths and resources--those of their past, present and projected future, as well as other people's strengths and resources.......By focusing on these resource states and making them one's own present state, almost all blocks can eventually be overcome....
***I feel that I've given you enough to chew on for the time being.....Therefore, we will skip some of the other Creative Columns at this point, such as personal tools and ideas--yours and mine.....nevertheless, I am always interested in any and all tools that you care to share --those that we are presently dealing with or others....


Dear friends,
    The next strategy for block-busting and freeing up flow is a strategy of reframing the perspective that is
causing us to be blocked up somehow....In our previous 2 lessons, we discussed the need for measuring whether or not we can or are ready to take on the problem or burden on our own, or whether we make a conscious choice to toss it up to Hashem.....In our last lesson, we dealt with making conscious, those repressed blocks hidden deep inside--and then dealing with them....This present lesson deals with a way to diffuse our blocks by reframing the way that we perceive them. The Chassidic Masters taught that where your thoughts are, that is where YOU are...A related Chassidic slogan, 'think good and it'll be good'....What we are being taught is that the way that you perceive reality , not only affects that reality, but it also opens up that which is presently
blocked up for us....Reframe your situation, and open up the once-closed flow....
    We will refer to this healing principle as 'REFRAMING' and as in the previous 2 tools collections, I found this to be another of my most prevalent block-busting approaches....I begin by sending you the REFRAMING tools that I have gathered in my booklets--dealing with reframing and thereby liberating;
1.time constrictions
2.wealth access constrictions issue constrictions
4. perception constrictions
5. life-trauma constrictions
6. physical, emotional and spiritual health constrictions....
   And afterwards, we will continue with our Creative tools column exploring different approaches to Reframing and more....
Uh, just so that you should know, this email is about 3 or 4 times as lengthy as my normal weekly sendout---but who’s counting…..

a. From my booklets



Recall a specific episode or process in your life--a process that began in a very unrectified way---a cluttered, chaotic, painful r unclear way....Notice how slowly but surely [or perhaps in your case--quickly and suddenly], the rough edges became smoothed out---the clutter and chaos were replaced by order---the pain was replaced by pleasure and the unclarity by clarity....Be aware that this progression towards rectification is something that happens in many processes in your life--with the passage of time involved in each process....Now project into your future, a life process that is either in the beginning stages or soon to begin....Foresee that whether or not the process begins with difficulties, with Hashem's constant guidance--and your adherence to this guidance---all is smoothed out with the passage of time---and you see how all will turn out in the best possible way, exactly as it should....


Contemplate deeply the countless opportunities that you are presented with at all times---opportunities to complete yourself--complete that which is lacking....Start now and work your way backwards, and notice every single Soul--completing opportunity or Holy Spark that comes your way....Notice how well you reacted....How well does your chosen plan or feeling or thought or communication help to complete yourself....Now notice how these Sparks, large and small, when successfully taken care of--are the true measure of the passing of time ---the true landmarks that we will be remembered by when we pass on from this world...Project from this moment onwards, that all opportunities that come your way from within or from without are customized and personalized especially for you, in order for you to become completed....Now take a few minutes to pray that Hashem will help you meet al these challenges as best as is possible....

1. SEE WEALTH AS A MEANS-------See your present and potential wealth as a means and not an end in and of itself [ie...hoarding money with the sole intention of status-seeking, power or money-lust]

2. SEE  YOUR WEALTH AS BELONGING ULTIMATELY TO G-D-------See the wealth as being a borrowed deposit from Heaven and therefore as a sort of a Divine test----to see if you use the wealth to free you up from those burdens and necessities that life demands of all of us, such as maintaining mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing---- ALL IN ORDER TO ENABLE YOU TO DO THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE----ie...your personal mission in life and contribution towards 'Tikun Olam'!





Realize that the essence of death is when something comes to an end or terminates, therefore:



Project yourself entering into a state of consciousness where everything you encounter and do and experience, is infinitized, i.e., it has the ability to go on and on without terminating.




Realize that  any damage or negativity that you have brought into the world, other people’s lives or your own life, can be at least partially rectified by drawing down the opposite energy, i.e. an expansion of life, positivity and benefit for yourself, and for as many other people as possible in your life and in the entire world, therefore;



Project yourself entering into a state of consciousness where you are constantly concerned with magnifying, expanding, and giving birth to any and every form of life wherever life is constricted or in short supply.  Experience the wonderful feeling of tikun and healing that you are constantly bringing about.




'AIN BRAIRA' / THE POWER OF 'NO CHOICE'  -----when faced with a difficult task, project yourself carrying it out in a superhuman way---which is generated by  your crystal clear knowledge that you MUST succeed-----because theres just NO CHOICE! And then proceed to walk through all kinds of normally closed doors in life!


CORE MOTIVATION   -----ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing  [specifically the very low-level or negative motivated activities]. Gratefully visualize the object of your motivation coming to fruition, and ask yourself what more would you want ---and then gratefully acknowledge receiving that as well---and keep going deeper and deeper in this way until you reach your deepest spiritual motivation---- now re-approach your normally low-leveled motivated activities in an entirely new high-motivated core way


DONE     -----project the absolute minimum amount of work or activity that you would need to do in any given task, and still be o.k. regarding your responsibility in taking care of this task. The idea is to thereby free up yourself of all unneccesary worry, and go ahead and enjoy doing what you need to do
INSPIRATION    ------ask  yourself how you can raise the inspiration level of the activities of your coming day [or week or whatever time period you choose]. Here's a few tips on how to inspirationalize;
a. project how you can apply all of yourself to the task
b. do it in a way that only you and noone else can do it
c. fuse Hashem into the process amap [as much as possible]
d. do it in a way that stretches you way beyond your normal capacities


 ******* We live in very hard times.... just scratch the surface and find out what goes on behind closed doors of peoples lives and the suffering they endure and you start to think that we're a generation that's all about suffering horrible personal fates
********but when you dig a little deeper you'll discover that so so many of these victims become masters of TURNAROUND---- overcoming and transcending darkness in the most spectacular ways..............
*********we're all 'spiritual warriors' in one way or another............. here are 12 of the 49 people that i know, that i have recalled so far [to protect their anonomynity i used fictitious initials] , that have turned their life around from being a victim of  life's tragedies---- to rising head and shoulders above anyone else in their special 'thing[s]';
1. M turned------
10-15 years of constant disappointment  and failure[homeless, directionless, failed relationships, penniless...etc]
--------into becoming one of the nicest, funniest, humblest people around
2. B turned------ 
a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer [masectomy already done] and about 5 other major health problems at a very early age and diagnosed with a limited lifespan
--------into becoming an extraordinary beacon of easygoing, life-loving, super-creativity expressing, people--loving, G-d connecting
bundle of joy!
3. Y turned--------
 a life of suffering of a  divorce, very sickly family including deep emotional problems demanding her full time attention
--------into becoming an extraordinary professor and lover of wisdom together with wonderful low-key wonderful loving character traits
4. R turned--------
a terribly dissapointing  tortuous failed marriage
--------into becoming a creative writer expressing his deepest emotions in a way i've never encountered before in anyone
5. Z turned--------
 a lifelong tortuous, abusive suffocating failed marriage
-------into opening up in herself extraordinary spiritual powers and abilities that rival anyone i know
6. D turned--------
a lifetime of being treated with  psychiatric illnesses and finding himself in and out of institutions of various levels of 'closedness'
-------into becoming one of  the most polite and grateful  true seeker of wisdom and healing  i've ever encountered
7. P turned--------
his fate of being an autistic person with all the limitations involved
--------into becoming one of the most  creative and talented and successful up and coming artists in the artworld today
8. R turned-------
a long and particularly tortuous period of watching his wife fall victim to Cancer and pass away from it eventually at a very young age
----------into becoming the # 1 master of interpersonal skills that i know, including the warmth, loving and smiling  and caring for others that he does better than anyone
9. G turned-----------
a nitemarish long history of being sexually abused as a child and young lady
--------into becoming one of the most dynamic up and coming advocates for the rights and the compassion and healing for today's victims of sexual abuse
10. U turned--------
a deep period of depression that found her gaining an incredible amount of weight and totally in a dark despair, barely ever getting out of bed
--------into becoming one of the most brilliant experts on all the alternative healing methodologies that exist in our time
11. T turned--------
 turned a childhood filled with deviant behavior, so much so, that his parents was left with no choice but to send him away to a faraway 'special' school
-------into becoming one of the most brilliant and righteous and truthful Torah luminaries of our generation
12  O turned----------
being a victim of a very abusive 25-30 yr. marriage and suffering through child afetr child of his--falling off the path---that he worked so hard to lead them in------
-------into becoming one of the humblest, most caring, giving people i know ----yet at the same time serving as a very brilliant  and courageous and innovative community  leaders that i know






A dysfunctional part of yourself will definitely inhibit a free flow.

Liberating the dysfunction, or “turkey”, reopens the channel for full physic flow.

The healing principle and the name “turkey”, comes from Rebbe Nachman’s story entitled “the Turkey Prince”.

A prince, thinking he was a turkey, sat cockling and pecking his food while he was totally naked underneath the table.

A wise sage eventually healed the turkey with the following steps:


a.       Radical non-judgmental acceptance of the turkey just as he is (so much so, that the sage convinced this prince that he the sage, was a turkey just like him).

b.      Take very slow, but deliberate “baby steps” towards bringing the “turkey” to a complete recovery.

On the ground, when turkey healing, one has to make a very great effort to lovingly embrace the person and their dysfunction (turkey) just as they are.

This is the key to the healing process.

To the extent that the person feels your unconditional acceptance, they will begin to heal.






This healing method is based on the idea that the body knows what the soul needs in order to heal.

Sometimes the body overcompensates, and becomes very protective;  for example, a person with chronic fatigue will only be able to function minimally so that the person doesn’t get abused, hurt or otherwise harmed.

We would tell the body that we will strike a deal with you and if you release the person from their chronic fatigue, we will create a strategy whereby the person will be safe from harm.  Therefore, do the following:


Choose any bodily ache, pain or illness.

