By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz

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Knowing G-d     

Emulations Part 1    

Emulations Part 2    

Prayer Space Meditations Part 1  

Prayer Space Preparation Meditations Part 2 

Getting Your Prayers answered  

Tshuva Meditations Part 1   

Tshuva Meditations Part 2   

Tzedaka Meditations    

Unleashing your Inner Tzadik/Tzadekes  

Beit Hamikdash Meditations   

What is Unique about a Jew   

Lessons from the Warsaw Ghetto Rebbe 

Bridges: Greetings, Teachings and a Meditation 



This little booklet is just a beginning.

It is a beginning of a striving to master Jewish consciousness. 

One needs a lifetime to master even a small part of Jewish consciousness. 

“It’s not incumbent upon you to finish the task, but you’re not exempt from trying…” 

The teachings in this little booklet are meant to inspire us to seek out the wisdom of Jewish consciousness, and with the help of G-d, begin to master it.


The Oral Torah also expresses G-d's Will that we all should have access if we want, stating that The crown of Torah [ie...the mastery of Torah wisdom] is sitting in a corner for anyone to grab [no matter what their past is all about, or what their societal status is...] 
So part of my birth process seems to be pointing to opening up a sort of martial arts style Masters program  [in the sense of Mastery , and not in the sense of academic knowledge ]----whereby, in the shortest possible time, a person could master or at least taste or be ushered into the realms of mastery of the consciousness of the  greatest of our Sages, Mystics, and Chassidic Rebbes and various other types of Jewish Consciousness Masters and Scholars......

The Zohar brings a beautiful analogy to illustrate-------A princess upon encountering a prospective suitor, unveils just for an instant her awesome other-worldly beauty--and then immediately covers herself and hides away....The young man seeking her hand [ultimately in marriage] is driven to spend the next period of his life in a driven search  for the recapturing of the stunning beauty he briefly encountered............The princess represents the Torah's Divine Wisdom---and all of us mystical seekers represent the young man seeking her out..........................Friends, let's see if we can unveil the Torah's Divine beauty with an initial gaze---or to put it in different terms---let's see if we can become the Junior Masters of Mysticism and  of the consciousness of the Sages, and of the Principles of the Chassidic Rebbes...and more and more b'H..... 
The First irreplaceable and fundamental mastery, must be the mastery of 'DVAIKUT'  or G-d Consciousness.   When we properly connect to the ONE ABOVE, then we will be able to connect to His Wisdom-------------------To what can this be compared?----to a newly -wed bride who focuses all of her attention on knowing and bonding with her groom----so that whenever he will share with her his wisdom, she will be maximally primed to receive it from him........We therefore begin, by delving into the first step of G-d Consciousness Mastery---that of 'Knowing G-d'..... 


KNOWING G-D    [a few fundamentals] 
1. DVAIKUT  [ a very prolific area] 
The amount of G-d connected or G-d  consciousness source material is almost as endless as the topic itself is. In fact, most of the 'Revealed' and 'Esoteric' realms of Torah are mainly comprised of G-d Consciousness sources; 
a. REVEALED TORAH SOURCE-----All of the 613 Mitzvot with all of their expanded commentaries [which is essentially the Oral Torah]---are seen as being 613 pieces of advice on how to achieve 'Dvaikut' [G-d Consciousness] 
b. MYSTICAL TORAH SOURCE-----All of the Esoteric/Kabalistic Realm is considered to be one long exposition concerned with the Knowledge and Unification of G-d.       
Added to these, is the huge body of Chassidic wisdom, whose essential  underlying message is also G-d connection or G-d consciousness..... 
Also there are the Mitzvot that are directly concerned with G-d connection, such as the Mitzvot of believing, loving, emulating and clinging to G-d as well as others... 
.....and the list goes on and on --- with source books filling up entire Yeshivah libraries  with the knowledge of  G-d connection and consciousness---Judaism's most central and important topic.....So, how do we begin? 
2. In order to cleave to Hashem--------- and thereby achieve the Creation's purpose, not to mention it's inherent capacity to enable us to achieve the highest levels of wellbeing and positivity-------in many possible ways , such as;  
Loving G-d 
Fearing  G-d 
Emulating G-d 
Doing the Will of G-d 
Being guided by G-d 
Seeing  G-d 
we need to first   

believe in and Know G-d---- 
which is perhaps the most important and primal Mitzvah in all of the Torah and Judaism-----the foundation principle, upon which all the rest of the building stands  
3. Knowing Hashem--------------to approach this topic, we will draw from the essential core concepts that  are taught to us by R. Arye Kaplan [ob'd]  in the second chapter [entitled appropriately , 'G-d']  of his very important work, 'The Handbook of Jewish thought' [volume 1] ---- we can basically divide it all up into 2 very fundamental principles---G-d's Transcendence [His Essence which is beyond us]    and  
G-d's Immanence  [His manifestation which is within us and the Universe] 
4. Here's a list of  sub-principles that I derived from R. Kaplan's chapter on G-d.....Upon further analysis, I saw that all can be included in 2 main principles--Transcendence and Immanence  


1. G-d as the Creator-------------The resulting ramifications of G-d's role as The Creator are

His being distinct, independent and  on a higher plane than all of his created handiwork---and ultimately unknowable  

2. Omnipotence------------------G-d's unlimited power and ability to always do as He wishes, and not be limited by space, time, matter, forms, shapes....etc...[though he does allow us to somewhat conceive of Him anthropomorphically in human terms]  

3. Eternal and Unchangeable----------Here also, for the sake of our comprehension/connection to Him,  there exists a dimension of Divine emotions and an image of G-d's being influenced by our prayers and actions...etc...,  that coexist with His unchangeability---ultimately this is all for our own sake and G-d's unchangeability remains forever intact   


1. Totally fills up each of us as well as all of Creation----------------This is the expression of His Oneness [ultimately to the exclusion of anything else but Him]....Also He is the One who has exclusive rule over all the multiplicity of created beings and life forms and worlds...etc  

2. The transcendent character of His Immanence--------------------G-d is so present and all-encompassing, that He cannot be seen----seeing Him would necessitate some type of  limitation in His infinite Allness.... At one and the same time , G-d is incomprehensible, yet allows Himself to be partially known through His activities and the Wisdom that He shares with us and the interactive communication that He shares with us in various ways such as prayer and prophecy...etc...  

3. He Knows all and Wills all--------------------------------------------His Will and Knowledge permeate all of Creation and enable it's very existence, and serve as the loving, guiding perfection force of all of our individual lives as well as the Universe as a whole   



Experience your limitation in knowing that which is impossible to know---specifically the Transcendent side of G-d..............Experience G-d's distinctness and independence from anything that we know about or can concieve of in life..................Experience G-d's unlimited power and ability to do what He wants always.................Experience His being beyond space----and beyond time------and beyond matter...........Experience G-d as being unchanging eternally  


Experience the entire Universe and all that's inside of it, including yourself, as being totally filled up with the Divine Presence.................Experience all the multiplicity of Creation  focusing all of their attention towards G-d as being  the One  who causes their very existence......Experience yourself and all of existence as being made up of nothing but G-d.......Experience yourself being constantly directed by G-d towards your personal healng and perfection.......Experience the entire Creation as being constantly guided by G-d  towards healing and perfection.......Experience a near future time, when all people in the Universe will want nothing else then to seek to know Hashem!  

May we all come to truly know Hashem



FUSION WITH G-D [Emulations] 
1.  REVEW [Knowing about G-d]----------We have arrived at a bridge...we began to explore in a very limited way, the concept of knowing G-d, in a very theoretical way. We saw that Judaism teaches that  G-d is a concept that is both as far away as possible [ The Transcendent side] as well as being as close as can be [the Immanent side]....This knowledge is important as a starting point---a foundation point....we need to know about G-d in order to begin our relationship with G-d.....Similarly, it's often a good idea to find out  as much as possible about a person, before we can begin to connect...... 
2. A  PARADXICAL RELATIONSHIP WITH G-D-------------Let's go back to the basics....We are seeking to connect with the Being that is most radically different from ourselves on the one hand---as we discussed last week regarding His absolute independence and unknowability ...etc..etc... and on the other hand, He is the most intimate and close  significant other Being in our  lives---so much so that the distinction between G-d being outside of us and inside of us often becomes blurred and totally indistinguishable...So how do we develop a relationship with a being whose essence  encompasses 2 sides of a paradox---as far as can be from us and as close as possible at the same time? 
Jewish thinking and Jewish Mysticism are no strangers to encountering paradox, especially when it comes to relating to G-d....Even the Angels [as described in the famous account of the Merkava (the most classic of all the   Prophetic Mystical Divine Visions)  brought in the 1st chapter of the Book of Ezekiel] teach us that  the way to encounter G-d or Infinity  is through a process referred to as 'Ratzo vShov' or 'Moving forward/close and moving backwards/distant'...........We pray and Bless Hashem in the following style;  'Blessed Are You [closeness] Hashem,  King of the Universe [distance]....etc'---How does this paradoxical /close and far way of relating express itself in our relationship to G-d? 
3. THE MITZVOT OF G-D RELATIONSHIP------The area of G-d Relationship involves numerous Mitzvot....It's important to mention at this point, that the concept of  a Mitzvah,  is not simply a Divine Commandment, but it is also a way of relating to the Divine---The word Mitzvah is related to a word 'Tzavta' meaning a type of  togetherness....The 1st 2  letters of Mitzvah [Mem and Tzadi] when rearranged in a certain Aleph Bet substitution mechanism, are substituted for the letters Yud and Hei---and when joined to the last 2 letters of the word Mitzvah [Vav and Hei ] spell out The Divine Proper Name of Yud and Hei andVav and Hei...........The 613 Mitzvot are thought of as being 613 pieces of advice on how to connect to Hashem.............................All of these ideas point to the deeper meaning of what a Mitzvah is----ie...G-d Connection----elevating an aspect of life [that we connect with through our thoughts, speech or actions] to be a means of G-d Connection .    
When we add to this, the mystical concept that different Mitzvot correspond to different aspects or organs of the person [  the 248 positive  Mizvot of  the 613 Mitvot correspond to 248 limbs and organs and the remaining 365 Mitzvot correspond to the 365 ligaments connecting these organs], and that the Mitzvot directly concerned with our relationship with the Holy One blessed be He, represent the main organs; the head and the heart ---- the  vital organs--- without which life would discontinue, then we see that these G-d Relationship Mitzvot serve as the foundation point of all of Judaism....Our purpose in this teaching, is not to analyze all of the G-d Relationship Mitzvot, but rather to draw from their infinite wisdom  in order to aid us in our goal of mastering Dvaikut or G-d Consciousness or G-d Relationship.... 
4.   FUSING WITH G-D------------------ 'Fusion' is perhaps the best all-encompassing term that combines all of the different ways of relating to G-d, a challenge, as we mentioned that demands of us to dance the paradoxical Angelic dance of 'Ratzo V'Shov'---closeness/intimacy   and    respectful distance....   We will define our usage of Divine Fusion, as the ability to bond in the most intimate way with that which is totally different than ourselves , and still hold on to a respectful distance.....We will begin today with one type of fusion----- that of  Divine Emulation ----one of the most important, but perhaps least developed or practiced of the Divine Relationship Mitzvot    
5. EMULATION OF THE DIVINE--------------There is a verse in the Parsha 'Ki Tavo' that states 'Vehalachta Bdrachav' ---and you shall go in His [Hashem's] Ways....'     Our Sages and Commentaries teach that this Mitzvah [Commandment or means of clinging to Hashem] directs us to study G-d's ways, and then emulate them.    There are certain limitations pointed out, such as those Divine Actions that are radically different from human actions [and there is one classic commentary of the Maharal of Prague, who points out that just as our Sages in the Talmud seemed to only be concerned with the positive Divine actions (as they point out , that  just as Hashem is benevolent and compassionate, so to should we be that way), so too should we only emulate the positive Divine actions].   Nevertheless [from other more primary sources], it seems that there are no real limitations on the quantity and quality of Divine emulations that we are to carry out, as long as we seek expert\Rabbinic guidance in those areas of doubt.  
It seems clear that one of the main reasons for emulating G-d's Ways, is that since we are created in the Image of G-d, we should therefore try to actualize or live up to our Divine root/source, and thereby, when we do emulate G-d's Ways, we sanctify and elevate all aspects of our lives---our life outlooks, our character traits, our words  and our actions----- and also thereby make great strides towards clinging to Hashem, and towards making the world a more Holy and G-dly place to live in.... 
6.EMULATIONS OF THE DIVINE ---A PARTIAL COLLECTION-------As with any Mitzvah, the more that you connect to it in all ways---intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, creatively...etc..., the more that the Mitzvah's Divine infinite impact is opened up for the benefit of yourself and the world.     Perhaps the impact of this particular Mitzvah of Divine Emulation will have even greater power than others, simply because, to the best of my personal knowledge, it doesn't yet seem to be a common practice to seek out as many ways as possible to emulate Hashem.      Therefore in the spirit of taking the initial steps into  a new spiritual frontier, we will bring you some Emulation Meditations and Exercises to internalize.....I will bring a number of different sub-categories that I've come up with so far, and what I feel are the most important Emulations from each sub-category and open it up into a meditation or exercise..... 

