1. A basic Kabbalistic Creation principle is that everything that will ever

happen has always existed within the realm of the Infinite Being

2. A person's soul which is 'A part of Hashem....' , knows alot more than we

think,  a lot more Torah and truth and knowledge of what will take place in

life in the future, which means plugging in to the Divine realm of that which

has always existed and will evntually happen.

3. Abraham plugged into or 'resonated' with his soul & knew all of the Torah

before it was given. Rebbe Chanina ben Dosa [ the Talmudic 'Wonder Rebbe']

resonated with his soul while in prayer and could tell if a sick person

would live or die according to how 'fluently the prayer came out of his

mouth'. I told both of my daughters to to resonate with their souls in

making the biggest decision of their lives'.........choosing  the right

husbands for themselves!

4. I'd like to propose this tool to anyone of you who is open enough and

cautious enough [ backing up your resonating-choices with sound

authoritative support and advice]  to engage an unknown area in life that

you need to reach some type of a decision about. Resonate the decision with

your souls. The resonation could be done while  praying, meditating,

recieving Divine dictation or any other creative activity that suits you.

Perhaps [as the 'Slonimer Rebbe' writes] you can get to the resonation point

by asking yourself the question, 'Does this idea find Favour in Hashem's

Eye's ?' Obviously there are way more sophisticated meditative techniques to

reach true resonation, but you know what - let's leave it as simple

as possible - your Neshama will inform you how to do it!

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