Contemplate what this pain or illness is intent on protecting in your life.

Next, contemplate an alternative way to protect yourself other than the illness.

Speak to the bodily pain and convince it that you are taking over from here and you won’t need its services any more, but that you really appreciate its services that its done to help.

The body won’t always be so willing to listen, so you must be consistent and persuasive.





Rav Oosher (Zatzal) over the years had countless people seeking his healing help.

Most of them were very miserable and depressed.  They felt that they were victims of people’s manipulations and bad luck.  Rav Oosher taught them to reframe their perspective and view life as a puppet show.

All of the bad fortune and abusive people in their lives are merely G-d’s puppets meant to direct them towards their rectification and enlightenment.  The results of this reframed perspective were breathtakingly astounding.

Here’s what to do:

Identify a situation in your life where you feel that you are the victim of bad people and bad fortune.

Bring into your mind an awareness that every aspect of these people and this bad fortune is merely a display custom sent from on High in order to direct you towards the next level of your growth.  Therefore don’t take personally what this person or circumstance is doing against you – they are only puppets.

This technique is a consciousness – be patient.

It takes a long time to reap the maximum benefit from it.  Nevertheless, without a doubt, its got the power to transform your life.



  The principle here is as follows:

A very large part of who we are, who we associate with, the challenges which we go through, our stations in life, etc etc, are a direct result of a trans-life perfection process.  What we didn’t get right in previous lifetimes is what we will be challenged with in this life.

The way to identify reincarnation based aspects of our life, is to take inventory of the unique people and situations that we find ourselves in.  Then view these people and situations as being the direct result of what we have come into this life to rectify.

The healing process happens when we take action in the proper way in response to these challenges which are thrown at us.

Here’s what to do:

Identify a unique challenge that you find yourself in life.

View this challenge as being the result of a similar challenge that we didn’t quite get right in a previous life time.

Ask Hashem to enlighten you as to what you are meant to do in order to get it right this time.  (This dialogue with Hashem can also be enacted in a written manner.

Write to Hashem your question, and write what you think He will answer back to you.)

Carry on in this way with all the different people and challenges in your life.


b. Creative Tools Columns


1. From The Parsha ['Bilaam'--Reframing normal reality to be Blessed Reality]


The Slonim Rebbe in Netivot Shalom [on Balak] teaches that the essential reason why Bilaam's

attempts to curse resulted in the exact opposite---his blessing the Jewish people, was because as long as we are in a state of 'Dvaikut' or 'clinging' to Hashem, we are immune to any negative forces--and to the contrary, we are open to unrestricted blessing.....You can translate this lesson into a tool for Reframing as follows---Make a list of the highlights of your week [or day or month...etc..]---See your own accomplishments as being enabled and empowered by G-d in every detail [your ability to think, plan, feel, be helped by others...etc..]...Once you reframe your accomplishments to being Yours and G-d's [which they truly are], then you not only elevate your awareness of the past to being Divinely caused, but you also sent a message to G-d to continue to send more and more Divine assistance ---and thereby reframe and transform your normal reality into being Blessed reality......


2. Our Weekly Tools guest column [some more of R. Zelig Pliskin's wisdom about 'reframing from his work 'Begin Again Now']


R. Pliskin comments about the principle of 'Reframing' in a few of the following chosen quotes from the term 'Reframing';


''Reframing means perceiving a situation or event differently than it is usually viewed.A person who masters the art of reframimg will be the master of the emotional quality of their life.While you do not always have control over external factors, you always have the ability to reframe.....''


''Some general reframe ideas are: 'Find something positve about the situation.'  'How can I gain from this?'   'This is only temporary.'    From every situation you can learn something.'    'Every occurence enables you to improve your traits.'     When you find a creative solution, you will be grateful for what happened.'   Create an inner voice that tells you to reframe whenever you are angry, upset, frustrated or disappointed---Hear the voice saying "REFRAME".......'


3. Some Reframe tools I have collected recently from friends and written works;


 A. Dr. Viktor Frankl recalled his dilemma in a concentration camp during the Second World War when faced with a man and a woman who were close to suicide; both had told him that they expected nothing more in life. He asked both his fellow prisoners whether the question was really what we expected from life. Was it not, rather, what life was expecting from us? He suggested that life was awaiting something from them.
The person who feels despair and discouragement is asking the wrong question. He asks what the world is giving him. As soon as you ask, "What is the good that I can do?" you will always be able to find an answer.


B. Yadidya Yair’Sun's   Tools


à    Flip-to-the-good tool:  Every judgment I have on a person or situation, I should reframe it in a positive light.


à    Criticizing from own Blemish Tool:  If I criticize anyone, it is rather a critique directed at me.  This tool is to have an awareness that I typically project how others view the world the way I see the world.   

2nd Time Around Tool:  In any situation imagine that it is the 2nd time that I have been here and what I would do differently
 C.  Tools from    YAAKOV  Dovid  DarrenTitan
 “Love Notes from Hashem” - “The world was created for my sake” – Everything around you, everything you hear, see, taste, touch and smell was created for you. How is that possible? How can something be created for me and someone else at that same time? Let’s look at the sun to illustrate this idea. Its rays can warm an old man sitting on bench in the park, while illuminating a mother’s gaze at her child, and offering a healthy dose of vitamin D to a sick patient. The sun is doing all of this, for each of these people simultaneously. This metaphor offers insight as to how Hashem relates to us. Hashem is orchestrating the circumstances of our lives, down to the minutest details, to benefit each and every person at all times. A blessing is a beautiful expression of Hashem’s love for us. Our lives are full of these love notes from Hashem
Seeing in Color – Did it ever occur to you that Hashem did not have to create the world in color?  He could have made everything in black and white.  Imagine flowers, the sky, trees, houses, grass, everything in shades of grey. The world would be a dreary place.  Hashem, in His infinite kindness and wisdom, created the world with color to give us pleasure. The next time you have a chance, just look at the golden rays of the sun, a blue sky, a red rose, or any of the incredible colors that we see in nature. Really appreciate the beauty of color and how it enhances your day and your mood. Just think, Hashem created the world with the most beautiful colors so that I can benefit from seeing them. The gift of the senses, are among the wonderful blessings that Hashem has bestowed on us to experience pleasure in His world.
  Overcoming Envy - Have you ever looked at friend and thought to yourself, I want what they have! Why didn’t Hashem give that to me? We all face the yetser hara of envy in this materialistic day and age. But what can we do about it? Consider the following: Imagine that you are putting together a jigsaw puzzle depicting the Swiss Alps, and the person sitting next to you is putting together a puzzle of the New York City skyline at night. Would you ever think to turn to that person and say, “Can I have a piece of your puzzle!” How could a piece of the New York City Skyline help me with my puzzle of the Swiss Alps?  The same lesson is true in life. Hashem designed a unique puzzle for each and every one of us and is constantly providing us with the pieces of our own, tailored made puzzles. So if you see someone with a job, house, or relationship that you want realize that is a piece of the puzzle designed especially for them and is as useful to you as a piece of the New York City Sky Line in your puzzle of the Swiss Alps. If we just focus on the pieces of the puzzle that Hashem is constantly crafting for each us, it can help us appreciate all that he does for us and help us to overcome the challenge of envy


4. Closing Thoughts*****i don't want to overstay my welcome, and i've certainly given you more than i should have [especially in our quick-fix, limited attention span generation]---but, what the heck---rules [of etiquette] are sometimes there to be broken---or better yet , are meant to be REFRAMED  to be transcended---so , in that spirit---i leave you with one more reframing idea;

i am chewing on the idea of reframing this whole toolsbook idea from being simply another email series booklet, into becoming a CONSCIOUSNESS---how?  --By enabling and encouraging Toolsgroups to sprout up everywhere---every

last one of us is a tools expert, my friends---i've seen this to be true in my explorations with countless people , in asking them what's your tool for such and such a situation---the answers are brilliant----so---therefore --I ENCOURAGE EVERY ONE OF YOU TO SHARE WITH EVERY ONE OF US YOUR BRILLIANT TOOLS IN COPING WITH LIFE'S CHALLENGES!!!!!!!!



     This tools lesson, 'Uprootings',  is our  4th 'block-busting' approach....All of the tools designed to remove blocks and thus open up flow, that I've collected over the years,  fit into one of these 4 approaches ['toss-up', 'repression-liberation', 'reframe-ing' 'uprooting']....Before I introduce you to the 4th approach, 'uprootings' , I'd like to offer you a sort of mini master-formula integrating all 4 of these approaches;


                         The 4-prong master Block-Busting Formula


       Identify the present block [anything that is preventing you from fully flowing and functioning] and run it through the following steps;


1.Repression-Liberation-------If the block is one that is not experienced on a conscious level, but rather something that you know is influencing the way that you think, and the way that you are---such as habitual inner self deception, false pride, destructive lower self drives, a state of brokenness, or any other type of repressed state of being----if this is the nature of your block, then be aware---be aware that this is your personal inner reality---take courage and comfort in knowing that this awareness is at least half of the healing process.....Now proceed to process this repressed [and newly aware] block in the next step[s];


2. Toss-Up-------------See your block as being perfect as it is---just say in a mantra fashion again and again that this block [say what it is] is perfect as it is...Go with this realization for a while, and if you experience a sense of peace and an insight that your block is something that you are capable of coping with and that with time and patience , you can work it out , or even better than this, you realize that your situation is truly perfect as is----then you need go no further---however , if you still feel that your block needs to be worked out, then do the following;


Open yourself up to experience the essential pain involved in this block--which stem from one of two factors---either a need to control, or a need to receive approval from others ----once you identify and feel one of these two sources of your pain, then simply TOSS THEM UP ON A CLOUD TO HASHEM [for Hashem to take care of]...


If you're feeling that the impact of the block is still persisting, then do the following----Declare to Hashem that you are HELPLESS, and that you've done all that you can do and you are hereby pleading to Hashem to take away this problem because you just are unable to.....