some examples of emulatable traits illustrating G-d's goodness are; 
a. His  being Long Suffering 
b. His being Merciful 
c. He  Forgives Sin 
d. He's Good to All ****our meditation 
e. His Modesty 
f. His being Faithful 
g. He Loves all Nations 
h. He is The G-d of Blessings 
1. Know that when G-d offers something for a person's benefit, He doesn't go back on it. 
Emulate this trait by committing to seek out all that you can do to benefit others..........Do as best as you  are able to abide by your word......Start with one person at a time  and work your way up to doing the same for others as well.  
2. Know that all that G-d does is for the best. 
Emulate this trait by contemplating a specific action that you do, to see if it will ultimately result in bringing goodness to any and every person effected--------the more that you practice this trait , the better you will be at it. 
3. Know that even those Divine actions that appear to us as not being expressions of His goodness, but rather expressions of His revenge or justice--whereby those who are deserving are rewarded and those who are not are punished or rectified------those too are expressions of Divine Goodness to the one being rewarded as well as the one being corrected. 
Emulate this trait by first committing to love everybody with all your heart, just by virtue of the fact that they are all created in the Divine Image.......Then, from that same standpoint of unconditional and universal love, seek out whatever you can  find in each person that can make that person a better person.......... If, as is most often the case, your direct rebuke to that person would be damaging---either for your relationship or for the effectiveness of influencing that person,  then don't confront that person, but rather pray for their welfare, healing and betterment........Continue in this manner with this person and with others----always coming from a space of love and having their own good and improvement in mind. 
some examples of G-d's emulatable traits of Transcendence are; 
a. His work is perfect 
b. He knows all 
c. He sees all****our meditation 
d. He reveals the hidden 
e. He's Holy 
f. He's the G-d of Life 
g. He's One 
h. He's great and revered 
1. Know that G-d is able to see all aspects of a situation or a person at once. 
Emulate this trait by visualizing one particular person or situation that you are presently involved with........See them as wholistically as you can........See the past root causes that brought about this situation or the nature of this person at this point.....See the present impacts of this person and/or situation.....See the future results that will probably be brought about...........Based on your wholistic assessments, do whatever you can do to improve the situation or person.....Do the same for other situations and /or people , until you get the hang of how to see wholisticaly and take appropriate action. 
2. Know that G-d sees [below the surface] to the heart 
Emulate this trait by stopping next time that you encounter a person-----ask yourself if there is a difference between what their lips are saying and what their heart is saying.      When you do notice a difference, then open up your heart to this person's heart message.....Notice how this changes the way you entire encounter and relate with this person.....Continue in this manner with this person and others until you begin seeing and relating to people's hearts all the time. 
3. Know that G-d sees all that is hidden. 
Emulate this trait by focusing on one particular piece of wisdom or information that you hear.....Distinguish between what the surface message is and what the hidden message is............Practice deciphering the hidden messages in all sorts of areas of your life, such as------what your children are REALLY saying to you     or   what are the REAL messages of the events in your life   or     what are the hidden messages that your body is conveying to you    or   what are your hidden intutive messages saying to you .............Notice how that the more that you focus on these  and other hidden messages, the more you will be able to truly emulate Hashem in seeing that which is hidden 
*******there is a lot more Emulation teachings and exercises, frends, but surely I've overstayed my welcome this week and will have to continue later on. 
may we truly reap the benefits and blessings that comes from Emulating the ONE who is the  most worthy of emulating 


*****last week, we began to tap into a very exciting, largely untapped   realm/Mitzvah/consciousness called Emulating G-d.  This week , we continue---and we yearn and pray that this consciousness that we seek to master, should elevate our lives 24\7,  to the point where we find that everything that we learn and encounter in life,  serves as opportunities to emulate Hashem. 
Here are some examples of Divine traits to emulate, depicting G-d's creative expression; 
a. The Divine Artist 
b. The Creator Making room for others 
c. The Creator Bridging us to Him 
d. The Creator bringing everything to perfection [this week's choice] 
e. The Creator creating something from nothing and something from something 
1. KNOW  that the Creator hid a part of His Infinite Being, in order to make room for the existence of His Creation-----whose exclusive purpose is to re-Infinitize and re-Divinize the Divine hiddenness 
EMULATE  this trait by constantly seeking to get your self OUT OF THE WAY,  and bring the Divine Presence IN THE WAY [thereby re-infinitizing and re-Divinzing the Place of His hiding]......One way to do this, is by searching for any and every opportunity in your life, that you are capable of letting go [partially or completely] of the controls---------by allowing G-d to take over the controls------all the worrying needed, the efforts and strategizing needed as well as letting Hashem be the One who determines how things will turn out----Be happy with whatever the outcome may be. 
Another way of bringing Hashem INTO THE WAY---is to reframe those of your motivations that are selfishly motivated to being altruistically motivated---to do it all for Hashem----or----to do it all in order to cling to Hashem----or---- to do it all in a way that Hashem would approve of.... 
2. KNOW  that the Creator is a Master Artist, whose artistic creations  are either perfect now just as they are, or are designed to ultimately reach perfection. 
EMULATE  this trait by infusing all f your creative artistic work with perfection or the potential to become perfect......Do this by foreseeing a projected future state  that is as ideal and perfect as it can be.....Foresee the process needed to reach this perfected state.....Now apply and integrate  this ideal perfected state into whatever it is that you are presently creating-------------- 
If it is a story or a movie script that you are working on,  show how all that is imperfect comes out perfect in the end......If it is a song or a painting that you are occupied with, express, somehow, how the chaos and imperfection of a certain aspect of life resolves itself perfectly.........If it is a certain aspect of your life that you are seeking to improve, co-create that aspect of your life to become resolved and perfected ,by intending that ideal projected situation with great clarity, and ask G-d to make it happen [if it finds favour in His Eyes].... 
3. KNOW  that the Creator, in the process of bringing His Creation to a perfected state, is constantly transforming that which is incomplete and imperfect to become complete and perfect 
EMULATE  this trait by seeking to reveal and actualize the  Divine Will and Wisdom that is intrinsic to all aspects of reality.......Do this by asking what does Hashem want out of any particular object or situation that you encounter......For example, when encountering an amazing person, or some amazing technological advance,  ask yourself, 'What role does this amazing person or technology play in Hashem's ultimate Creation purpose and plan?' the perfection process of the world.............When you discover a meaningful answer or direction-----then do all that you can do to help direct or empower this person or design towards it's ultimate Divine purpose......Do the same thing for the personal challenges that you face in out how you can utilize these challenges towards the betterment of yourself and all of mankind........Do the same for any piece of wisdom that you come across 
Here are some examples of Divine traits to emulate depicting G-d's way of relating to us 
a. He is righteous and loves righteousness 
b. He seeks those who are pursued 
c. He confers glory to the humble ones 
d. He's high, yet sees the lowly 
e. Wherever you find G-d's greatness, there you will find his humbleness 
f. He loves the stranger or convert 
g. He's the shepherd 
h. He raises up and lowers down 
j. He's a G-d of justice and truth 
k. He relates to us measure for measure[ mirroring us] 
l. He's close to those who seek Him 
m. He first brings the cure before inflicting the sickness 
1. KNOW that G-d is the epitome of benevolence---a benevolence that is loving and compassionate and long-suffering....From this stance, He sees below the surface, into people's hearts, enabling them to be  their best , especially those most in need of this benevolent guidance. 
EMULATE this trait by opening up your heart to see and to relate to all people with love compassion and benevolence.....especially direct your love and compassion to those who are most in need of it .....Become a person who empowers others to bring out their best, solely by virtue of your seeing them in their absolute best light.....When relating to others, see their welfare as being at least as important as your own, if not more so....Do what you can do to guide them to be and do their best.....The more that you relate to others in this way, the more that you will find that they will reflect it all back to you. 
2. KNOW that G-d is the source of truth and justice, and therefore, constantly seeks to redeem those who are prevented from deriving the benefits of truth and justice, despite the fact that they deserve and seek out these ideals. 
EMULATE  these Divine traits of truth and justice, by constantly seeking to become as just and truthful of a person as you can be....See to it that others also benefit from truth and justice---especially those who seem to be victims of injustice and falseness....... 
First, focus on yourself -----See to it that you are a person of your word---what you say you will do---you do.....Also, see to it that you never take advantage of others ....When you are in a conflict with someone--first see if you're the one in the wrong....Give others the benefit of the doubt.... 
Then,  focus on others--------Regarding the victims of lies and unfair treatment, emulate Hashem's traits of truth and justice, by seeking out the welfare of these unfortunate victims.......When you are capable, step in and defend them from whatever travesty that they are suffering through.-----Sometimes this may involve directly going after the 
one[s] who are misusing or abusing them....... 
Other times, this may involve you taking a more indirect stance, by seeking to prevent and change  the root cause of the unfairness in the community or interpersonal dynamic.... 
3. KNOW  that G-d is the healer of mankind and of all created beings.  Sometimes, His healing is effected merely by virtue of His blessed presence. The healing is enjoyed by everyone at all times, but especially is felt by those who are in great need, and actually seek help from the Divine Healer. 
EMULATE this trait by constantly seeking to become a conduit or channel for G-d's Divine healing.....Try to help heal others , even when they don't ask for it, or even when they do not recognize that they are in need of it ......... Try to become a beacon of blessing and healing just by virtue of your presence......Do this by constantly seeking to integrate G-dliness in areas where G-dliness is not felt or found.........Be especially sensitive to try to help heal those who are aware of their suffering---and are desperate to find any type of healing that can help them------This is even more pertinent if they specifically seek out your help..... 
If you find that you personally are not a person is so capable of channeling Divine healing, you can nevertheless emulate this Divine Healing trait by seeking out those people who are capable of healing those in need, while you constantly lend your support and prayer..... 
May we continue to open up the wellsprings of this great Mitzvah of Emulating G-d's Ways, by constantly learning what His ways are and how we can best emulate them 



