The Art Of Being A Brige Person

By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz


I humbly submit to you that I consider myself to be a 'bridge person' -

I seek and am constantly driven to bridge the right wingers with the left wingers, the

higher soul callings with those of the lower soul, the religious with the non-religious,

secular wisdom with Torah wisdom, the creative artistic types with the straight

businessman types [inside and outside of me], my past and my present, my loves with

my disgusts, my sublime strivings for the ephemeral lights with the constant need to

bring things down to reality, the happy go lucky side inside with the deepest side, the

meek shy side with the extroverted dynamo side, the intellectual side of things with

the experiential side of things, the long haired expansive 'hippy' side of me with the

straight up-no messing around side... etc… etc… etc. infinitum.

I apparently come from some type of root soul-type that never really finds

things to be just fine the way they are - there must be another deeper, more whole

and more real side to things than just what meets the eye....I'm in need of

completion, transcendence, unification.......on the other hand I pretty much

stick to being a 'be here now' laid back type of guy.. [I don't know how these 2

opposite character traits exist in the one person that I am, other than to say

that I'm a walking, talking paradox]....



Well, now that I've spilled my heart out on to the table, and revealed yet

another little puzzle piece of this mysterious being that they call Yitzchak

Schwartz - Yitzchak the bridge man -  - What, you may well ask, does being a

bridge person have to do with the topic at hand? And if you ask, Hey Yitzchak,

what is the topic at hand anyway?! - -then I won't really be able to blame you

for asking - -we have sort of been drifting lately - haven't we! So I'll remind you-

 - We've been discussing [within the wider context of 'paradising our lives'], the

theme of hearing our inner Voice. Two weeks ago, we introduced the theme in a

general wide angled way. We expressed our hope to open up our ability

to holistically hear our inner voices from across the spectrum of our entire

psyche or persona. To help facilitate this, we brought a large list of 'VOICES'

from the 'Parsha Tools' as well as from other 'tool-chest' collections. Then last

week, we introduced the formula called P.L.U.G. IN., designed to plug us in to a

paradised existence. We plugged in the appropriate inner VOICES that can

help us to be constantly plugged in.

Now, in our third and final week's exploration of [or perhaps flirtation with] the

huge challenge of opening up our inner voice, I'd like to try to penetrate to the

essence of what hearing an inner Voice is really all about. And HERE IS



We are sent from on High [a voice which is] the internal guidance

showing us how to complete any lacking or un-completed aspects of our life -

the ultimate act of Bridging!



This bridging or completing process, is rooted in the Creation process itself. G-

d removed His Infinite Presence from the vacant Place or space of Creation,

causing all created beings to be eternally driven to complete the uncompleted,

to re-infinitize the finite reality of this vacant void atmosphere. This primal

bridging or completing drive, is expressed in most, if not all major Kabbalistic

themes, as well as all major themes of Judaism.....Here's a few:


1. TIKUN -  The Cosmos is seen as being broken and full of scattered energies

and components, and is constantly striving to complete itself by retrieving all of

it's lost sparks, and forming them into an eternally stable foundation


2. SOUL PERFECTION -  - All people, whether they are aware of it or not,

within one lifetime as well as across the spectrum of multiple lifetimes, are

constantly busy completing and perfecting that which is incomplete and

imperfect. As the Baal Shem Tov explains, every challenge or experience that

we have in life, is an opportunity to regain lost parts of our soul!

3. THE MALE \ FEMALE PARADIGM DYNAMIC -  What he lacks, she

possesses... what she lacks, he possesses... their mutual completion comes

about when they bond or bridge together.


4. JUDAISM - Judaism may be defined as a primal drive to bring

G-d into areas of life where He is hidden. Thus, the Torah completes or bridges

or organizes the business of day to day living into a Divinely-Guided

framework. The Mitzvot [the commandments] as well as the 'Halacha' bridge or

integrate finite activities into an infinite-Divine based system. Kabbalah bridges

or fuses finite consciousness with infinite consciousness


5. PARSHA KORACH -  Torah Parsha 'Korach', as explained by

the Holy Zohar, is a description of Korach's primal declaration of war on the

concept of 'Shalom' [peace]  - the root of the word Shalom is the word 'Shalem'

which means 'Complete'!

Korach claimed that we are all already perfect and complete

['...all of this nation in it's entirety is Holy...'], and therefore no longer

in need of completing or bridging themselves. Ultimately, in future times, we

WILL be complete -  but if we 'jump the gun', as Korach would have us do,

the results would be disastrous.... [ see this week's Parsha Tools essay,

brought right after this essay, for a deeper look...]



If you want to start becoming a 'Bridge Person' too, then start listening to the

inner voices that are informing you constantly how to complete that which is


To jump-start this process, simply ask yourself,

'To complete this particular lacking___X___, I need to do____X____'

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