3.Reframe-ing-------------Whether you are still blocked up after the above processing,and you want to continue working on the same block, or you have resolved that block and you would like to process another block in a different type of way, what you can do is to reframe the way that you see your block....You can reframe it in a way that you transform what was once a constricted way of relating to your problem, to relating to it in an expanded way....Here are some examples of constrictions that we can expand when we reframe the way we perceive these realms

1.time constrictions
2.wealth access constrictions issue constrictions
4. perception constrictions
5. life-trauma constrictions
6. physical, emotional and spiritual health constrictions....
I refer you to our lesson where we discussed each of these realms...
4. Uprootings------------------When you want to UPROOT the block , then here are the steps that you can take ;
a. Open up your heart and feel what it would be like to be free of this block...allow yourself to imagine in great detail what a block-free existence would be like...
b.Allow yourself to yearn for this projected liberated reality ---so much so, that you cannot stand continuing to exist in your present block-filled reality
c. Go into great detail about how miserable and intolerable is your present block-filled reality---about how much negativity and disgust it fills your life with...etc...
d. Allow a void to be formed in your life where the old familiar atmosphere and environment which your block-filled reality thrived in, no longer exists....Since nature abhors a void [and the void needs to be filled] allow your void to be filled with a new possibillity for existing --an existence that is free of the old familiar block---allow this new existence create itself naturally, organically---don't force it ---don't force it to be formed in any preconceived way---allow Hashem to make it come to life in the way that He sees most fit.....
e. You can go through this same process with other areas of your life or blocks that you'd like to uproot....In fact, it would be very helpful to go through a list of blocks that you'd like to uproot, and just yearn for a projected uprooted reality---don't yet go through the other followup steps---just feel the feeling of liberation that is potentially available to you...
A. From the booklets
[***though there are alot of tools from my booklets, that I would consider to be in the category
        of 'Uprootings' such as tools that involve primally leaping into new realities or  offsetting the block
         through interjecting the opposite ingredient or trait, we nevertheless will only bring a few examples
         here which I feel are more directly, in the general category of Uprootings....




This healing method is based on the idea that the body knows what the soul needs in order to heal.

Sometimes the body overcompensates, and becomes very protective;  for example, a person with chronic fatigue will only be able to function minimally so that the person doesn’t get abused, hurt or otherwise harmed.

We would tell the body that we will strike a deal with you and if you release the person from their chronic fatigue, we will create a strategy whereby the person will be safe from harm.  Therefore, do the following:


Choose any bodily ache, pain or illness.

Contemplate what this pain or illness is intent on protecting in your life.

Next, contemplate an alternative way to protect yourself other than the illness.

Speak to the bodily pain and convince it that you are taking over from here and you won’t need its services any more, but that you really appreciate its services that its done to help.

The body won’t always be so willing to listen, so you must be consistent and persuasive.



The idea here is that there is a direct correlation between the events of our lives and our Sefirotic health.

If one Sefira is out of wack, then that area of life will also be out of wack;  for example:

If a person has chronic pain in their left leg, that points to some disfunctionality in the HOD area of their life.  HOD corresponds to the left leg.  HOD is the Sefirotic character trait that corresponds to our capacity to enable others to do their best.  If this enabling process is too strong or too weak, or is being abused by others, then there is a good chance that this person will suffer in a part of the body that corresponds to HOD, such as the left leg.

Here’s what to do:

Focus on a part of your body which is giving you trouble.

Identify the body part’s Sefirotic correspondence.  (I understand that many people don’t have this knowledge.  In case you are interested, please consult me regarding the Sefirot correspondence to your effected body part.)

Now identify the corresponding Sefirotic aspect of your life.

Adjust this Sefirotic aspect of your life to be aligned and in balance with all the other Sefirotic aspects of your life.




  The principle here is as follows:

A very large part of who we are, who we associate with, the challenges which we go through, our stations in life, etc etc, are a direct result of a trans-life perfection process.  What we didn’t get right in previous lifetimes is what we will be challenged with in this life.

The way to identify reincarnation based aspects of our life, is to take inventory of the unique people and situations that we find ourselves in.  Then view these people and situations as being the direct result of what we have come into this life to rectify.

The healing process happens when we take action in the proper way in response to these challenges which are thrown at us.

Here’s what to do:

Identify a unique challenge that you find yourself in life.

View this challenge as being the result of a similar challenge that we didn’t quite get right in a previous life time.

Ask Hashem to enlighten you as to what you are meant to do in order to get it right this time.  (This dialogue with Hashem can also be enacted in a written manner.

Write to Hashem your question, and write what you think He will answer back to you.)

Carry on in this way with all the different people and challenges in your life.


B. GUEST COLUMN [uprootings from the Slonim Rebbe in his work Netivot Shalom]




In the holy book “Yesod Ha-Avodah” (vol. 4 chapter 1) the author quotes Arizal as follows: “Since the creation of the world every day and every single moment is utterly unique, every person is utterly unique, and no-one has the capacity to repair what his fellow repairs…The way in which one performs one’s mission of ‘selecting the holy sparks’ is determined according to the particular year, day, moment and the nature of the individual.” This idea is crucial; one needs to discern what it is that Hashem requires of him—of him in particular. What are the ways open for him to come close to Hashem according to the root of his soul, according to his qualities, according to the day, and the period of history in which he lives?

   It is  basic that one knows what is required of one at a particular time and situation for, as we quoted previously from the Arizal, no moment is like any other. Our master Rabbi Moshe of Kobrin—may his merit shield us—was once asked what the most important thing is in the service of Hashem. He answered: “the thing that Hashem requires of him in that moment.” A person needs to contemplate deeply in every moment and situation—both in moments of illuminated clarity, as well as moments of difficulty and confusion—what it is that Hashem requires of him right now.


   In every situation one finds oneself, one needs to realize that, in order to fulfill his life’s mission, he is required to serve Hashem and draw near to Him through precisely this situation. Regarding this the Baal Shem Tov commented on the verse (Ecclesiastes 9) a pauper’s wisdom is despised (b’zooyah). The wisdom of the pauper is to recognize that in this (b’zoo) is God (Yah), that the Blessed Creator is with him in the midst of his hardship. We might add that just as when one is blessed with great wealth it is a sign that his way to come close to   involves his generosity and kindness, so too the service of the poor person is that he serve Hashem with his poverty through accepting it with love.

   The same idea applies to one’s traits and characteristics. Some people have been blessed with a refined nature; they remain far from anger and are not driven from the world by jealousy, lust, and arrogance. The mission of such people is that they serve Hashem through their fine qualities. Some people, though, are completely engulfed in negative qualities; they are filled with lusts and overwhelmed by them, God forbid.  When such a person experiences clarity of mind he realizes that his whole purpose in life is to exert himself unceasingly to uproot his negative qualities. Likewise some people’s minds and hearts are naturally open to Torah and service of Hashem while others’ are completely closed. Through experiencing clarity of mind the latter realizes that his particular mission is to exert himself  working from within his close-minded state and that there is no other way for him to fulfill his mission.  Then he won’t complain or suffer needless confusion as to why his task seems so difficult, and he will sense that everything is being sent for his benefit.

   Also, when a person transgresses or experiences some spiritual failing he needs to realize that his task, at such a time, is to resist resigning himself to the circumstances. His mission, in such a situation, is precisely to draw himself free from whatever pit of destruction or depths of filth he fell into. This is his specific service in this moment.


C. FROM THE  PARSHA   [Parsha Balak......from the Slonim Rebbe---uprooting our lack of clarity]


Because of its great importance, it is in the area of awareness that a person is most easily led astray. The Arizal alluded to this when he commented that the first two letters of the names Balak and Bilam spell “bilbul” meaning “confusion” for he could only bring about the downfall of the people after he had confused them first. Sometimes one is beset by confusion directly; other times the confusion comes about in an indirect manner through diversion. Confusion is like an enemy that wages war: sometimes it attacks head-on; other times it acts cunningly by diverting attention to another place with the sole intent that one desert the main battlefield. Similarly it is the way of one’s negative inclination that one indulges in various desires or behaviors until one becomes despondent, for the real goal of the inclination is not the behavior but the despondency that it leads to. In a state of despondency one succumbs easily to one’s basest instincts without resistance. When one is in a state of mindful clarity, however, his awareness will save him even from the lowest depths. Concerning this idea it is written Remember what Amalek did to you –Consider well and understand that what Amalek did was because of you, for you were lowly, without the courage to resist him. One’s strength is only through mindfulness—through the unshakeable knowledge that Hashem is always with him and will never desert him. I go down to the nether-world—You are there... Even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death I don’t fear evil for You are with me… The holy Rabbi Moshe of Kobrin once said: “A Jew who is not able to find the strength to pray after having transgressed even the worst sin in the world has not even reached the entrance to Jewishness!” This is the inscrutable depth of Jewish faith—that there is always a path to the Holy One




Dear friends,


We have finished the 4 teachings concerning blocks [blockbustings]...We now move into the realm of full self actualization, or as I put it--ALLNESS...


In order to ease into this realm [as well as trying out my latest teaching theory-- that short  is best], I'd just like to  present you with a short , 1-dimensional set of  I.C.T.   ALLNESS tools;


I.C.T. is what all of us do, whether we are aware of it or not….We are presented with a challenge in life, and we are forced to respond…Often the challenge is very difficult to cope with---it seems that any direction we take is problematic…This is the time that our [Divinely inspired ] ingenuity and innovation kicks in…It just so happens that I [from time to time] keep track of the innovations that I come up with in response to the challenges that I am constantly forced to cope with in life….Nevertheless,  I’ve discovered that we are all blessed with innovative ingenuity [what is lacking, is taking note of what you came up with]….I will share with you some of my latest greatest hits from last week….I’d love it if you share  some of yours [or at least share them with yourselves]…


By the way, I consider I.C.T. to fall in the category of ALLNESS ---because, as the Baal Shem Tov teaches, whenever we are called upon [by life—by Hashem], to respond to challenges, this is actually a call for us to complete that which is lacking in ourselves---a call to transform ourselves from being partial beings into becoming complete [ALL] beings---and the opportunities to accomplish this are 24\7 constantly---It’s the ‘meat and potatoes’ of what living is all about!