1. PRAYER PREPARATION SPACE---[breaking the chains of narrowness] 
In the last 2 weeks, we discussed ways to prepare yourself for prayer, by creating a proper 'Space'. This Preparatory 'space' environment mainly focused on how to separate yourself from distraction---the distraction that comes the incessant chatter of our body and spirit in their constricted state or consciousness-----a state  where we are help captive to our obsessiveness, addictiveness and our pettiness.    Through a series of prayers and meditations and practices, we break free.    We liberate ourselves to be able to function with expanded consciousness in all areas of life,  but  specifically  in Prayer. We are now ready to pray!      But the truth is friends, that by tapping in to this realm or head space, we actually tap into a little piece of infinity---of endlessness-------- and infinity perpetuates infinity ad infinitum-------------so, what I'm trying to say, is that we will not be leaving the endless realm of 'Head-spacing', rather, we will now move in to the head and heart space of THE PRAYER ITSELF------We have now grown wings in our preparations----Now it's time to know how to fly.... 
What does this prayer space consist of? Our Sages teach us that prayer is the 'service of the heart'. To the extent that our head or thinking is clear [that is to say, that when our outlook or perspective is clarified]---to that extent, our heart---which is our emotions, feelings, aspirations, opened up, and then we pray with all of our might and the prayer as a  result are correspondingly effective and impactful. What are the main components of this prayer 'head-space'? 
First of all, it consists of knowing that the whole world is full of G-d's Presence, and more than that,  it involves knowing that all of the wellbeing that we are constantly driven to attain, is exclusively dependent on G-d's assistance.....When we know this clearly, we can  reframe seeing that the challenges of our lives, as well as well as all of the solutions, come exclusively from THE ONE ABOVE-----to the extent that we know this, to that extent we pray with 'Kavanah'---with higher consciousness and intention and hyper-focus----a focus that is expressed with our  full and unswerving attention-----all based on a knowing that that our help and our salvation in all situations comes only from Hashem! 
3. 'I AM PRAYER' [ King David--PSALMS] 
.....yeah sure, we are in the boxing rink of life every day, coping and strategizing and fighting it out----but at some point in the struggle, we all realize that we need HIS help....The more that we become awakened, praying beings---or--masters of prayer, the more we realize that we need G-d's help in everything in all stages of the struggle---then, as King David said---'I am Prayer', then at that point, we no longer are praying, rather,  WE ARE PRAYER--- and that's the 'Prayer Space' that we are seeking  


So we need to create the proper atmosphere, the 'proper space', and before having an awareness of our helplessness , and before enlisting  our unswerving attention and 'kavana' into the prayers, we first need to be able to see the world as a place filled with the Presence of G-d , we need to pull down the curtain that’s blinding us from seeing that all of reality is nothing but Hashem, even within ourselves, and our own daily activities, only then, can we be real with our prayers and who it is we are praying to......So, with that goal in mind, i bring you now a listing of tools drawn from my previous [ and present] teachings and booklets that all have one thing in common---FUSING WITH G-D---the revealing of G-d, where He is not normally found..................... and then perhaps we will experience being engulfed in an atmosphere very conducive to true prayer................I bring you just a line or 2, a short generalized instruction from each of these tools and meditations---the long version, for those who are interested in deeper explorations, can be found in the original source [which I'll bring at the beginning of each entry] ......One more note, here as in many other recent tools lists, you won't be able to get around to trying out most of the tools---in general, choose those that you resonate with most, and the rest are there for future reference, but here in regard to engulfing your consciousness with a G-dly atmosphere, I suggest that you just start reading each entry and meditate on each one very briefly until you feel that you are 'there'.......                    

G-D FUSION TOOLS                     

[from the booklets]       


1. chayei sarah-----see how everything connects you with Hashem  

2. vayeitzei------see how your weekly highlights [of your life] are all Divinely guided  

3. shmot--------release yourself from coping with that which is too difficult for you, by screaming out to Hashem for help  

4. emor--------gather all negativity into a big wax ball of darkness [in your mind's eye], and then melt it away with G-d's light  

5. shlach lecha-------live in an above nature fashion by co-creating with Hashem, the solution[s] for the impossible challenge , that you are facing  

6. vaetchanan-------See the world from G-d's perspective, so to speak, by seeing the world in its future G-d perfected state---and then, come back to its [and your personal ] deficient state, open your heart to hear G-d telling you how to get back to the perfect state  

7. reeh--------------receive Divine guidance 24\7, and let this guidance dictate to you the proper way to find Divine favour in all that you do  

8. rosh hashonah---------partnerize your year's mission plan with G-d, in order to maximally allow you to assist Hashem to bring the world to a state of Tikun [perfection]  

9. the yom kippur tshuvah plan---------reallign all that is in your own life and will that is not in line with Hashem's will, to be alligned   


10. the 'jewish secret' co-creation tool---------co-create with Hashem's assumed approval, your projected desired reality, and then get out of Hashem’s way in His making it happen  

11. infinitizing my life---------expand endlessly the scope of the activities of your life [to be in sync with Hashem's quality of infinitizing]  

12. hearing your inner Divine voice-------hear what Hashem is directing and guiding you to do 24\7  

13. a kotel meditation------------connect to the Divine bridge  point that connects all transcendent/Divine levels to all finite levels  


14. the 'beyond' meditations--------fuse with G-d's enabing power in order to get beyond your present capabilities and capacities  

15. Divine illumination meditations------wherever you find darkness in life, light it up with Divine light  

16. Divine life meditations--------------wherever you find literal or conceptual death, eliminate it with Divine life expansion  

17. letting Hashem in meditations------------draw down Hashem into all of your personality traits and activities  

18. Shabbat meditations------fuse with G-d, by understanding that G-d is doing it all through you  

19. puppet show Divine guidance meditations-------view reality [including all people and situations and internal messages] as being Divine sent puppets guiding you to your calling in life  

20. surprise and delight me meditations---------see all life events as being ongoing Divine gifts to you  

21. Divine unification meditations-------reframe all of your connections to Hashem as being unifications between the Divine female paradigm [you] and the Divine male paradigm [Hashem]  

22. kabbalistic healing meditations--------draw down Hashem's presence into all that is blocked and unhealthy in order to heal it with a Divine flow   


23. emulating G-d meditations and practices--------identify G-d's ways of acting and emulate them  

24. knowing G-d meditations--------be aware of G-d's presence both within you [His immanence] and beyond you[His transcendence]  

25. fusing with G-d tools [this page]--------discover and draw down in as many of your daily activities as possible, G-d's active participation  

26. preparation for prayer meditations and practices-------get yourself into an expanded 'mind space', in order to maximally commune in prayer and other activities



Greetings friends...Top of the week to you... it seems like we just met-eh?, how time flies when you're having a good time ....anyway, enough of this chit chat, we've got work to do...If you'll recall what we spoke about last week [i hope you do--at least some of you...]----- we spoke about getting into the proper head-space prior to beginning your prayer service...Before we move on to a new realm in the world of Prayer and G-d Consciousness, let's come to some type of closure on what we began discussing, namely-- ' preparation for Prayer Space'      

1. FLOW [BLOCK BUSTING]  PREPARATION PRACTICES----[In addition to the practices we elaborated on last week, these practices also fall in this category]------pray to overcome obstacles, pray and declare your nullification of all foreign thoughts and other disturbances...   

A PRAYER FOR BUSTING THROUGH THE MIND OBSTACLES IN THE UPCOMING RAYER SERVICE------may it be your Will that my prayer be conveyed to You with a clear mind....a prayer that truly expresses my deepest yearning and desires.....May it be your Will that any distracting thoughts and feelings that are not an integral part of the prayer service----that are not a part of the Holy sparks that I am meant to be elevating in the prayer itself, should be null and void, as if they don't even exist----so  that I may be completely focused and concentrated on you in my prayers...     

2. TOTAL SELF EXPRESSION PREPARATION PRACTICES-----------------[ Here's some practices that are included in this realm ]---------proper place, proper time, candles, special clothes and ritual clothing [Tallis and Tefilin..etc...], pipe smoking meditations, the 'Merkava Meditation', heart opening meditations, visualizing yourself in the Land of Israel or in the Garden of Eden or singing and dancing   

A.   A PERMANENT PLACE--------Try to find [without any negative confrontation with people] a permanent place to pray-----The very fact that this place is set aside for prayer on a consistent basis, will invest the 'place' with Holiness   

B.  AN AUSPICIOUS TIME--------Try to pray at the most auspicious time---- Sunrise for the  service in the morning and  sunset for the  service for Mincha /afternoon and Maariv/Evening [before and after sunset respectively]  


C1. THE MERKAVA MEDITATION--------This Meditation opens up our receptivity for the Divine fusion inside of us......Focus , one at a time , on as many personality traits or powers and then fuse with them, the corresponding Divine Trait---for example--Start with your will [and then fuse that with G-d’s Will], and go on to your intellect and to your emotion and to your speech and action and to specific traits as well, such as giving, enabling, closing....etc...   

C2.OPEN YOUR HEART----------Go through all the areas of your life where you feel stuck or helpless.  With deep emotional passion, ask Hashem to help you out [where you cannot help yourself]......................Another way of opening up your heart, is to sing and dance and generally celebrate all of the wonderful and miraculous acts of providential kindness that G-d has and is doing with you all the time    

3.   INTERPERSONAL CONNECTION PREPARATION PRACTICES-------------[ Here's some practices that are included in this realm ]---------charity, loving one's fellow person as they love themselves, forgiving one and all, connecting with the mystical dimension called ’All of Yisrael', connecting yourself with 'Tzadikim',   

PEOPLE CONNECTIONS---------------Give a certain amount of charity or commit to give it, in order to connect yourself to those in need.   Then, connect yourself to KOL YISRAEL [All of Yisrael] and realize that when we can't break through on our own, we can join our prayers with the mystical dimension called KOL YISRAEL, and we CAN break through!      Next Focus on loving your brothers and sisters [in the

soul sense] as you do yourself.....Next forgive all those who need your forgiveness in your heart....Next connect yourself spiritually with all the righteous people alive today and those who are not....    

3. G-D FUSION PREPARATION PRACTICES------[Here's some practices that are included in this realm] --------Divine breathing meditations, spontaneous -longing to connect -prayers, Emulation meditations, Wordless or One word mantras directed to Hashem [such as 'Tatee!'---Daddy!], spiritualize the entire environment as being all G-dly-visualizations, pray to pray and  meditate about G-d's greatness and your smallness.....  

G-D FUSION  PRAYER TO PRAY PROPERLY--------------Take a few deep breaths......Every time you inhale, focus on Hashem's love for you, and every time you exhale focus on your love for Hashem....Now begin to pray [say a prayer to be able to pray in your own words, or here's one if you like];  

Dear G-d,

I yearn for You with all my heart at all times.....

I ask for your help to enable me to express myself properly to you in my daily prayer service........

Let it be Your will Hashem, that my prayer be acceptable before you......

Allow me to truly express my love and appreciation to you.....

Allow me to express myself from the place of my true will....Allow me to truly connect with and pray for what I lack and need to rectify.......Enable me to truly intend that all that I pray for be for Your sake---for the sake of giving you  the Delight of removing the source of my lackings in their corresponding source in the upper  Divine realms.   