I was challenged by having too many ideas and too much info.  to communicate and when I communicated it, people either didn’t respond or

responded with puzzlement [ “I’m trying to fathom what it is that you’re talking about , Yitzchak, but I can’t wrap my small brain around it’’…..or…..   “It’ll take me

a few days to get through your stuff Yitzchak”]


My ICT is to communicate [including this email that I’m sending to you] in 1-dimensional fashion….one idea, one concept, one thing to work on [I suppose I will break my own rule endless times, but it is still a good rule for most people most of the time…]




I was challenged by teaching someone a new area of Kabbalistic  wisdom which demands a huge amount of explanations with very little time or opportunity for that person [or me for that matter] to tap into their huge ‘data base’ of creative wisdom that they so beautifully utilize in processing and developing a piece of wisdom that we are learning….


My ICT was to become my student’s student, and have them share with me their brilliant and unique and overflowing wellsprings of associated thoughts that they perceive in this piece of wisdom [this naturally leads to a bubbly exchange that we share with eachother---pure bliss, friends!!]




I’ve always been  challenged by the deep desire to go through and teach [and master] entire Books [like the book ‘’Chesed L’avraham’’—the all-encompassing Kabbalistic classic---ahhhh what a wonderful thing that would be to do] ---but there’s just way too much to do and too little time to do it [ by myself and all the more so with others]….


Someone else’s ICT  was to go through an entire classic Kabbalistic work [‘Daat Elokim’] by taping [and probably teaching live]  a series of 130 mini-lessons [each one short and sweet and ‘in your face’ like a jackhammer]—lasting exactly 18 minute---thus ‘’THE 18 MINUTE BYTE TOOL’’




I was challenged by a person who I was counseling/coaching [which is always very fertile ground for coming up with Innovative Coping Tools] …She had a problem [all too common for moms and housewives] of  being overwhelmed ---having to deal with everyone else’s problems in her growing family, and having no time for her own

expanded consciousness activities, and feeling extremely overwhelmed all the time [sound familiar ladies?!]


My ICT [that B”H, came to me ‘out of nowhere’] was to suggest to her to schedule her daily activities in a very different way----ie…to designate up to 50% of her time

being involved in  expanded consciousness activities…The [hoped-for] result would be that these expansive activities would give her the joy, mind-state, clarity and energy to cope with the more burdening-type of activities that she must deal with in ½ the time with ½ the energy elicited……If 50/50 is too much or too little for her to properly cope—then she can adjust accordingly to a ratio that works for her [that’s the sliding scale aspect of the tool ---just in case you haven’t figured that out yet]




Someone I know was recently challenged [as I was myself in a different way not long ago] by someone who was extremely intrusive and  insistent [and downright obnoxious] concerning a certain outlook on life….They insisted that the ‘only’ way to see things and the ‘only’ conclusions to come to, and the ‘only’ proper actions to

commit to take upon oneself, was ‘their way’…..My friend was conflicted , because

she deeply wanted to come across in a loving and empathetic and empowering fashion to this person—but she was feeling that her whole way of living life was under attack [some people may feel a slightly different conflict,   “ Should I punch this person out {before they punch me out} and risk my reputation as well as legal problems or should I cope in a less violent way’’]…..


My ICT that I gave to her, was to simply reply to her intrusive friend, “Your way of looking at it, is based on your ‘belief system’ ---and if I were to have your ‘belief system’ than I would agree with you whole-heartedly, and perhaps be even more ‘gung-ho’ about it then you are, but I have a whole different ‘belief system’, and my

‘belief system’ [based on a whole different set of standards and values and information and sources and life experiences…etc…] leads me in a whole different direction than yours,    so let us continue to be friends and agree to disagree and respect each other as best as we can….




Every single encounter, challenge, phase, act, feeling, thought and every other component  of  what’s called ‘being alive’,  can be measured by it’s ‘empowerment level’………..
Very simply put, when you feel like you are alive, self expressed or to use my own strange parlance, when you are ‘ALL-ING’, then you are empowered ---
and to the extent that you are not All-ing, then you are dis-empowered…..
the range of application of this empowerment principle , is as wide as life itself ……
Before bringing you my favorite  life empowerment approaches from my booklets below [in very brief fashion
–so as to keep your attention and thus, to make sure that you and I stay empowered], let me just suggest a possible empowerment tool, that you can use in any situation ;


                          AN EMPOWERING YOUR LIFE 24/7 TOOL

   1. Make a list of 10 of the activities or experiences that will happen to you this upcoming day
   2. On a scale of 1-10 measure the degree of empowerment you expect to experience in each of the 10
   3. With creativity and inspiration  and  great emotional yearning and prayer, plan out how each of these 10 experiences will become maximally empowered….
   4. Ask that your empowering be in sync with the Will of Hashem

 ****Do all this by first tapping in to how the anticipated experience is generally      [without your intervention]  dis-empowered---
then add your ideas and prayers and inspirations as to how you can  transform this experience into one with  a sense of allness and empowerment


What I have added below are life approaches[ collected over the years from my booklets] ,  that I feel can keep you ahead of the game , by approaching life from a standpoint of empowerment to begin with….

 1. collecting your life's highlights—----and seeing and integrating  them as if they are guidance from the ONE ABOVE

2. expressing the totality of yourself ------settling for nothing less than total ALLNESS expression 24/7 [or a.m.a.p.]

3. projecting your ideal future-----and living every day of your life,  moving step by step towards  manifesting your ideal future

4. connecting to your WILL/ RATZON-------by constantly planning and  adjusting all your activities to be in a state of full Ratzon [Allness]


5. alone vs.  the world-----when you are  absolutely clear  to see what what you must do/be , then nothing or no one will stand in my way

6. drawing down and channeling wealth-----by aligning yourself with  the non-harmful, non-self sabotaging source of all abundance

7. discovering your own personal approaches to Torah learning---by approaching the Torah teaching as if you are the 1st and only one to do so

8. benevolence based on your strong trait------by tapping in to the trait that you have that you feel most at home with and most grounded in, you can inter-personalize in  a very benevolent way

9. co-creating----- declaring with absolute faith and clarity of intention , any reality that you wish to manifest for yourself that finds favor in the Eyes of  Hashem,
     and then getting out of  HIS way and  allowing Hashem to manifest this reality


10. p.l.u.g. i.n.-----maximally awakening the most primal traits of self expression that you have—prescence, lower soul, unifying, grooving, infinitizing and ‘nitzuling’ [maximally tapping  your resources]


11.preemptive initiating-----don’t wait until you have to be on the defensive and respond to the trial or challenge you are faced with, rather avoid challenges and  trials by initiating a way of being/behaving  that will invite only  positive energy


12.  soul familying --------------approach all of the people that you meet , whether they truly seem to be your soul family [ie…those who you would do anything to enable their achieving their life’s goals and wellbeing—and they would do the same for you] or not---AS IF  they are your soul family---and that will naturally inspire the relationship to function at a very elevated level

may the Divine Empowerer empower  you and your life in accordance with His Loving Will ,



     At this stage in the ToolsBook, we are dealing with Allness….We are collecting and exploring new kinds of tools and approaches intended to bring out Allness…
A big part of Allness is  being totally present---a prescence and awareness to that which is within as well as  to that which is with out us….What

I would like to explore at this point, with your permission [and enthusiasm hopefully], is to present a series of small meditative paragraphs , all designed to open up different facets of  'Prescence-Allness-Consciousness'…..
I’ll begin with what I believe are the more fundamental aspects, and then, appropriate meditations that focus on the 3 week period that we are due to complete next week

[ I may only get around to sending these next week] followed by other aspects /topics of Prescence awareness;



Open up your inner sense of PLEASURE ---pleasure for everything ---for everything that you encounter in your day to day living---pleasure for your eyes, and your nose and your breath and for the sun that radiates upon your skin---pleasure for the thoughts that come in to your mind, always, incessantly---pleasure for the people that you see and meet and know and love , and don’t so much love sometimes---pleasure for the many varied circumstances and situations that come to greet you today---pleasure for your uncertainty of how to deal with certain things---pleasure for the new gained clarity that comes to you suddenly---pleasure for the pain and pleasure ----for the relief and pleasure for being alive...

Open up an awareness of all the RESOURCES that are available right now for you---that are right under your nose---that are there for the taking---allow yourself to recall and take pleasure in  all of the resources that you have---your books, your friends, your memories, your family members, your wellsprings of wisdom, your wellsprings of emotions, the unlimited resources that are available to you at all times—water, air, sun, sights, sounds, smells, tastes---allow yourself to feel great satisfaction and wealth and richness in all of this overflowing abundance that is available to you at all times….



Open  up an awareness of the fact that all that happens to you is PERFECT AS IS---all is sent from Above—sent from the One who sends only good, only the best of the best----even when it seems to be difficult, it is only the best----allow yourself to see all that you encounter from within and from without as being

Perfect As Is—just say over and over and over again, ‘perfect as is’, and allow yourself to experience how it is all perfect---even that which seems very imperfect---for you , here and now, it is perfect---it is the best possible thing that can be….



Open up an awareness that this moment’s experience that you are  right now experiencing with all that is ‘packed in  to it’,  is absolutely UNIQUE---it is a moment that will never happen again, and never has happened before, and is an experience that is designed to happen to you and to no one else except you , and is an experience that contains lessons and Divine guidance and opportunities that await your response---a response that can impact your life for now and forever....



Open up in OTHERS as well, an awareness of the pleasure and resources that are available to them at all times, and open up in them an awareness of how everything that happens to them and with them and inside of them, is ‘perfect as is’----Share with them [and with yourself], how this moment’s experience right now and right here is an experience that is absolutely unique and never has been before and never will be again, and is a  unique opportunity  for them to tap into in a way that neither they nor anyone else is able to do….

may we be opened up by the One Above, to be in a state of prescence as often as possible....



B'H, we continue with our 'Prescence Meditations'....Our goal is

to achieve the level of  'allness' that is found in the consciousness

of being constantly present with all that is going on within and without....

Our 'Prescence Meditations' this week will reflect the nature of these days

 that we are currently in the thick of.......Inside of the  external revealed

calamity and darkness we encounter within and without ourselves,  there hides

 an internal hidden salvation and light, the likes of which, we personally and

the world have yet to witness





Open up an awareness inside of yourself of the losses that you have experienced in your life---losses of friends, of possessions, of character strengths that you once possessed and many other losses….First, be present with the pain and sadness of what you have lost ….Take some time to grieve over each one of these losses [give yourself enough time to be healing and beneficial and not harmful]….Once you have processed these losses somewhat, now realize that

all that Hashem has given to you, and then taken away from you, is just what you needed---just ‘what the doctor ordered’---the best possible thing for you—

At the best possible time and place, in the best possible state of receptivity

that you were capable of coping with…..with this in mind, be grateful to Hashem for the gifts and  opportunities that were given to you once upon a time…acknowledge that the fact that these ‘losses’ are no longer with you, is an indication, that they are no longer what you need at this point in time for your ultimate wellbeing----let go of them….let them be…..Now focus all of your attention on what is available to you now---make the most of it….




Open up an awareness inside of yourself of the ‘Kista D’Chayuta’ [essential kernel of life] -----See how this kernel or seed, like all seeds that are planted in the ground , must first decompose, and only then sprout into a plant in it’s full glory……See how the brokenness in your life, is the decompomsition process, which is necessary in order to reveal the essential kernel which gives rise to the new you— or at least to an aspect of newness  in your life…..Be present with the fact that all that exists is moving toward perfection, and that you as well, though you may not be able to understand how [and oftentimes it seems that just the opposite is the case] , are moving constantly toward becoming better, more perfect , more healthy and full of wellbeing …..Be present with this , as much as you are able, and watch how it all comes to pass constantly, and how your kernel of essence begins to blossom right in the midst of your brokenness….




Open up an awareness inside of yourself that any and every type of darkness and source of suffering that you suffer, as difficult as it may seem, is actually a ‘blessing in disguise’----the greater the darkness, the greater is the hidden light hidden inside of it….Though the experience may seem to you to be the worst possible situation , in truth , it is the best possible situation ----it is a situation sent to you from Above , from the Source of pure goodness, pure altruistic love----sent to you in a customized and personalized way, in order to elicit from you, your best , your highest self, your most loving, caring , compassionate, rectified self---be aware of what hidden potential , this trial seeks to elicit from you…..Be aware that part of the purpose of all the suffering that you suffer, is to sensitize you to that same suffering that others suffer ---to open up inside of yourself , a deep sense of compassion , and even to open up inside of yourself the same unconditional love for others  ,that Hashem has for you—that no matter how far you have strayed and done wrong, you are still His beloved

one always….




Open up an awareness inside of yourself that at the times that you are the most vulnerable—at the times when you are the most naked and uncovered and susceptible to be discovered and embarrassed and shattered to pieces---the times when  the odds are against you, when all of your weaknesses are exposed----and despite all of your dangerous exposure---you have no choice but to take a chance, to do what must be done----at those very times---when you look up to the Heavens in a helpless and silent and desparate and urgent  plea for help---then a giant hand stretches down from On-High, and lifts you up to a place of safety and a place of salvation and a place of enlightenment that you could never have experienced under any other circumstances….




****with your permission, here are a few more prescence meditations, designed to awaken in us a sense of 'allness' in our bodies and minds and lives....also in the spirit of exploration, I am hereby attempting to convey in an attachment, these meditations in an audio musical  format....I'm brand new at doing this--so please have patience with me---and please let me know if I succeeded both technilogically as well as strtegically [ie...does the audio musical format help?] 

Prescence Meditation (Part 3 - WMA Download)

Body Awareness


Open up an awareness inside of yourself--an awareness or consciousness that engulfs you and your body in it's involvement in all of your daily activities…Be totally aware and focused on your body at the moment of waking up---your body stretching itself into awakeness….Focus all of your attention [as if in a meditative state] on your arms and legs and hands and arms , as you lean down to put on your shoe….Be totally aware and focused on the various parts of your body in the act of relieving yourself , as well as the act of washing yourself---be aware of the cleansing and purifying and awakening sensations your body feels upon it’s contact with water…..Focus all of your attention on all the different parts of your body that are experiencing the transition from the indoors to the outdoors, as you walk outside---the sun and warmth on your body and light  in your eyes…Be totally aware and focused on your body in all of the various activities of your day [ as much as you are are able]……Utilize every body awareness experience [in your normal daily activities ] to wake up and exercise those parts of your body which are being focused upon…..Be tremendously grateful for every single aspect of your body that is in working order and ask for a healing for all those parts that are in need…..


Believe In Yourself


Open up an awareness inside of yourself--an awareness or consciousness that Hashem has been always giving you and continues to do so now and in the future---an awareness of your unique vision and wisdom and know-how and genius and all else that you need  to best meet the challenge of all that you encounter in life……Be aware of your intuition, instinct , inner voice and sense of knowing….Know that despite what anyone may tell you about what they think is best for you—if you listen inside of  yourself very carefully, you will know what is best for you….Be open to hear what others say and point out about you [especially those who truly care and who know in a deep way]---and allow their insights to awaken inside of you those points that you deeply KNOW to be true---all of those points that really resonate with you—all those things that you really need in order to fulfill and actualize yourself…….When you must make a life-changing or life-impacting decision, go deep down, into that ‘quiet knowing space’ , and with Hashem’s infused assistance , make your decision, and then let go-----feel trust and belief  in yourself –in the ‘knowing place’ that you have invoked…..You have done your best, and you can rest assured that things will work out for the best…..


Total Clarity


Open up an awareness inside of yourself--an awareness or consciousness of knowing  that whatever idea or suggestion or direction in life that someone [or some book] presents to you---your truth and clarity of that idea, is accessible to you ---with just a bit of effort and probing….So dig for it and explore it ---and come up with an understanding that is so clear, that it rings true for you, no matter what angle you take to perceive this idea, no matter what difficulties or perplexities come up that attempt to blur your clarity---no matter what anyone says to the contrary…..Try to see how others perceive this idea [especially those whose opinions are authoritative and very dependable]---but don’t leave it at that---re-examine their ideas again and again, until you are totally clear….Know that the way that you perceive something is valid and totally unique---it is a product of all that you are and have ever  experienced---so trust your knowing---and keep exploring deeper and deeper until you reach total clarity…..Do this with respect and empathy and kindness for others in your learning sessions or simple discussions with them, and encourage them to get to their own total clarity, and when they do— the share with each other and then express love and  gratitude to them and to the One Above for being able share such a beautiful experience with eachother…..


Creative Expression


Open up an awareness inside of yourself--an awareness or consciousness of  your power of expression---your power to convey all that you convey in a unique and beautiful way….See all that you express in the world to others and even to yourself, as being works of art—as being your very own masterpieces….Open up yourself to receive this artistic  inspiration from Above….. Collect all of  these masterpieces at the end of the week[ or day or month or year] and delight in them and share them with someone close to you who will appreciate them….Become an artist of living---an artist whose way of talking and writing and whose way of body language and whose way of singing and drawing and whose way of  coping and perceiving and communicating and whose way of doing all of the manifold things that you do every day ---become works of art and masterpieces….Collect your masterpieces and celebrate them and see which ones are best  or work best for you and for others and which ones stand the test of time and which ones touch a chord so deep in a universal way, in everyone’s life experience, that you must share them with others…..



Genius Collection


Open up an awareness inside of yourself--an awareness or consciousness of the fact that the world is a wondrous place ---a place filled with precious gems---not only physical gems , but spiritual gems ---gems of genius—peoples’ genius---genius that is accessible in everyone that you meet and every page of every book or article that you read , and every song or poem that you hear…..Develop a sensitivity to identifying genius---genius that by definition is a spark or flash of insight that touches you and others to the core—genius that retains it’s vividness and relevance time after time without ever  losing it’s impact---genius that fills up or completes something that is lacking in your life or in your very being…..Become a connoisseur of genius—seeking it out in the ones and things that you love [and even the ones and things  that you barely know]….Collect genius and share it with others, and get them to share their collections with you….Let all of the genius that you collect, be an overflowing source of rich joy to draw from for empowering and gladdening yourself and others whenever you or they are in need….



****as a continuation of this part of our ToolsBook series that seeks to integrate tools expressing our ‘All-ness’, we move on from ‘Prescence Meditations’ to a few other topical meditations----the first one being that of becoming unique….We’ll explore the first step to becoming unique---namely, listening for life’s Divine guidance voices—guiding us to fulfill our unique destiny…..We seek to internalize this process with a typed meditation, supplemented by a musical/audio attachment of this same meditation;



Becoming Unique Meditation (WMA download)

“Since the Creation of the world, no day or hour are similar to any other day or hour…..and  no two people are exactly alike, and what is meant to be rectified [at any particular time]by any particular person, cannot ever  be rectified by any one else…”

[  brought by one of the first Slonim Rebbes in the name of the Holy Ariza’l]…

 The author of the classic Slonim Chasidic work, ‘The  Netivot Shalom’, teaches [in this week’s Parshat Reeh, as an explanation of what is a blessing as opposed to a curse] that one of the most important tasks [and sources of blessing] that we have to do in our lives, is TO LISTEN----to listen to the Divine guidance that is being broadcast to us at all times---the guidance that is informing us what our special role and duty is in this life…..What do we need to listen for? Here are few possibilities;


                               THE BECOMING UNIQUE MEDITATION

                                        Listening to the Guiding Voice


1.      Listen to your inner DRIVES----

** Listen to the negative drives that are constantly trying to trip you up , and yet are constantly begging to be overcome, but can only be overcome by the greatest of effort and self-sacrifice…. Listen to the guiding voice directing you how to overcome….

**Listen to the positive drives---those that make you feel as if you were born to master them ….These are your natural born [and constantly cultivated] drives and talents  that serve  set you apart from others —These are the realms that you ‘shine’ in— those that you are able to empower others and the world with…….Listen to the guiding voice directing you how to maximize these drives….