******before we go onwards into the 'spiritual-space' of prayer itself as well as many other expressions of our 'Bridges/Masters Program', I'd like to just reiterate  that accessing  the proper mind space is of benefit in all situations......Basically , it's the same as getting in to a state of expanded consciousness....Here is a list of some of the tools [that I have drawn from my 'booklets' ] that you can use to get into the 'SPACE';   

TOOLS AND MEDITATIONS FOR BEING IN THE PROPER 'SPACE' OR HOW TO LIFT YOURSELF INTO EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS  [from my 3 booklets---'Parsha Tools' and 'Paradising Your Life' and 'Jewish Transcendence Meditations'] 
from  the 'Jewish Transcendence Meditations' booklet  
flow meds, life-ing meds, spiritual warrior meds, first aid for the broken hearted meds, Kabbalistic Healing 
p.l.u.g. i. n. meds, lower soul meds,  
A------A LL-ING 
rosh hashanah meds, kabbalistic sexuality meds, soul awakening meds, A. of f.a.b. meds, sefirotic alignment therapy meds 
people-ing meds, marriage-ing meds 
letting Hashem in meds, transcendence meds, beyond meds, conscious community meds, shabbat dvaikut meds, Divine unification meds, surpise and delight me meds, a kotel med 
from 'The Paradising My Life' booklet 
infinitizing my life 
A------A LL-ING 
18 features of a Tzadik, 32 Torah approaches, ratzoning 
soul familying, bridge person, paradise-ing relationships 
hearing your inner Divine voice 
from the 'PARSHA TOOLS' booklet 
constricted consciousness [yaakov] cope, exodus from exile, impossible cope, primal scream, darkness bust, helpless dvaikus , light into the darkness, me against the world ordeals, coping with deception 
soul resonating, seeing our future presume, Holy eating, correct seeing, opening our hearts, maximizing the Mitzvah, preemptive initiating, Yom Kippur Tshuvah point, Joy[ Sukkot], channelling wealth 
A------A LL-ING 
Holy selfishness, my Torah take, inventory-ing 
grooving on giving, seeing negative people positively, all encompassing communication, the everyone in me, Holy interpersonalizing, matchmaking, parenting, enabling 
Bar-Mitzvah-ing, my personal Divine Coach, above nature-ing 


this teaching is dedicated to the soul elevation of all those who are in need, and among them, my mom [a'h] Rivka Malka bat R. Yehuda Tzvi 



Every word of prayer makes an impression and isn't wasted. Sometimes much later their effect is felt, sometimes in a very different way than was intended. The principle is that there is nothing ever lost.  However , there are many levels of  impact. Just as each person's life outlook is different, as is reflected by the fact that no two faces look alike---so too , no two prayers impact are alike.  
Though there are ways to tell if our prayer is accepted or not, for example--- what the Baal Shem Tov teaches, that if we feel that the prayer is all going very smooth and we feel very happy afterwards.   Nevertheless , our concern is not to check or worry if the Prayer is accepted, that's Hashem's Realm, rather, our concern is to make the proper effort in Prayer...In fact, we often find, that when we investigate too eagerly in find out  if our efforts bore fruit, we actually can subvert our efforts. It's as if we are getting in Hashem's way--and we find for example that our Sages teach that though it is a very good thing to pray an unusually long time, if we try too hard to find out whether our prayers are answered, the overall results can be very negative.  
The Approaches that we will bring are in no way, a complete list.  We just want to point you in the right direction with the wisdom of our Sages [especially the Sages of  the Zohar in this essay].  A general rule of thumb, is to pray from a place of both Divine Trust in knowing that all prayer makes a impression, but at the same time , pray from a place of awe---know that the Master of the Universe and all of His massive legions of Angels, as well as the souls of many of the greatest Saints, as well as the vast representation of created beings in the Upper worlds may all be witness to the words of prayer that you utter, and your prayer may be  what is bringing well-being and life force to our world as well.  So be aware of what you say and how you say it. The different approaches that we will bring may not jive with where you are at any particular time----Go with what you presently resonate with now. Perhaps though, trying out all of these approaches, may help you to awaken an approach that you otherwise wouldn't normally use.... 
4. A LIST 
Here is a list of many different approaches that  can help maximize your chances of getting your prayers answered..... just to give you a general idea; 
The Prayer of; 
a. a poor person 
b. a dedicated servant 
c. a Chasid [one who gives all of them self] 
d. a shouter from the gut or the heart 
e. a crier 
f. one who bonds Torah learning to prayer 
g. one who prays with a quorum [in public] 
h. one who joins their prayer to Tzadikim 
i. one who joins their prayer to All of Yisrael 
j. one who proceeds their prayer with their own personal repentance 
k. one who is broken-hearted , depressed or distressed 
l. one who is in constantly in prayer 24\7 
m. one who's motivation is only to pray for the sake of Heaven 
n. one who prays in order to relieve the pain of the Shechinah [The Divine Presence] 
o. one who prays with the knowledge of the Kabbalistic intentions and Unifications 
Approach Hashem in Prayer, knowing that one who prays like a poor person who feels themselves deeply in need of Hashem's help---their prayer will surely not be rejected......Know that when you pray with tears and with deep heartfelt primal shouts, your prayer will reach levels that are otherwise unreachable......  Know also, that Hashem will never let a person down who prays in a state of depression , distress or broken heartedness.....The same holds true for one who feels them self to be helpless without Hashem's help, and prays from this place....One who prays constantly 24/7 or even most of the time [whether for one thing or many], knows Hashem's constant salvation is being mirrored back to them.....    

Here is a possible prayer for the one deeply in need....Please feel free, in this and all the other personally composed prayers that I am sending to you, to add or change the words or the entire prayer  to suit your style and needs and to serve as an expression of YOUR heart;  

Master of the universe     

Merciful Father

I come before you as a poor destitute person comes before one who is wealthy and ready and able to help

Hashem, I don't know where else to turn

My ability to help myself is so limited

I come up against a brick wall, against all kinds of opposition ________________________[specify at this point your helpless situation{s}]

Father in heaven, I come before you today, brokenhearted

I cry out and shout out for your help

I hope that perhaps my cries and shouts will convey what my words can't convey

My eyes are constantly looking to You for help

My heart knows that you will surely send me salvation in my time of need   


Approach Hashem in prayer, knowing that one who is deeply appreciative and grateful for all the abundance that Hashem constantly gives to them, from the most significant of gifts, all the way to the least significant, is all an expression of Divine Chesed and love.....Feel that all that you receive from Above, is a free undeserved gift.....Know that Hashem wants nothing more than to give to you and to everyone at all times, as much as you/they are able to receive.....Know that the more that you show your appreciation for all  that YOU DO RECEIVE, Hashem [so to speak] responds by saying, 'if you think that's good, just wait to see what else I have to give to you....  

Here's a possible prayer that you may want to use, to convey this type of prayer stance;   

Master of the Universe

How can I possibly thank you for all the abundance that you bestow on me at all times

Far be it from me to feel deserving of all your constant gifts

Thank you so much Hashem, for allowing me to be alive and to be able to breathe and walk and talk

Thank you for___________ [fill in the blank of all that you are grateful for...etc...]

Dear benevolent One

Help me to truly see and appreciate all that you do for me at all times

Help me to trust with total certainty that You  will continue to give me everything that I need , even before I ask for it

Show me , Hashem, how to open up my ability to receive more and more of your bounty

Open up my heart to be constantly delighted in all that you do for me and for others as well

Help me to emulate your ways to benevolently give of myself to others  as well

From the depths of my heart 

I thank you   


Approach Hashem in prayer, knowing that when you put others needs before your own , and pray for others before you pray for yourself, you will have your own as well as others needs and prayers positively received....Know that when you concern yourselves with the needs of others, you emulate Hashem's trait of concerning Himself primarily with others......Know also, that when you seek the wellbeing and the merit of others, you are protected from going off course, or sinning and will be granted the Divine aid and energy needed to be able to help others......Know that when you purify yourself, by repenting of your wrongdoings, you have the ability to lift up the fallen and weak prayers that you and others have prayed in the past.....Know that when you join your prayers with those of all of Israel and with all of the Righteous people [in this world or in the next one], you thereby greatly increase the chances of having your prayers answered  

Here's a possible prayer coming from this prayer stance;  

Master of the Universe

You know all of a person's thoughts and desires

I come to you and ask you to purify my desires and motivations to place other people's needs before my own

Help me emulate your Holy Ways, and specifically your way of altruistic benevolent giving

Please grant me the wisdom and the energy needed to understand other people's needs, and how to properly pray for them

May the merits of all of Yisrael and all of the Righteous people alive today, as well as those of all the generations, stand with me now in my prayer

May it be your Will, to answer favorably, the needs and the prayers of all of your children and specifically__________________[ here, specify all the needs of all the people that you can think of..]

Thank you for opening up my lips and heart in prayer to you Hashem   


Approach Hashem in prayer, knowing that just as a loving parent feels all of the pain that their children suffer, so much so, that the child's pain is actually their own----so too, the Divine One [the Shechina], feels all of Her children’s pain as Her own---from the greatest misfortunes, all the way down to the most petty deficiencies.....Know that when we concern ourselves with the 'so called suffering' of the Shechina, and we pray that the Divine Upper World roots of all that we lack be rectified and completed----then we directly help to rectify all that we lack and need in our world as well, and the 'Life Force of all of the Worlds' [The Chai HaOlamim] grants the desired abundance and healing, not only to us, but to all those in need....Know that to the extent that we align our will with Hashem's will, [as well as all the rest of our personality powers], to that extent, we become an extension of Hashem's rectification of all of the world--in all that we do...  

Here is a possible prayer based on this approach;  

Our Father in Heaven and on Earth

Just as a human parent feels all that their children suffer, so too do you suffer our pains and deficiencies

May it be your supreme Will, that all of our pain and darkness that You suffer as a result of our backsliding ways and wrong choices and our distancing ourselves from from You and the resulting confusion---be pacified in the Upper Realms, in the roots of reality

May it be your Will, that we be privileged to do our part in the rectification processes

Help us in this awesome Holy Service by fusing Your Will with our will and with the rest of our personality traits

_____________________[ at this point, specify all the personality traits that you would like Hashem to fuse with]

Let our will truly be an extension of Your Will, in all that we do, to help bring the world  to it's ultimate rectified and perfected state      

may our prayers be answered in the best possible way



becoming who 
we really are meant to become 
Tshuvah ----the  Hebrew root-word has 3 meanings; 
a. 'a return'-------- back to where we came from 
b. 'a turning towards'------a certain direction or orientation 
c.  ' a response'------to a certain question or challenge 
When we combine all 3 definitions into one, we come up with something like this; 
Tshuvah is the inner drive or response to orient ourselves to return to becoming the primordial self  
that we are called upon to become deep inside of ourselves 
or in shorter fashion; 
Tshuva is our drive to become who we are really meant to become  
Look deeply into your Soul....Ask yourself what it is that you are truly meant to do in this life---who is it that you are truly meant to become......picture yourself after this life,  in the post life, and you are being congratulated by a mixed host of Heavenly and earthly beings---they are all celebrating the fact that you were able to become, while alive in your physical existence, the ultimate  you......they are showing you what you did and how you did it, in a full-feature the video  in your mind's eye, and take note of as much detail as you can watch it again and again to catch in subsequent viewings, what you didn't catch the previous close attention---this is the roadmap of your future-----where you will blossom into becoming the ultimate you! 
One of the first steps in doing Tshuvah, is to be able to recall our past... 
When we recall our past, then we discover what Hashem has given us and derive great joy from this... 
We can also discover what we did right, and would like to keep doing right, as well as what we did wrong and would like to refrain from doing anymore [or doing these things in a different way]... 
We also can discover through recalling the many events of our recent past,  what it is that Hashem is guiding us to do with our lives ----specifically, the unfolding process of becoming our ultimate selves... 

****** here are some possible realms that you may have been engaged in ....the reason that I chose these following realms, is because I have already composed in an earlier time,  the teachings and meditations and tools that I can refer you to for deeper exploration and self actualization .... 
however , please feel free to recall the events of your last year in any way that works best for you [for example , try out your levels of inspiration, being influential, being receptive, rights and wrongs, responsibility taking, living the standards of truth and justice]  ....Also, as you'll soon see, the 1st recollection is detailed and the next ones are not---you can just apply the guidance of the first one to the others;   
Try to recall if during the course of the year you were active in healing --- 
if so, 
what type? 
here's some possibilities of types of healing [you may have others]; 
unblocking flow--- 
in the body, in the soul, in making a living, in interpersonalizing 
light into darkness, life breakthroughs, spiritual warrioring  
Experience the positive feelings you get from the gifts that   Hashem gave you in the area of  healing... 
How can you increase the intensity  or improve upon your  healing abilities? 
Is there any new healing ideas being born  to you? 
How do you see, from the healing experiences of your past,  Hashem  guiding you to become the ultimate healer that you can be ? 
***do the above steps in recalling the self actualizing you have done during the last year;  
here's some variations of self awareness/actualizations 
totally self-expressed--- 
a. total self awakeness 
b. total self expression 
c. psychically aligned [S.A.T.] 
d. happy 
e. express my own unique way in the world 
f. my Jewishness 
g. above Nature Living 
h. living the life I love [with Ratzon] 
i  clarity of where I'm at [cheshbon-ing] 
soul expression, soul answers, expansion/infinitized, co-creation , Tzaddik-ing, Daas-ing, bridging, Baal Tshuva-ing, 
Chasidic mastery 
letting Hashem in, fusing with Hashem, puppet show-ing, Mitzva-izing reality, unificationizing, Divine emulations, knowing Hashem, Praying Space level 
connect to truth, 
correct seeing 
my take on Torah 
life wisdoming 
marriage,  parenting, kindred soul-ing, people in general, charity/giving 
*****sorry about the font changes---this time i sort of got caught up*** 
*****Unlike the outlook of many people and communities that exist today, the Torah teaches in the most thorough and intricate fashion, that there is a right and wrong in everything that we do 
*****Part of the realm of rightness and wrongness, is the subjective side----what is right and wrong for ME or for YOU---or what is right or wrong for becoming the best you that you can become......but there is a whole framework for what is objectively right and wrong 
*****We live in a time where many people are not exposed to, or are not quite ready to be exposed to or commit to the massive body of wisdom containing the rights and wrongs of traditional , observant , Halachic Judaism.......nevertheless, the Tshuva dynamic demands of us to at least strive to become better, higher, purer and Holier than what we are presently [ all within the context of the Torah's version of right and wrong] 
What is one who is only partially on board with all of this, to do? 
For one, they can check their readiness to to accept upon themselves new Halachahs and /or Mitzvahs, as  well as strengthening those areas that they are already holding by....the challenge is to 'do Tshuvah' [an inner commitment to be real] from a vantage point of  where you are at now and where you eventually want to be.... 
Try to recall, both in a general way, as well as in a detailed way, how well you have clung to doing what is right in life...... 
If possible, make a list of the areas where you came up short.....One way to help you remember, is to refer to a Yom Kippur or weekday Prayer Book-- to the list of confessed sins inside....See how you measure up....part of this  recollection process, is to search out where you have not been right or ok towards yourself, in regards  to becoming the best ''you'' that you could've become......Search out also, those areas of Judaism that you have already accepted upon yourself, and how well you have done in these areas throughout the year---like prayer or charity or belief in Hashem.....Seek out new areas of the Torah's rights and wrongs, that you feel that you are ready now to commit to...... 
Take note of all that you have collected above, and with a full and contrite heart, commit to right the wrongs---and commit to strengthen the 'rights' that you already are holding by.... 


......This class is dedicated to help facilitate the Soul Ascent  of all those in need, and amongst them, my mom, Rivka Malka bat Yehuda Tzvi [a'h] 
.......Also, as is customary throughout this month of Elul, I would like to wish everyone a Ktiva VChatima Tova [a positive Divine signing and sealing for our upcoming year]....also , for anyone in need of a place to pray on the Hi-Holidays, with no strings attached [ need to purchase an annual seat...etc..], I would like to refer you of a new website that will take care of your needs wherever in the states you may happen to be [I'm not sure about Israel---check it out]'s called

.........Last week, we covered 3 different angles or dimensions of Tshuva, each with it's own meditation...they were; 
a. a Return to Ourselves 
b. Recollections [of the year] 
c. Rights and Wrongs 
regarding this week's continuation of the topic of Tshuva, 
though the essence of Tshuva, as is true of all Mitzvahs [which partake  of eternity and infinity], in order to be properly understood, would require at least a book , if not a series of books, we'll settle, at this point in time, for 2 more meditations; 
Create for yourself the best possible atmosphere, that will enable you to remain in a state of constant Tshuva----- connected to your true self and to Hashem;  
A. Surround yourself with newness 
Search out any old habits or places or times  or personal identity molds...etc... that confine you or condemn you to repeat the same mistakes , that cause you to repeatedly fall into those same old self-defeating traps------------Exchange them for new ones--even slightly different ones, if you can---and notice how a change of 'background music', can change your fate, as well as the way that you think and feel...  
B.  Draw down upon yourself, as much as possible, a state of expanded consciousness 
Seek out new ways to cope with problems and challenges---ways that keep you safe and healthy and flowing and growing no matter how difficult the problem is 
Seek out constantly, new expansive outlooks and perspectives and beliefs that can keep you connected to your true self, and to the truth in general 
Seek  to strengthen personality traits that work well for you and your process---and look to improve those traits that work well for you 
Seek out ways to awaken and express more and more of the totality of your being 
Seek to go beyond yourself and your present capacities---to discover a bigger and better you  
Seek to maximize your connection to Hashem  
C.  Surround  yourself with an environment that is very conducive to being in an expanded mind state 
Seek to immerse yourself in a setting that encourages mutual love and compassion and caring 
Seek to immerse yourself in a setting that encourages the pursuit of wisdom---especially spiritual and Divine Wisdom as taught in the Torah 
Seek to immerse yourself in a setting that encourages you to cling to the Creator of the Universe in all possible ways 
Become a Master of Return----Return to a constant awareness of your deepest and most authentic self  and  to an awareness of your purpose of being on this earth, as well as an awareness of Hashem inside you and all around you 
A.  Know yourself as best as you are able 
Look into your past year and recall as much as you can----who you have become, what you have accomplished and any other valuable information that you can gather 
Create an annual awards ceremony [like the 'Oscars'] for yourself----include such categories as 'your greatest creative achievements , as well as your greatest interpersonal, intellectual, and coping achievements...etc...from these recollections and self discoveries, allow the new you to emerge or to be born or to be projected  or to be yearned for-------------Discover in this 'new you' , your essential self---Experience how this 'new you' feels like it has 'come back home' 
B.   Master the art of 'Turning Away from falseness and inauthenticity' --from within you and from without you 
Seek out the company of people who are authentic, truthful and who mean what they say and say what they mean.....If you must be around people who are not like this, try to bring out in them their good, authentic and truthful sides, the best that you can 
Seek out in yourself the greatest possible levels of truth and authenticity---don't settle for anything less.....There are always deeper and truer levels to achieve... 
C. Know that by transforming your past failings into springboards for growth and healing and all kinds of other goodness, you can reach levels that are higher than that of the  greatest Tzadik, and your act of Tshuva can impact in the greatest possible ways, your surroundings, as well as the entire world and the entire generation! 
Search in your past, for the inner motivations you had in those areas that you failed in, or missed the mark or caused damage to yourself or to others------Go back and change those motivations  with regard to what you did then , as well as to similar challenges that you face now....See how this new elevated and pure motivation represents a 'new you' ---see how you can lift yourself and the outcome of your choices up to a new pristine level of being---a level of  being , that if  it is pure enough, can impact your present , your past, and that of the entire world....Carry on in this way with regard to as many life choices as you can.... 
may we all become true 'Baalei Tshuva' ['Masters of Tshuva'],  


***dedicated to the soul ascent of Rivka Malka bat Yehuda Tzvi and all else in need of soul ascent  
 We presently find ourselves in a time zone that is charged with incredible energy.   We are just entering the Hebrew month called 'Elul'. Elul is the last month of the calendar year--the month that is meant to be a preparation for Rosh Hashanah--the new year  and new re-creation of our world and our lives..... The energy is one of awe and potential---- 
an awe of realizing our mortality and our responsibility  for having succeeded and/or failed at what we have attempted to do all year....... 
a potential for=2 0transforming ourselves into becoming the best possible individuals that we can become...... 
The Kabbalists teach that every day of this month of Elul parallels the various evolving stages of the creation of the Cosmos......Creation and potential self creation and self transformation are in the air nowadays inviting us to participate in the process.....One of the most powerful means of  self-transformation as well as being a means of wiping the slate clean of all past negativity , is to engage in Tzedaka/Charity in all of it's various forms.... 
Charity is expressed in many ways.....It is the  giving of financial support to those in need....It is the giving of  spiritual, emotional, intellectual  and any other type as support as well..... 
The local telephone book of my hometown as well as most other observant communities all have a special charity section in the back [known as the ''Gmilut Chassadim section' or 'Gemach' for short which simply means in English the giving of Chesed] that is filled to the brim with a huge variety of ways of giving charity---anything from interest free loans to loaning clothes  and furniture....or anything from people giving  money to=2 0people giving of their talents and services..... 
Our Sages tell us that one of the tell-tale signs of someone's inner Jewishness is their propensity towards being a compassionate charity giver....I need not elaborate on this phenomenon, since it is one that is well known to one and all.... 
I'm not coming here to present a Halachic discourse delineating the exact parameters of the observance of the Mitzvah of Tzedaka---far from it---our goal is to try to become inspired and transformed by Tzedaka.....Nevertheless, the more that we are  aware of the Halachic guidelines the more we can be inspired and transformed by the power of charity giving-------For example, we are taught that there exist various levels of Charity giving----there exists a hierarchy that is all based on selflessness---the more that one gives in a selfless and altruistic way, in a modest and secretive fashion, with a full heart, with maximum consideration of the needs of the recipient---------- the greater is the spiritual level and impact of the charity given....So, how do we break through to selflessness in our charity giving?   
The former Slonim Rebbe [zatza'l]  teaches that the key to overcoming the natural tendency towards stinginess in giving------to overcoming our inner voice that protests and says to u s, "I earned what I own....Why should I give it someone who doesn't?!"..... 
The proper reply  or recipe or strategy that is called for, is found in a teaching of the Sages [Pirkei Avot 3\8]  ''Give HIM [ to Hashem] that which is HIS, for you [humans] and what is yours [our possessions ] are HIS.''  

The point of this teaching is that our possessions are not really ours....Yes, we are considered to be the rightful owners, and anyone stealing what is ours in any fashion, is guilty of theft....and yes, we do have the right to allocate our own money or possessions in any way we choose.....and yes, we did usually exert some type of effort to earn that which we possess-----but with all that said, bottom line----it all belongs to Hashem, and Hashem placed us in the role of temporary proprietors or caretakers of our possessions, in order to do with them, hopefully, what finds favour in Hashems' eyes......The more that we internalize this idea, the=2 0more that we will be able to give charity to others in a way that will not only be painless for us, but beyond that, will be transformational....    


What I want to present to you now, is a partial list that I have gathered from our Sages---from the ancient Sages, all the way to the contemporary ones....The list comprises elements of self transformation that one can achieve by giving charity and becoming masters of charity consciousness;  


a.    opens up a propensity to be a full time GIVER and overcome our more base and selfish nature....included in this, is the principle of spiritual giving propagates more and more charity giving, as well as the resources to keep on giving...  

b.     enables us to spiritually ELEVATE OUR PERSPECTIVE OF MONEY and20possessions---as being potential means for giving to others  

c. A 0     opens up the possibility of us becoming the source of MERIT FOR THE MASSES, when we financially [or otherwise] enable and enpower certain key people to teach and influence many others  

d.        opens up from us from Above, measure for measure, a Divine aura of CHESED AND ABUNDANCE, that shines upon us at all times, and to a certain extent, shines upon the entire world  

e.          opens up for us the ability needed to draw down to ourselves ENHANCED FINANCIAL INCOME [our Sages teach that setting aside for charity purposes, a tenth of our income, is the only permissible way to 'test' Hashem to verify that we will indeed get rich , as a reward]  

f.          NULLIFIES NEGATIVE DECREES   [as our Hi-Holiday prayers state--''Tshuvah [penitence] and Tefilla [prayer] and Tzedaka [charity], avert the evil decree'']......included in this , is one's being literally saved from the clutches of death and sickness, as well as lengthening the number of days of our lives   

g.          opens up the power of SELF RENEWAL like the charity renewed the life force of the recipient, so too , does it renew our own life force.....included in this, is the ability to renew our children's life force as well as their wisdom  

h.            removes from us OBSTACLES  and spiritual accusers who disturb our prayers and our Divine Service  

i.              when given to SUPPORT TORAH AND TORAH SCHOLARS,   goes beyond all other types of charity.....Rather than our becoming givers of a gift, we become partners with those who teach and learn Torah----enabling us to share in partaking of all of the spiritual benefits that the Torah provides, in this Wotrld as well as the=2 0next one-----a few examples of these benefits are overcoming one's contrary nature, bringing out one's Holy nature, drawing down spiritual, physical and financial abundance and being able in time to come, to understand the very Torah that we are enabling the Scholar to learn   



See yourself giving charity with pure and selfless motives in the following ways;   

Give to those in need of your money and time and wisdom and guidance......  