2.       Listen to find out what are the unique type of CHARACTER TRAITS that you have -the weak ones as well as the strong ones …. Be present with them and be grateful for them and elevate them to be used for altruistic and holy purposes….


3.      Listen to find out what is your station and STATUS in life …. whether you are rich or poor ,a leader or  a follower and all other aspects of the status that you maintain in life……Be present with and listen to what has been given to you in life, with the position that you have been placed in ……See that all that is given to you is a  benevolent gift….See that everything that  is given to you is  the very best  and most suitable gift that you could possibly ask for---in order to enable you to accomplish and become and rectify as much as possible in this life…..Listen to the guiding voice instructing you how to utilize your station in life in a way that will best assist you in fulfilling your destiny….


4.      Listen to all of the daily OCCURENCES in your live……Be aware of them on a daily, weekly and yearly basis…. Listen to  what G-d is trying to  show you about yourself through the occurrences that happen to you….See what they tell you about your ‘calling in life’ and what opportunities all these occurrences open up for you in achieving your personal ‘tikun’ [your life’s calling]….


Once we learn how to listen---then our lives will be blessed---then our lives will be ultimately meaningful---then our lives will become UNIQUE….


 People Sparks-ing Meditation (WMA download)

****Another aspect of achieving total self expression [All-ing], in a way that is unique

 you personally , is by tapping into the 'sparks'[ life's 'fillers' for that which we lack] that the people of your life provide for you.....R.Natan of Breslov teaches that through appreciating the special points/sparks in people [as well as in Torah and in life], we make great strides towards bringing an end to the exile that we are presently in….

See one of your present and potential future relationships….

See how you are able to remove all preconceptions, limitations and expectations that presently exist in this relationship….

See  your relationship as being absolutely new and unique— full of infinite potential….

See how this person is an incredible opportunity for you and for him or her…

See the unique point or points that this person possesses that no one else possesses….

Find that point and focus on it….

See how that point is exactly what you need to complete a certain lacking in yourself…

See yourself integrating this fill-in point with or without their participation….

See how you empower that person as well…


See yourself doing all of the above ‘see-ings’ with as many people in your life that you can [people that you know as well as people that you don’t yet know]…

See yourself gathering more and more ‘people sparks’ as time goes by….

See how all of these sparks are not only good for yourself, but for others as well and ultimately for the benefit of the entire Universe….

See how you begin to celebrate your ‘people-sparks-ing’ process..

See how you share it with many others …



1. Elul is here/Elul is all about Ratzon

2. Elul's Ratzon is all about creating the life you’re born for [your calling]

3. Rosh Hashonah’s Mystical essence is to partnerize your unique

    life’s calling with G-d’s Tikun Olam

4. Partnerizing your calling with Hashem’s Creation purpose is a recipe

    Infinitely Empowering our upcoming year [5770] starting NOW!

5. To live in a state of Infinite Empowerment 24/7, you need to constantly     be in a core state—and all that you do and decide are motivated and

    activated from your core 

6. The following meditations provide b’’H, guidance to get to a Core State,      and from that ‘space’  to re-create and co-create yourself NOW, to live in     an Infinitely Empowered way 




1.   1.Discover your Core motivation;


A.   A. Ask yourself  what is your motivation for doing what   you are presently doing  [ex; eating , walking, working…etc…]


B.   B. When you discover what it is, see it as if it is already done, and that you already own that desired motivation, and express gratitude for it….


     C. Once you have projected owning the motivation, ask yourself       what more do you now want, and project owning that as well….and keep going in this fashion, until you arrive at your core state [where there is nowhere deeper to go, and where you are all lit up---some example core states would be ‘a revealer of Hashem’ or ‘an Infinite empowerer’ or ‘the benevolent one’ or   ‘the fixer’…etc..]



2. Project to the end of the year


A. Project yourself into the future—to the end of the Jewish year      



B.  Feel the elation and satisfaction of having been able to live

an entire year in your core state, and how all that you became

and accomplished was from this core state and as a result of  it


C. Now see specifically WHAT you accomplished this     [upcoming] year…See how many of  these accomplishments are beyond your original capacity [at the beginning of the year]


C.  D.  Now see specifically HOW you accomplished what you

accomplished…Take note of as many ‘hows’ as you can gather


D.  E. Now see how all that you accomplished was not your own

doing, but rather what Hashem did for you and through you….

see how the more that you got yourself out of the way and

brought Hashem into the way, the more you miraculously

got what you sought


3. Come back to the present


A.   A. Now that you have projected and created a future roadmap—start walking down that road



B  B. Walk down that road in your Core State


C.  C. Walk down that road Infinitely Empowered


D. D. Walk down that road getting yourself out of the way

an allowing Hashem to make it all happen for you


E.  F.Walk down that road in amazement –amazed at how

all that you projected, is manifesting in G-d’s own way

and and in G-d’s own time [with your Divinely guided assistance]



     Last time we focused on projecting an ideal upcoming year [5770], based on our core motivation state…This time, we continue to work
on projecting [practice makes perfect] an ideal year, not based on our core state, but rather based on our past year, and how that past year naturally gives rise to or gives birth to our upcoming year…

1. Remembering 5769
Allow yourself to remember lat year-5769…..Do this by becoming passive and just noticing what comes into your mind---like someone who is taking dictation or like someone watching a movie……To help focus your memory, look at a number of areas of your life….


First see your family life---focus on your immediate family ---spouse, children, parents and  siblings---what are the highlites of your year concerning some or all of them---take note [in your mind and better yet, on paper] of those happenings that impacted you and your life the most….


Now focus on your state of mind or consciousness during the previous year---here too, take note of all that which left the the greatest impact or impression on you and your life….


Do the same with other major areas of your life, such as;

Your influence on others…

Your greatest challenges and difficulties and how you coped [or didn’t]…

Your level of spiritual wellbeing…

Your level of physical wellbeing…

Your  learning growth level….

Your communications and bondings with people….

Your financial situation…..

All else that comes to mind ….


2. Accessing the theme of your last year-5769


Glance at all of the memories of your year, and look for 1 common denominator---a central THEME that encompasses all that you were and encountered and accomplished….If this is difficult for you, try a few possible themes , until you arrive at one that truly clicks and truly represents your  last year…..Some examples of your theme role of 5769 ;

A seeker of truth

A spiritual warrior

A bridge-person

A coper with difficulties

A constant explorer



3. Bridging 5769 to 5770


Allow your theme of 5769 to give birth to the theme that you see naturally coming into being and being born in 5770….

For example, if you have been a ‘seeker of truth’ in 5769---see yourself becoming a ‘beacon of truth’ in 5770…

For example, if you have been a ‘bridge person’ in 5769---see yourself becoming a ‘super-mega-bridge person’ in 5770…

For example , if you have been a ‘coper with difficulties’ in 5769---see yourself becoming a ‘master of solutions’ in 5770….



4. Project to the end of the year


A. Project yourself into the future—to the end of the Jewish year      5770


B.  Feel the elation and satisfaction of having been able to live

an entire year based on your new life-theme, and how all that you became and accomplished was centered around this theme


C. Now see specifically WHAT you accomplished and became this [upcoming] year…See how many of  these accomplishments and ‘becomings’ are beyond what your original capacity  was[at the beginning of the year]


     D.  Now see specifically HOW you accomplished what you

accomplished [and became what you became]…Take note of as many ‘hows’ as you can gather


     E. Now see how all that you accomplished and became, was not your own doing, but rather what Hashem did for you and through you….see how the more that you got yourself out of the way and brought Hashem into the way, the more you miraculously got what you sought



5. Come back to the present and start walking down that road


     A. Now that you have projected and created a future roadmap—start walking down that road


B. Walk down that road that is focused and motivated by your new life-theme


     C. Walk down that road Infinitely Empowered


D. Walk down that road, getting yourself out of the way

    and allowing Hashem to make it all happen for you


     E. Walk down that road in amazement –amazed at how

all that you projected, is manifesting in G-d’s own way

and in G-d’s own time [with your own personal Divinely guided assistance]


my blessings for an Infinitely Empowered year!

BEYOND - Moving into 5770

     BEYOND - Moving into 5770 (WMA DOWNLOAD)

1.      We now move from last year-5769, into next year-5770

2.      We now move from the ALL_ing part of our ToolsBook

series to the to the BEYOND part                                                                                                            

3.      In order to move up into 5770, we need to create a vessil

called BEYOND

4.      Going BEYOND enables us to recall , expand, rectify

and whole-ize all other partial and fragmented

aspects of our lives in a way that is BEYOND our present

limitations, and with Hashem’s help, infinitely empower

the year 5770


BEYOND in Recalling
     Recall your past year as much as you can [If you have already
begun doing this, focus either on a new area or just use what you’ve   already come up with]…..See and take pleasure in the depth and breadth of your accomplishments ……Take pleasure in the abundance of it all---the abundance of your growth---the abundance of everything else you did, experienced and became, all with Hashem’s constant assistance…..See how it all is way BEYOND  what you would’ve been aware of, had you not recalled what you did……Make note of the positive and the negative aspects of your year….
BEYOND in Expansion
      Project that you will have capacities and capabilities that are BEYOND
what you have ever had before….See yourself now as if you are a small , stationary  and limited being who is yearning to break out of all your boundaries and limitations……Envision yourself running quickly like a plane that is racing down the runway just before it takes off…..See yourself
going so fast, that you begin to take off and fly!!     Notice that you are not bound by anything in your flight……As you fly in the greatest of ecstacy, experience how you release yourself from all limitations---time , space, your previous limited capacities and capabilities……With Hashem’s help, you are now free to go anywhere and do anything whenever you feel like it…..You are free to accomplish anything you want……You are free to become whatever you want to become…..Allow yourself a few minutes to experience this amazing freedom without any limitations , and take note of what you came up with……Now begin to apply this limitless BEYOND energy to  your next year -5770……
BEYOND in Rectification
   Bring to mind one of  the lackings, sins, fears and any other negative areas of your life now and/or throughout  your previous year….Connect to your newfound BEYOND energy---your ability to transcend limitations, confinements and restrictions….Apply  this energy to transcend all the sins
and lackings and limitations of your life….See how you can rectify each and every limitation, just by going BEYOND yourself----BEYOND that which has held you back until now, and caused you to fall down or come up short…..Now, instead of coming up short, go BEYOND that which is limiting  and complete that which is lacking and rectify that which you did wrong…..Now go through this process for another shortcoming, and after that another one and another until you begin to fix up your life as best as you can…
BEYOND in Wholize-ing Fragmentation
   Allow yourself to step into a world where everything is whole—nothing is partial or fragmented….Take a look around and then become a part of this world and this world-view….Notice how you now have an inner motivation and drive and ability  to transform all that which is fragmented into that which is whole---to transform that which is presently inaccessible and out of  your grasp and BEYOND you, to that which is accessible and fathomable….With the power of wholizing in a BEYOND way, project how the upcoming year-5770 will be a year of  ;