Give with an awareness that what you give really belongs to Hashem, and that you are simply the caretaker, charged with distributing it all properly to those most in need....  

Give in a way that truly takes into account all the needs of the receiver, including their emotional needs , which require you to give with a smile on your face and love in your heart...  

Give in a way that transforms you into becoming a full-time giver-----a giver who waits expectantly for any and all opportunities to give----and to give in bigger and better ways   


See your self giving charity in a fashion that purifies the atmosphere within  you and without you, in the following ways;  

Give in a way that draws down Divine abundance and love all around you....  

Give in a way that is so sweet and pure that it has the impact of sweetening and even nullifying any harsh judgments including sickness and even death [G-d Forbid]......  

Give in a way that purifies the way that you view others [and yourself]---a way that's full of love and compassion....  

Give prior to an important activity, in order to clear the air---such as before prayer and other types of Divine service and devotions, as well as any other important events of your life  


See yourself giving charity in a fashion that sets into motion an endless reproductive impact in the following ways;  

Give in a way that reframes all resources that you possess as being means of helping others...  

Give in order to enable the recipient to in turn enable and merit the masses and multitudes of people to do Chesed and Mitzvot and other forms of positive contributions to the world....  

Give in a way that the impact of your giving  will naturally draw down increased income for yourself [monetarily or otherwise] , so that you can continue to give more and more....  

Give in a way that increases your own life force and feeling of being alive, as well as that of your children and other family members and friends, as well as literally increasing the number of days of your life....  

Give to those who will give to others, who will give to others--- ad infinitum.....  

Give to those who are engaged in Torah learning and teaching----Experience the impact of this special type of Torah learning that your charity has enabled ---not only to individuals , but to the entire world, as well as to your yourself, now and forever-more   


****I would like to dedicate the merit of this lesson to  the memory of my mom,

Rivka Malka bat Chana z”l



******There is and has always been, a mystique or a phenomenon called Tzadik/Tzadeket [male/ female master of righteousness] throughout the  long and noble history of our people...They do incredible wonders---moving   Heaven and earth...transforming people's fates and hearts and souls... 
We have, similarly, a historical tradition of trying to bond ourselves with the Tzadik/Tzadeket somehow--in receiving their Blessings and guidance and their  prayers on our behalf .... 

*********A less traveled path in our tradition is the path of becoming such a person---learning and emulating the ways of the Tzadik/Tzadeket....I suppose, like a lot of other areas of mastery in Jewish wisdom and consciousness-- most of the true masters--are the ones who were either born into it , or worked a lifetime to achieve it--oftentimes shunning the respect and recognition that comes with it .... 
Allow me to suggest to everyone reading these lines, that our Holy Torah itself encourages us to think otherwise, as it says in the end of the Torah, ''...Because this thing [the mastery of Torah and Jewish consciousness and service] is very close in your mouths and hearts to carry it out...'' ---and our Sages pose the age old challenge to all of us, ''When will my actions be like the actions of our Patriarchs [and matriarchs]?!" 
We have an inner Tzadik/Tzadeket that we can manifest, if we only would believe in ourselves enough and believe that Hashem can help us to  become anything we want---especially when what we seek is not fame or fortune or power, but rather to help Hashem transform this world into a  world that lives and breathes Daat---a universal Knowing of Hashem in a rectified world filled to the brim with G-dliness and filled with Tzadikim and Tzadkaniot  that help make this G-dly filled world vision turn into a reality... 
These meditations are meant to be an inspiration to you to show you that you already are well on your way to being  there------ just let yourself shine....... and these meditations are  not, G-d forbid, meant to be  a source of frustration in seeing how far you have to go to get there...Therefore I ask you, to see the Tzadik-traits that I will present, which are real traits brought by the masters of Chasidut and of the Zohar [though admittedly, a very partial collection] as traits that you have already inside of you---sometimes less, sometimes more---but always available to you in greater and greater portions , if you only let yourself grow into them  and  let Hashem help you in that process as much as possible   
Unleashing your inner Tzadik\Tzadeket meditations... 
****** Though the following meditations are self-explanatory and stand on their own, I offer here [in the paragraph below] some direction,  for those who really want to make the extra effort to become the most complete  Tzadik/Tzadeket that you can, here are some extra steps that you can take;   

In the following meditations, gauge where you are holding in all of these meditations.....Take great pleasure in your natural  Tzadik\Tzadeket [Righteousness] strengths and powers even if it's it only 10% of what it could be....Take note of what you are lacking to becoming an even better one, and then yearn for and pray for and co-create [Declare a Divine Caused New Reality] a new and greatly improved manifestation of your  inner Tzadik/Tzadeket.....Seek out from within yourself and also from others, encouragement, advice, bridging the gap between what kind of Tzadik/Tzadeket that you are now and what you ultimately will become!!    



DISCOVER an area of life where your inner will or Ratzon is in synchronization with Hashem's Will......You may discover this upon hearing about  a particular way that Hashem acts--whether in managing the world or in connecting with an individual-----and you find that you do the same.....   

OPEN up more and more areas, past, present and future, where your Ratzon [inner will or functioning] is in line with Hashem's.....One possible way to do this, is to practice the Mitzvah of emulating Hashem's ways--the more the better...  


DISCOVER in your past, one time where you were very actively focused upon seeking the rectification or protection or healing of mankind and the world....Perhaps this was triggered when you heard of impending danger or war, and you did what you could to fend off it's destructive force.....or perhaps you concentrated your efforts on helping to empower as many people as you could to become the best that they could become...  

OPEN up more and more opportunities for yourself to be involved in the wellbeing of the world....Strive to reach a level, where you see yourself as an extension of G-d's drive of constantly bringing the world to its perfection...    


DISCOVER a time when you realized that the way that you acted, was the way that Divine Providence acted accordingly with you, and then based on this, you tapped into a particular mode of positive behaviour, that thereby drew down to yourself a Divine mirror effect.....Perhaps you smiled at everyone and everyone and everything in your world, smiled back at you...Perhaps you were particularly kind with one and all ---drawing down to yourself an atmosphere of overflowing kindness...  

OPEN up more and more ways of drawing down positive and beneficial and blessed mirroring effects, until you come to be aware that the world is a splendid place of Divine reflection at all times...  



DISCOVER a side of yourself, or a period of time in your life, where you made yourself very involved with people in the most positive possible way ....Perhaps you really identified with someone's pain or truly celebrated with someone their joy and happiness...Perhaps you simply joined your fate with others in some common purpose...  

OPEN up more and more examples from your past, as well as projected opportunities that you see coming your way, where not only do you involve yourself with others,  but you also authentically feel their pain and joy in a depth that you've never felt before....See yourself as shifting from being an 'I' person, to becoming a 'We' person...  


DISCOVER a time in your life, when you truly sought out, in a benevolent way, the wellbeing of someone else or of many people....Perhaps this occurred when you were asked to protect someone...Perhaps you understood that someone special in your life, needed a strong dose of love...Perhaps someone gave you a healthy dose of love and Chesed and you did your best to 'cycle  onwards to them and to others' [This is one version of the meaning of the verse, 'Ohr Zaruah LaTzadik' ----'Light is sown for the Righteous one'----who then passes it on to others]...  

OPEN up in yourself more and more opportunities to be benevolent to others emulate Hashem's trait of benevolence at all times with everyone be a source of true blessing and joy to anyone who encounters you....   


DISCOVER a side of yourself, or at least an occasion in your life , when you were genuinely concerned with connecting others to Hashem and to their roots....Perhaps you pointed out to them, how they are holy and wise just as they are....Perhaps you focused in on some specific strong trait that they have , and empowered them, by showing how they shine in this area...Perhaps you showed them how to bond with Hashem in ways that they have never done before, such as being aware of Hashem's love for them, or how he is guiding their lives 24/7....Perhaps you showed them an insight in Torah or in Mitzvah observance , that they weren't previously aware of....  

OPEN up more and more all of these and other similar areas until you become a true messenger for G-dliness and soul-connection...  



DISCOVER a time in your life when you were highly motivated to seek out your personal growth and perfection in any and every way that you could....perhaps you sought how to become more humble, more caring, more self expressive...etc...   

OPEN up your awareness to more and more incidents of seeking to grow and perfect yourself in any way that you could in your past....Seek out to cause to flourish  these reserves of growth and self-perfection,  as well as opportunities to tap into them...  


DISCOVER  a time in your life where you felt that you were so detached from seeking people's approval, that it made no difference to you if people praised you, or put you down  

OPEN up your memory to recall more and more examples of this equanimity and detachment from finding favour in people's eyes....Seek out more and more opportunities to become free of needing the approval of others...  


DISCOVER a time in your life when you felt like it wasn't really YOU that was thinking, feeling, speaking or acting, rather it was Hashem doing it through you....If you have a hard time identifying such an experience, than try to experience it now--- simply allow Hashem's Presence to fill you up so much, that he is thinking through you and speaking and acting through you as well...   

OPEN up yourself to experience more and more,  a bonding or fusion with G-d working through especially ripe time for dong this is during prayer and during Shabbat...Experiment with it in other situations...Allow Hashem to be the one to guide you in thought, feeling and deed as often as possible...   


DISCOVER  a life situation where you were burdened with some type of suffering, and you somehow managed to find inside of yourself as a result of your suffering, a redeeming trait or an inner lesson or a hidden strength that you were not previously aware of ....  

OPEN up this inner transformation process to the point where [though you don't want seek out suffering] you see any suffering that has come upon you, as being an opportunity for some type of inner lesson, message and transformation...   


DISCOVER a time in your life, where you were painfully aware that you were doing something wrong, and you decided to correct yourself....Experience how liberated you felt during and after the experience....  

OPEN up both in your past and in your projected future, more and more self correction and self transformation opportunities, until you  truly become a Baal Tshuva--a master of return...  



[meditations and prayers    

1. The essence and power of grieving over the

loss of the Holy Temple   

We are less than a week away from  Tisha B'av---the day of the destruction of both Temples

[and a number of other catastrophic events]....The question that keeps coming up every year is,

'How can we mourn over something that we never have known or experienced?' ......

The intensity of grief that we experience or anything over anyone that we have lost, is directly proportional

to the degree that we knew, felt, loved and were connected to that person . Therefore the challenge in the grieving process 

over the loss of our Holy Temples,  is to explore what it was that we had, and that we lack, now  that they are gone.  

We need to understand that the grieving that we do, serves a crucial purpose. As opposed to just grieving 

over the loss in order to heal ourselves and to give proper respect to that which is lost to us----as is normally the case 

in grieving,  here our purpose in grieving is to BRING BACK TO LIFE THE OBJECT OF OUR GRIEF!

With this approach, we can understand and fulfill what our Sages say, ''Those who mourn for the destruction 

[of Jerusalem...], merit to see her [Jerusalem's] happiness"........The true mourning process is itself

right now, the catalyst, for the ultimate joy of it's being rebuilt.  

2. Our Approach   

Our presentation is based on a number of sources. Most of these sources, i was able to access  online  in English.