a.Divinizing  all that which is mundane in your life

b.Infinitizing all that which is finite in your life

c.Primalizing all that which is shallow in your life

d.Wholize-ing all that which is fragmented in your life

e.Transcending all that which is confining in your life

f. Knowing all that which is only perceived in your life

g. Uniting all that which is scattered in your life  



******Project to the end of the year


A. Project yourself into the future—to the end of the Jewish year      5770


B.  Feel the elation and satisfaction of having been able to live

an entire year based on your new power of reaching BEYOND yourself, and how all that you became and accomplished was centered around this


C. Now see specifically WHAT you accomplished and became this [upcoming] year…See how many of  these accomplishments and ‘becomings’ are BEYOND what your original capacity  was[at the beginning of the year]


     D.  Now see specifically HOW you accomplished what you

accomplished [and became what you became]…Take note of as many ‘hows’ as you can gather


     E. Now see how all that you accomplished and became, was not your own doing, but rather what Hashem did for you and through you….see how the more that you got yourself out of the way and brought Hashem into the way, the more you miraculously got what you sought


*******Come back to the present and start walking down that road


A. Now that you have projected and created a future roadmap—start walking down that road


B. Walk down that road that is focused and motivated by your new ability to go BEYOND your present capacities


C. Walk down that road Infinitely Empowered


D. Walk down that road, getting yourself out of the way

    and allowing Hashem to make it all happen for you


E. Walk down that road in amazement –amazed at how

all that you projected, is manifesting in G-d’s own way

and in G-d’s own time [with your own personal Divinely guided assistance]



my blessings for an Infinitely Empowered year BEYOND your wildest expectations!


Co-creating our upcoming yea - 5770 (WMA DOWNLOAD)

o far

1.      we’ve worked on recalling our previous year’s details and it’s core motivation  & theme

2.      we’ve projected how our previous year’s details, core motivations and themes can give rise to a new year of complete self actualization and beyond…


   we seek now to  do the following__;


3.      infinitely empower all aspects of our

upcoming year [including our year's theme], by fusion with the ‘infinite one’ or in different words,

become hashem's partner

4.  co-create [with ‘The one above’] the best

Year of our lives with the 3–step

co-creation process




             Become hashem’s partner in all that you want


When you want to become what you were created to become, let hashem show you how


When you want to want what he wants, let hashem

Show you what he wants


When you want to know what you really want, let hashem show you what that is


When you want to go beyond your limitations, let hashem lead you there


When you want to have the best  new year that you’ve ever had, let hashem lead the way


When you want to be in paradise 24/7, let hashem guide  you every step of the way


When you want to be totally free and liberated,

Let hashem  take care of it for you


When you want to be successful in carrying out all of your plans, let hashem be your fulltime partner




                       Become hashem’s partner in all that you do;


When you walk, let  hashem walk with you

When you talk, let hashem  talk through you

When you feel deeply,let hashem feel through you

When you help someone, let hashem help you help

When you give love, let hashem give it through you

When you learn something, let hashem teach you

When you laugh, let hashem show you the humour

When you create, let hashem create through you

When you are healing, let hashem heal you

When you heal them, let hashem heal through you

When you think, let hashem think through you




                 Co-create 5770


1.  co-create 5770

declare with 100% emuna –filled intention what will be in your upcoming year will


2.  let hashem make it happen

get yourself out of the way, and allow hashem to make it happen whenever & however Hashem wants [and notice with amazement]


3. be open  to receive divine directives 

follow all divine directives, showing

you how to make your vision come true


shana tova,



A Tshuva Meditation (WMA DOWNLOAD) 




[PSALMS 51\12]





 Examine deeply who you are ---Where did you miss the mark and lose your ability to be in sync with yourself, with G-d, with others and  with life in general?















Find inside of yourself,the yearning---the great yearning to be born---to be a brand new , pure, unhindered, fully expressed, unlimited  being—a being that is constantly

& primally in a state of expansive consciousness—a state of being where life is full of pleasure and meaning and authenticity and G-dliness and love for everyone ……..


Now draw  this yearning into

every cell in your being---draw it into yourself with such impact until it’s almost

unbearable---and apply this unbearable yearning for primal consciousness to all in your life that is out of sync---even partially…..


 ….and with all of your heart—filled with regret at allowing yourself to fall so low--- and in as much detail as you are able to express verbally ---cast away all that which has held you back -----and then, like a new born child--- step into G-d’s infinite loving embrace, knowing that you are well on your way back to where you originally came from and always yearned to return to…….



Dear friends,
Before sending you an essay below about the essence of Yom Kippur and Tshuva, I would like to send you something that i hope will be helpful. A big part of what we are involved with in the services of Yom Kippur, is confessing sins...This can be overwhelming for a number of reasons...What I'd like to do, is to help sweeten up the process abit....I believe that if we already have a solution or rectification for all those things that we are confessing about, then we will be able to attend to that scary list of sins that we are confessing--with a whole different i am presenting to you [drawn from the 'artscrolls machzor'] , because of time constraints, the transliterated Hebrew confession word--followed by the underlying cause[as opposed to a literal translation]--and this is followed by the solution /rectification sign......
After analyzing the main body of 44 confessions---i have come to realize that there are basic 2 root rectifications;
a. P-----stands for People-ing---the approximately 50% of  sins on the confession list that are concerned with my connection to other people---and the consciousness stance needed to rectify them is as follows;
See and relate to  people the way that Hashem would---ie...Hashem , who is, was and will be all at the same time, sees who we were , are and will be at the same connecting with people--see them with endless compassion for being as they are, as a result of the many factors of their past, and then see them NOW as they ultimately will be in their future perfected state of being
b. M---stands for Me ---which together with G-d related matters, comprises the other 50% of the confessions-----and the consciousness stance needed to rectify them is as follows; 
Bring out your highest and most transcendent ME self---a self that consists of  at least 4 parts;
1.  i have a lower soul that's healthily integrated to the point where i don't get hung up on fallen lusts and desires
2. i'm connected to the truth and i am an authentic person who mean what  i say and say what i mean and only act according to truth
3. i'm not affected by whether people put me down or bring me up--i[as much as possible] am holding by a state of equinimity
4. i'm  fused with Hashem in such a way, that all that i do, say, feel and think, is in fusion with the ONE ABOVE   
******I want to stress, that whether you will be reciting the standard Viduy [confession] list on Yom Kippur or not [the one that is worded, 'For the sin that we have committed for_______...' ], please know that this list is only an aid or a reminder for us of possible traits to search for deep down, , and purge  and cleanse ourselves of ----those areas of behaviour  that we have fallen in to......there are no limitations --as to how much or how little , how deep or how surface-level--we confess and feel bad and  accept upon ourselves to change---- just be real with yourself and with Hashem---do Tshuva to the extent that you are ready to do the extent that you do it successfully, to that extent you will awaken in yourself a renewal  of the very essence of your being....
******one more thing---an absolutely neccessary part of the Tshuva process--  involves asking others who you may have wronged, for their forgiveness----In that spirit, I want to ask the forgiveness from anyone reading these lines, for anything that i have done to wrong or hurt you---i realize that , for me , this is not really doing this properly, and if i don't connect with you personally , please help me to do tshuva properly and let me know, if i need to work things out with you....
*****ok, here's the confession list essential causes and the P or M rectification consciousnesses that we described above...i will list the confessions, and if you choose, you can confess that particular one together with anything related that comes up in your mind and use the P or M as a way of rectifying the situation , or any other way that works for you ;
 TRANSLITERATED TERM--- UNDERLYING CAUSE----P OR M 1. ones /ratzon---unavoidable sin/i have no choice but to sin----M
2. imutz haeiv--I'm always right--M
3. bli daat--ignorance--M
4. bitui sefatayim--too quick to speak or promise--P
5. giluy arayot--immoral sexuality--M
6. galuy v'seiser--public attracting of attention in sinning\privately thinking people and Hashem's not looking--P
7. daat vmirma--misused knowledge to deceive others--P
8. dibur pe--speech abuse or spoken too harshly--P
9. honaat Reiah--wronging those who trust us--P
10. hirhur haeiv--fantasized about sins--M
11. veidat znut--joined in lewdness discussions--M
12. vidui pe--not taking repentance seriously--M
13. zizlzul horim vmorim--not responding properly to those who can guide us--P
14. zedon vshegaga--wanton sinning/unneccesary unintetinal sinning--M
15. chozek yad--taken adavantage of the weak--P
16. chilul Hashem--ignore the fact that people judge Hashem by my acts--M
17. teumat sefatayim--vulgar speech contamination--P
18. tipshut pe--idle chatter--P
19. yeitzer hara--inciting the evil urge with lusts and urges--M
20. yodim vlo yodim--wronged peopleto their faces  and behind their backs--P
21. kechas/kezav--lack of honesty--M
22. kapat shochad--sold ourselves out for honor and money--M
23. latzon--reject attempts to improve us--PM
24. lashon hara--gossip and slander--P
25. masa u matan--cheated and connived--P
26. machal vmishte--forbidden and unholy eating--M
27. nesech marbit--profit from interest--M
28. netiyat garon--arrogance--M
29. siach siftotaynu--chattered endlessly--P
30. sikur ayin--gazing at that which is forbidden--M
31.aynayim ramot--disdained others--P
32. azut metzach--shameless--M
33. prikat ohl--not accepting burden and responsibility--P
34. plilut--judged unfairly--P
35. tzdiyat reiya--taking advantage of others--P
36. tzarat ayin--jealousy--P
37. kalut rosh--light headed--M
38. kashyut oref--obstinate--M
39. ritzat raglayim lra--run to do evil--M
40. rechilut--gossip mongering--P
41.hevuat shav--vain oath taking--M
42.sinat chinam--hating people rather than their evil deeds--P
43. tsumet yad--callous to people's needs--P
44. timhon laivav--not seeing G-d's Hand in everyday events--M