Therefore , with minimal effort---just a few clicks of our good friend, the mouse, I am sending you these essays, 

after I bring you  the meditations/prayers that drew upon these essays [in addition to a few other sources].   For those of you who want to

get a deeper experience of this topic, i invite you to check out these essays and others like them

[particularly a series of small articles connected to the topic,

entitled ''Jerusalem, the Eye of the Universe'' by R. Arye Kaplan [zt'l]... together with a book written by David Rossoff entitled ''Where Heaven and Earth Meet'']

If you find something good, please share it, and I'll try to do the same, and who knows, maybe in the merit of our sharing,

we won't need to mourn on Tisha B'av this year at all, because the Mashiach will already be here B'H!   

YEARNING FOR THE BEIT HAMIKDASH [meditations and prayers]  

1. The Return Home  

Know that one of the main purposes that the Creator created the universe for, was so that He should have a 'Dira B'Tachtonim'--literally a dwelling place in this lower World----which includes a dwelling place inside of each one of us, as well as a physical home on earth '' the place of His choosing...''---namely Jerusalem.......  

Know that this same city of Jerusalem, even when it is not in a state of it's  full expression, as it will be when the Holy Temple will be rebuilt and functioning, nevertheless , even now , it is the city that Hashem's presence is felt , more than any other city on earth.......  

As a direct result of this indwelling, Jerusalem is, was and always will be the central focus of our people [and of the entire world].....Know that we pray for Jerusalem's wellbeing in all of our fixed prayers and in our blessing after meals....We place our yearning for Jerusalem above our highest joys---in impassioned declarations at the pinnacle of our wedding ceremonies, as well as on the walls of our homes [in the form of a corner of one of the walls  being left unpainted].........  

We are in love with Jerusalem.........We face it's direction when we pray.....We yearn to be at the Kotel/Western Wall---the Holy remnant of the outer wall of the Temple complex....Many of us make our political choices on the basis of the candidate's level of consideration for the welfare of Jerusalem.......So Jerusalem is not only the 'so-called Home for Hashem,--but for us as well.....................  

Know that when Jerusalem is fully actualized, through having the Holy temple built up and functioning in its midst, at a time when our people have come back home and at a time when our Righteous Mashiach is alive and well and  fully functioning----at that time, our people's historical marriage with Hashem will be completely consummated and realized-----whereas in any and every historical setting where we lack this reality, we find ourselves steeped in Exile---and to the extent of our being in exile, to that extent, we are separated from our groom, our husband---our G-d----along with all of the pain and heartache that a wife and husband feel upon being apart.......  

Know that our national return to our married partner, to our Holy Home of Jerusalem, with its Temple intact----is actually a return to ourselves----to our fully expressed status of being ''A Nation of Priests'', ''A Light unto the Nations'', a nation of scholars and Prophets---a nation that returns to being it's fully glorious self   

A prayer for our return home;  

Our Merciful father

We grieve for all that we have lost

We grieve, but with a grieving

that is full of trust and hope---

a trust that our grieving will be

transformed into pure joy---

a joy that comes when our prayers our answered and

our dreams are fulfilled  

But most important, Hashem

We yearn for your Presence

here on earth

in the Place that

You have chosen to Dwell

from time immemorial  

Bring us all home Dear Lord,

Bring us all back home to Jerusalem 

to the place that we have

never stopped loving and longing for

in every prayer 

in every major event 

of our lives   

Return us to the Jerusalem

that shines in her full glory

to the Jerusalem of today

that is being transformed

into the ultimate Jerusalem

of tomorrow

with her Prophets

and her Scholars

and her Priests

and her Mashiach

and her Holy Temple

all shining forth

with the brightest

of Divine Light

a light that lights up

all the darknesses

of the entire world  

Bring us home

our G-d and G-d of our fathers

Bring us back

to the home of our youth

bring us to a home where we know

that all that really counts is  

to be with You

in all ways always  

Bring us Home

to ourselves

to our fully expressed

fully blossomed

glorious selves

Open up the wellsprings of


inside of our hearts and souls  

for all this

and more than we

can express

we ask you, Dear G-d

to bring us home!!  

2. The Unifying Principle   

Know that Jerusalem , even in it's present not-yet-fully-realized-state [all the more so , in it's realized state with the Holy Temple] is the ultimate unifier....It's very name indicates this--'Yerushalayim'  which comprises the 2 words , 'Yire Shalem ' meaning complete seeing, or the ability to hold in one's perspective anything and it's opposite, and everything inbetween, at the same time......The more classic etymology of the name is the City of Peace---a city representing the ideal of peace, at the same time that historically, it is one of the bloodiest, most war ravaged spots on the globe----a classic illustration of Jerusalem's harmony of opposites....Similarly, it brings together many peoples of the globe as well as many outlooks of life....Most important, it is the unifier of spirituality, infinity, eternity and Divinity---of all of these, together with their opposites---physicality, finiteness, temporality as well as the mundane....................  

As is known Kabbalistically, that  which unifies disparate elements, is that which signifies beauty----thus our Sages state that out of the 10 measures of beauty that have been given to the world, 9 of them were given to Jerusalem........  

Know that Jerusalem's [and especially the Holy Temple's] power to harmonize and unite ----qualifies Jerusalem  to serve as the focal point of global rectification and perfection----The Holy Temple generates and reverberates  physical and spiritual sustenance to the entire world, and alternatively, the physical and the spiritual realms are reflected in the corresponding state or level of the Holy Temple.....Thus, the 1st Temple--the Temple built by King Solomon, radiated one of the highest spiritual auras in history---with incredible levels of Prophecy and open miracles--which reflected the state or level of the Jews and the entire world at that time.....The level dropped a number of notches in the 2nd temple, and will reach its highest peak in the3rd Temple, never to fall again......  

Know that this great concentration of harmony, will qualify Jerusalem to serve as the Universal focus of all of mankind ---as is explicitly elaborated upon in all of the writings of the Prophets.......This Universal harmony, will bring along with it, world peace, world joy and world spiritual elevation----where one and all will seek Hashem, to know His ways with all of their might.......  

And ultimately this world consciousness will usher in a new and very different era or world order, where no longer will people be driven to perfect themselves and all which is deficient, but rather , they will be driven to seek out Divine ability to see with ever-increasing clarity ---that there is nothing else in reality, but Hashem!!  

a prayer for accessing  the unification consciousness of Jerusalem  

Master of the Universe

We come before You

with a broken heart 

and a scattered sense of self

Please heal us

Please reunify us

Please return us

to our city

of complete -seeing


so that we can be 

whole again,  

so that

we can harmonize together 

all that is disconnected so that

we can attach ourselves and all that is 

temporal in our lives, 

all that is mediocre and stuck 

and petty 

in our lives   


all that is infinite all that is supernatural all that is eternal

and all that is Divine

Return us to all this

through the unifying power of Jerusalem---

the upper , heavenly Jerusalem

together with the lower

earthly Jerusalem   

Reveal to us

the total beauty that Jerusalem contains

the essence of beauty

The beauty of 

The song of the Levites

Then song that melted and transformed

the hearts of all who heard it

The beauty of the Divine Service and 

the wisdom and the Prophecy

that could be tangibly felt and

tasted nowhere else like in Jerusalem    

Dear Creator of the Universe and

of all mankind,

Return to us the ability to live the daily

miracles of Jerusalem

and the tangible revelation of

Your Holy Presence

Usher us into the time that

all of Your Prophets spoke about

where all people will

look to Jerusalem for their 

physical and

spiritual wellbeing

for it's supernal light to banish all of their

various forms of darkness

for it's healing to heal their bodies and souls

for it's concentration of Divine Presence

to serve as the focal point

of everyone's motivation and occupation

---an occupation that will no longer

be concerned with

so much with survival and money, 

but rather with

knowing You

and knowing that there is

nothing else besides You  

May it be your will

that the words of our mouths 

and the meditations of our hearts

find favor in Your eyes

our G-d

our Rock

and our redeemer   



R. Tzadok HaCohen 
What is unique about a Jew 
1. We are Lishma---we do what we do [deep down or when we focus on it] not for ourselves, but for Hashem 
2. we are ABOVE -NATURE beings [when we want to be] 
3. We are the heart and soul of the world 
4. our essential stance/raison de troi is that of knowing that we need to invest zero effort to get things done--Hashem does it all for us 
5. similarly we are totally dependent on Hashem [and not ourselves or anyone else ] to get things done 
6.  we are not subjected to natural cause -effect dynamics 
7. we are not limited by 'olam haze' --this worlds considerations 
8. the following traits are not really who we are in essence; 
a. sinners 
b. bad character traits 
c. lustful 
d. subject to astrological forces 
9. the following trait ARE essentially who we are; 
a. the carriers of a longtime genetic and spiritual legacy 
b. Holy 
c. G-dly motivated 
d. fearers of Heaven 
e. the macrocosmic activators of the Tikun of the world 
f. primarily internally oriented [ and not shallow/external...] 
g. the bearers of both side of paradox 
h. naturally motivated to do Hashem's Mitzvot


Life Changing Lessons 
from        'TO HEAL THE SOUL 
by R.K.K. [Rav Kalonymous Kalman Shapira ztz'l] 
The  'Warsaw Ghetto Rebbe', also known as the 'Holy Fire', as well as the 'Piasczenza Rebbe' , perished in the hell of the Holocaust, and his 
holy soul returned to it's maker on the 4th of Cheshvan 5704, [November 2, 1943]......which comes out this year on this coming Motzei Shabbat [Saturday night] and  Sunday.... 
The Rebbe, in addition to being one of the premier Tzadikim, Chassidic leaders, visionaries and pedagogues of his generation, was also an incredibly original and creative human being---one who's message and perspective offers our generation--whether religious or non-religious-- a dazzling, splendid guiding life light. In fact, the Rebbe, in his day, was very aware of his potential influence on our present generation...and saw to it that a few of his latest works should be spread far and wide in the next [our present] generation---and so he buried them under the soil of the Warsaw ghetto with a note requesting that whoever found them [after the holocaust] , should spread them to the masses... 
I , who feel a very strong affinity for this wondrous Rebbe, have found that the work that he wrote that best expresses his creative originality and pertinence for the masses of our generation is a book called in Hebrew, 'Tzav Vziruz' and later translated by R. Yehoshua Starrett and called 'To Heal The Soul'. It is, as he himself states , a work that is meant to be a journal of his inner life--very readable and very profound ....Years ago, I went through this work with a learning partner and summarized the 50 or so mini-chapters and their pieces of advice or techniques and  right alongside them, I added some of my own ........In any case, in order to bring some of these teachings to life, I chose 13 or so, of my favorites to share with you, together with some of my own related personal 'discoveries' [patience, friends if we only get around to part of them this week].... 
THE 13; 
1. Bequeathing a spiritual Journal 
2. Who do you want to be? 
3. Individuality 
4. Musical Spirituality 
5. Self Awareness 
6. Reaching the student's core 
7. Self measurement tools 
8. Baggage\Worry release 
9. Personalized tools 
10. Fellow Spiritual Seekers bonding 
11. Above one's level 
12. The importance of self knowledge 
13. Ratzon 

RKK [the Rebbe] 
RKK observed that an ideal scenario would be where we could live a second lifetime [another 80 years or so---not a reincarnation but rather a fully conscious extra 80-90 years]....That way, we could engage the world the second time around, with all of the wisdom that we gained from the first time....but alas, we can't, so the second best thing to do, is to create an internal spiritual journal with your own personal struggles and lessons and setbacks and successes.....Besides being able to benefit from it yourself as you go, you'll also be able to bequeathed it to your students and family members and friends...etc..., in order to thereby gain eternal life for yourself --since all these people will be occupied with your personal lessons long after you've passed on from this world.... 
My associated thoughts [the weekly email] 
I believe that perhaps the most deeply satisfying activity that I have ever been privileged to engage in, was/is to write a weekly email column to an ever growing community of people for the last couple of years....These eventually branched out into becoming booklets and classes and seminar---s  and serves as a data base to provide source material and life-tools for 1 on 1 coaching tips and for basic guidance in Judaism---  and all of this conglomerate evolves into being a unique community of like-minded spiritual seekers.......RKK's drive to bequeath his life lessons to others as well as to himself is my underlying motivation as well----How about you?  Can you think of a similar way to bequeath your inner lessons to others?  



The Rebbe urges or warns that if we want to spiritually grow beyond our Bar [or Bat]Mitzvah level of spirituality in life, then we need to project our ultimate future self....This should include on a yearly basis, envisioning the actualized you of a year later, your character, attainments, daily living reality, inner essence...etc..etc...Use this projection all year long, as a gauge for progress [ie...20% of the year should elicit 20% progress towards the new you]...  

My associated additions   

'Presume'-----The word is a combination of 'pre' [prior]and 'resume' ....In other words it is a future projection of what you want to become or accomplish....The working concept is to write out a ''graduation speech'', where you jump into your projected future and speak in the present tense , as if you're already in it,---you proudly state  the WHAT---what you have become or done, and the HOW---how you did it.....Now you have a roadmap set out for your future projected self ---Now toss it all up to Hashem to help you accomplish it all....Do more than one presume--the more you do, the more you grow and grow closer to Hashem in a wonderful co-creative relationship...  



The Rebbe, very uncharacteristic of Chassidic Rebbes, and chassidim in general [who stress very strongly , the principle of being part of the community and of selfless conformity] , teaches how important individualism is---he teaches;  

a. the preliminary for all soul healing solutions is to take responsibility for yourself to find your own personalized solution  

b. outside sources and directives, even from superiors , are insufficient, and can only be a guideline...''you must devise original plans for yourself''  

c. don't stray from the advice of our holy Sages of all generations, but within it, you must carve your own way , personalizing their advice as it applies to your own life  

d. public opinion is like a torrent river sweeping up everything in it's path [including the individual mind into being brainwashed]  

e. don't be concerned too much with what people say, and to not get swept away, you must actively swim against the current, struggling for authentic, individual, unaffected spiritual growth  

f. a person should individuate them self with the essence of who they really are----free of social rules, cultural customs or accepted norms---all with a mind of their own....This means bringing out that which is unique in you---so when someone will quote you--they'll say---''now that's his/her unique way...''  

g. individuation is the key to truly exercising your free will and ultimately to reach G-d 

My additions  

My rebbes taught me a very important maxim in learning and in living--'Kodem Roshi [first, think it out for yourself], afterwards Rashi [afterwards check out what the experts say]' ---2 benefits come from this approach;  

a. you will undertand for yourself properly, the primary text or life challenges   

b. you will also understand much clearer [since you tried it yourself] , how the great people dealt with these same challenges  

***b'H --hopefully there's more to come soon

all the best,



******hey there friends and companions 
I just returned from an amazing 3 week USA teaching trip [more on that below], as well as a trip into the spiritual airspace of the Holiday of Shavuot [and it's culminating connection to the last 50 day self transformational Pesach and Omer period ]......both of these 'trips' as well as the completion of a period of Jewish Transcendence Meditations that we've been occupied with for a number of months [as well as a booklet that we've created from these meditations]---all lead us into a 'LAIDA'---- a birth process...a birth  that draws on all of these experiences as well as present and future aspirations...and a birth-ing can't be forced, it must come on it's own and in it's own time---so I just explore and see what comes up for me [in my 'Ratzon'] and... 
What keeps coming up for me is                                     
1. I'm a BRIDGE person... 
2. I am an 'all of me-ing' person constantly driven to BRIDGE 'part of me-ing' to 'all of me-ing' 
3. A BRIDGE is what connects 2 disparate parts---the ultimate means to complete of all that's lacking in our world of Tikun... 
4. The people i have recently connected with, long 
for being BRIDGED to their Jewish roots 
5. The amazing breadth and depth of wisdom and knowledge possessed by many Torah Scholars that I have been privileged to meet and know---cries out to be somehow BRIDGED to those not in possession of this knowledge...We all should somehow  be given the taste of what it is to be a Torah Scholar and a Chassidic Master and a Jewish Mystic and a true Sage...then after taking that taste and stepping into those shoes, decide if we want to pursue such a path! 
6. The Jewish Transcendence Meditations' mindset that we have been occupied with recently, seems to want to evolve and BRIDGE itself  into a new type of expression---something like the inner consciousness accompanying  main-line Jewish wisdom/texts/practice ....  
7. The Musical Meditations that we have recently done in the states, have tapped into a part of the psyche that opens up some kind of otherwise dormant wellsprings that yearn to BRIDGE themselves with the day to day mindset that we move in all the time 
8. A part of me wants to let the birth-process stay 
mysterious/unknown and allow it's revelation to appear in it's own good time---and the mysterious term BRIDGES, encourages that process 
9.  We all in one form or another possess true wisdom...and all this wisdom has it's counterpart and it's source in the Torah's wisdom---- as our Sages teach us, that Hashem looked into the Torah and created the world---meaning that all the wisdom in the world is sourced in the Torah----so wouldn't it be marvelous to BRIDGE as much of this wisdom as possible, that we possess with it's source in the Torah?! And the Torah itself ,almost at the end of the Chumash, writes that it's own wisdom is very close to all of us[ 'Ki Karov Aleicha Hadavar M'od Bfichah Ubilvavcha Laasota'-------'This Torah wisdom is very close to you, in your mouth and heart to do it' ] 
10. The Sefirotic character trait that  represents the concept of BRIDGING is called 'Tifferet'--which refers to Torah---exactly the  realm of life we all have just visited and tried [each in their own way] to make a part of our lives-- on the Holiday of Shavuot ....Now, that we have tapped in to the essence of BRIDGING G-d's wisdom to life , which is what Torah is all about,  we seek to do just that--- to BRIDGE  our  newly acquired Torah conscousness to the rest of our lives 
*****in order to BRIDGE these to thoughts what we have been used to doing for the last 3 or 4 months---ie-- a meditation----here's one for you; 
Co-create  manifold BRIDGES  in your life now....Co- Create [Declare with an absolutely clear intent and then with  crystal clear trust and faith, sit back and watch how Hashem , when and how it finds favour in His Eyes, makes it all manifest  ] a reality in your life whereby you will be surrounded by BRIDGES;  
BRIDGES bridging your past to your present and your present to your future .... 
BRIDGES bridging yourself  
to the people and stereotypes of people that you normally don't bridge with...... 
BRIDGES bridging yourself to wisdom that you normally don't bridge with..... 
BRIDGES bridging yourself with inner wellsprings that you normally don't bridge with..... 
BRIDGES bridging yourself with a new you  or a new side of you that wants to be born.... 
BRIDGES  bridging yourself with anything and everything in your life that is in a state of disconnect and if bridged, would be a splendid Tikun or rectification..... 
BRIDGES bridging your present level of spirituality to the level of a Jewish /Torah Master--a master of Mysticism, a master of Chassidut, a master of Torah Scholarship, a master of Midrash and Aggada and all similar type of Homiletically Knowledge, a master of halacha and Jewish observance.... 
BRIDGES bridging yourself to that which is need of elevation and rectification in this long and bitter exile that we presently find ourselves in, and truly and enlighteningly elevating, rectifying and healing as much as we are able to  
BRIDGES bridging yourself to those disparate and divisive factions and subgroups  of our people and causing, in your own unique way, these divisive parts to come together somehow....more and more...all the time...wondrously...with G-d's unlimited assistance 
******  and as I promised you above, I would like to share with you [for any possible  benefit any one of us can derive]  ; 
FROM MY TRIP [Maui Hawaii, El Paso Texas, Ruidoso New Mexico, Lubbock Texas, Chicago, Miami and Manhattan]------- 
1. I was greeted at every stop along the way, by open ,receptive, thirsty, loving, sharing people--most of whom were more than willing to open up their hearts and share freely with me and/or the whole group, what was important for them to share, and of course  they all encouraged me lovingly to do the same...and in our sessions, many people noticed shifts and transformations in their personal life situations 
2. With one person, we discovered and applied,  a new technique---that I'll refer to  
as 'visioning'----with musical meditative background music, this person envisioned the future upcoming stages of their life story unfolding in front of their eyes....with subsequent meditations-- we revisited these stages a number of times and each time the somewhat mysterious vision became clearer and clearer, until they were left with almost a visionary roadmap of their future life 
3. the Jewish Transcendence Meditation booklet came in very handy for me ; 
a. it was the source of teachings [making my life very easy and virtually free of  preparation]  
b. it was appealing to people [including the photo collages on the front cover]....I 
guess everybody likes to see a finished packaged product in hand.....there were some great suggestions to turn it into a 'workbook' accompanied by the same musical 
accompaniment that we did in our sessions--- in a CD 
c. with all that said, I did find that some of the older techniques from previous trips and booklets were the ones that came in most hand---like the BSMS toss it up to Hashem pill, and spider-charting, and Sefirotic alignment therapy......  
4. Almost all sessions were done with musical accompaniment---and this elicited some great response; 
a. the message or lesson gets in 
b. people open up 
c. others joined in musically--a few real real talented ones at that 
d. we musicalized a number of Blessings, Psalms and  prayers [a truly marvelous way of elevating them] 
5. This trip's most unique feature was my encountering in most of my stops, people born and raised non-Jewish [often in very heavy non-Jewish environments] who had an overwhelming drive to become Jewish if they hadn't already done so; 
a. the self sacrifice involved in each of their quests[ often risking their jobs and reputations and status and family support] was often breathtaking and humbling--and made me personally reexamine and recommit to  the way that I pray and learn and do Mitzvot 
b.  it all made me realize that with this massive amount of  
people  in the most unlikely of places and backgrounds wanting with all their hearts to  manifest  and actualize their  Jewish soul---Mashiach can't be far off!! 
6. I got to see a lot of the southwest in hours and hours of road travel---very therapeutic---I love the road..... 
7. Communication and reunion with a number of kindred souls is my favorite thing to do;free of  preparation]  
b. it was appealing to people [including the photo collages on the front cover]....I 
guess everybody likes to see a finished packaged product in hand.....there were some great suggestions to turn it into a 'workbook' accompanied by the same musical 
accompaniment that we did in our sessions--- in a CD 
c. with all that said, I did find that some of the older techniques from previous trips and booklets were the ones that came in most hand---like the BSMS toss it up to Hashem pill, and spider-charting, and Sefirotic alignment therapy......  
4. Almost all sessions were done with musical accompaniment---and this elicited some great response; 
a. the message or lesson gets in 
b. people open up 
c. others joined in musically--a few real real talented ones at that 
d. we musicalized a number of Blessings, Psalms and  prayers [a truly marvelous way of elevating them] 
5. This trip's most unique feature was my encountering in most of my stops, people born and raised non-Jewish [often in very heavy non-Jewish environments] who had an overwhelming drive to become Jewish if they hadn't already done so; 
a. the self sacrifice involved in each of their quests[ often risking their jobs and reputations and status and family support] was often breathtaking and humbling--and made me personally reexamine and recommit to  the way that I pray and learn and do Mitzvot 
b.  it all made me realize that with this massive amount of  
people  in the most unlikely of places and backgrounds wanting with all their hearts to  manifest  and actualize their  Jewish soul---Mashiach can't be far off!! 
6. I got to see a lot of the southwest in hours and hours of road travel---very therapeutic---I love the road..... 
7. Communication and reunion with a number of kindred souls is my favorite thing to do in the world! 
8. The amount of things that could've gone wrong and didn't , like missed plane flights and lost objects and the like, made me realize, along with many mini-miracles all along the way---just how much HASHEM loves me and helps me constantly, and everyone else as well.... 

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