Shalom and Blessings 
That leads to deeper introspection about how I live my life. I don't want to lose all that is potentially available to me in conscientious living. I don't want to live a lie or to be a walking self contradiction. I don't want to be trapped in a state of personal exile, self betrayal, futility and  meaninglessness where I'm so out of touch with myself that my words and actions never properly bespeak the true desires of my soul, intellect and emotions. I'm relentlessly driven to be true to myself---all of myself---my Divine self within me  and my receptive self to the Divine that's without me. I'm yearning to live life to the fullest--with gusto, meaning, purpose,  in sync with my 'calling' in life.
Let's get oriented. We're in the midst of an annual renewal process--- a Kabbalistic dynamic that's presently taking place in the spiritual world; The Divine Male and Female 'Partzufim' [personas] are in a 10 day process of separating from a back to back connection. We 'translate' that separation-metaphor to mean that G-d is granting us the free willed independent insight to introspect and see who we really are. G-d ,as well, temporarily free of us hanging on to His coat-tail [so to speak] ie...a low-level inertia-fueled relationship, is introspecting  also. He chooses to start the Creation and world rectification process again---and this time around, He takes a real close look at each of our past, present and future essences and how we can contribute to the re-creation and rectification of the world. That's the judgement dynamic of Rosh Hashonah.
                           THE SIMPLE EXPLANATION 
2.  Where are we at now, a few short days before Yom Kippur? The answer on a simple level is that this separation\independence\introspective process continues and deepens. it is known as the '10 days of Tshuvah'.We examine deeply who we are---where did we miss the mark and lose our ability to be in sync with ourselves, G-d and life in general---How can we resynchronize, dedicate and partnerize our unique selves with Hashem's new 'Tikun Olam' plan?!
This intense process culminates on Yom Kippur---A day of Divine pardon and a sealing of our annual fate! Most of us have experienced these High--Holidays and even know a thing or two about this spiritual process. Unfortunately, many of us haven't felt the process to be relevant enough to our lives to jump out of bed in the morning in order to take advantage of the incredible Divine gifts of spiritual growth and purification that this period offers us [and for that matter, once we truly understand the power of Tshuva, any period is relevant].    In light of that, let's explore a bit deeper;
                            THE FEAR FACTOR 
3.  The Kabbalists teach us that this month of Holidays enable us to rectify the 'Sefirah' called 'Gvurah'. Gvurah is the trait of withholding or saying no  [ie...setting boundaries]. The inner motivation of Gvurah is FEAR!! In regard to the present 'Days of Awe', the fear is awakened by becoming hyper-aware of myself. [ the letters for the Hebrew word for fear, 'Yira', can be rearranged to spell 'Reiya'--seeing or awareness]. I'm aware of who I am and I'm aware that G-d is aware of who I am and is watching me and judging me. This hyper-awareness drives me to clearly recognize my potential and actual strengths and weaknesses. This recognition naturally opens up a deep feeling of fear inside of me---a fear of losing that which I have or potentially have. This includes my connection with the Divine both inside and outside of myself. I'm also afraid of losing the ability to live a quality life; a life filled with gusto, purpose, power and directed by a drive to actualize my calling. all of this fear serves as a natural springboard to take action to protect all of the abundance that I may stand to lose if I'm not careful. I'm driven to make a better living-recipe that will enable me to hold on to what is precious. Our Sages teach us that this type of fear is an even greater way to insure that we reach self- perfection than love [of G-d and of our soul] is. However both fear and love are neccessary. When the two of them are working together as our inner motivators, they are referred to as the 'wings to fly' in spiritual ascent and in doing Mitzvahs. Fear without love is like a body without a soul and results in an empty and habitual way of living. Love without fear, like a soul without a body, won't allow my mundane life to be channeled to a level of expressing and experiencing the Infinite.
                            WHAT IS TSHUVAH
4.  Now that we more or less have a clear understanding of the 'fear factor', we can now begin to understand what 'Tshuvah' [PENITENCE] is [and what it isn't]. First, by contrast, let's try to understand why the concept of Tshuvah shuts a lot of people down. A  Baal Tshuva [ a penitent] conjures up the image of a cult-crazed, brainwashed, moralizing, guilt-ridden, Divine punishment-obsessed, emotionally-crushed,depressive, colorless robot! That's sure not a good reason to jump out of bed in the morning during the 10 days of Tshuvah or on Yom Kippur! So let's try to describe the real experience of one involved in Tshuvah;
 First of all, I pick up on the hyper-awareness that we are discussing, along with it's accompanying sensitivity that what I have is precious and therefore I'm afraid  to lose any of it. That leads to deeper introspection about how I live my life. I don't want to lose all that is potentially available to me in conscientious living. I don't want to live a lie or to be a walking self contradiction. I don't want to be trapped in a state of personal exile, self betrayal, futility and  meaninglessness where I'm so out of touch with myself that my words and actions never properly bespeak the true desires of my soul, intellect and emotions. I'm relentlessly driven to be true to myself---all of myself---my Divine self within me  and my receptive self to the Divine that's without me. I'm yearning to live life to the fullest--with gusto, meaning, purpose,  in sync with my 'calling' in life. These are some of the inner motivations of a 'Baal Tshuva' [ literally a master of return or response [to myself}].    Tshuvah is something that a Baal Tshuvah seeks out constantly 365\24\7---it's a drive. When the Baal Tshuvah recites the 'Viduyim' [ confessions] with shame for where they went off the track and commitment to change [these are the basic Halachic components of the Tshuvah process], they're doing so,  because they're driven to return to their true authentic self!
                           WHAT IS YOM KIPPUR
5.  I'll be brief [hopefully]. The Kabbalah teaches that G-d raises us up on Yom Kippur to a higher consciousnes, an elevated space. They call it 'Bina'. It's a place that transcends evil. It's a place of happiness, freedom, redemption, ultimate clarity and the source of where are souls come from. It's the place where we can truly declare to Hashem that whenever we veered from synchronizing our will with His Will, it wasn't really us. It was only externalities; the environment, our confusion, our constricted consciousness, our ignorance...etc. But here in this Holy Yom Kippur space, we're truly with Hashem....and you know what else, we're truly with ourselves too!                And the way we get to this place on Yom Kippur is through Tshuvah---real open hearted Tshuvah---the culmination of all of our spiritual work on these 'Days of Awe.'
     And G-d's response----Atonement--- thusly He expresses to us His love, and we rediscover ours for Him---therefore He signs and seals our annual fate in the best way possible for us and for His Universe!
6.  Here's a few tools to help us along;
1. To reach the inner truth factor, journalize where I'm off and inauthentic. Ask myself when I speak or act, if I am really representing who I am, my desires, my feelings, my understandings, my gifts, my powers, my abundance, my interests, my true life-calling and inner Divine voice
2. Allow my unbearable inner-exile and lack of true self-expression to fire me up to create a new recipe of living that will truly represent who I am!
b. CONFESSIONS----Take an existing list of confessions in any Yom Kippur prayer book [or create my own], and match my lackings that I came up with in [a] above with the confessions list. Use this list as an anchor on Yom Kippur [or anytime] to do the inner work that's needed.
C. THE 'YOM KIPPUR' POINT----In a Prayer or discussion with G-d, declare that all that I have done which isn't in line with His Will, isn't really me!! It's only externalities,...etc..[see above].
D. THE SIGNING AND SEALING POINT----Towards the end of the day of Yom Kippur in the 'Neila' service [ the time of the  closing or 'locking' of the gates], commit to live from now on from the vantage point of the newly discovered me!
you should have the greatest year possible!




***Sukkot is the ‘Time of Our Happiness’[‘Zeman Simchateinu’] and we can draw from this time, happiness to the whole year….Therefore, I thought it appropro to send you some happiness recipes [or meditations—sort of] …..they are what I myself use sometimes and also a few that I have collected from the writings of R. Nachman of Breslov [whose Yahrtzeit is today]….I suggest that you go through the list and –whatever ones work for you—go for it….The list is definitely not exhaustive, so feel free to add others and maybe share them with me and others if you like…the main thing is, as the song goes---‘Don’t worry, be happy!’




1.   appreciating all that you have------ make a list-oral or written, and just enjoy all the abundance that is yours


2.   overcoming doubts -------perhaps just say the word ‘done’ over and over again—ridding yourself of doubts and letting in the corresponding joy


3.   utilizing happiness as a spiritual battle strategy ---------AND THEREBY FIGHT OFF ALL SOURCES OF ANTI-HAPPINESS













9.   listening to music------especially the kind that comes from a pure and holy place


10.     enjoying self improvement---and the

         Commitment and subsequent changes


11.                  appreciating your own  unique points


12.                  switching focus from helping yourself  to helping others


13.                  having the chutzpa to do the right thing----------despite all the difficulties


14.                  forcing yourself to be happy------even in an external fashion [the externality awakens the internality]


15.                  focusing on the fact that everything is for the best


16.                  being silly-------when nothing else works


17.                  dunking repeatedly in a mikve-----or any other natural body of water or imaginative body of water in your mind’s eye---and you are having the intent to be happier and happier with each new dunk


18.                  looking at yourself from outside of yourself----and seeing just how humorous your various life experiences  really are


happy happy holiday


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