All of the essays, modules and meditations
in this set of articles are lessons we
have been learning over a period of the three to four months.

They are different angles of how to live the life you love and a life of paradise.

They are ways of ratzoning;

There is a way of drawing down the ratzon in "HEARING YOUR INNER VOICE."

There is a way of expanding the ratzon by "INFINITIZING" it.
(We have three classes about that)

There is a way of sharing your ratzon;
Sharing the life you love with other people ;
that's called

There is a way of allowing the ratzon to flow;
that is called

And there is a way of manifesting your ratzon;
that is called

The bottom line is,
I'm not so big on intellectual inquiries - rather, I say to you -

Hey, let's just try out  some of our greatest Jewish and Kabbalistic [and original]
principles, tools and techniques on ourselves and let's see
if we can turn our own lives into one Long String of Miracles!

"The Secret" Workshop

The Secret, The Phenomena

The Secret Of The Secret

The Secret Formula

The 18 Features Of A Tzadik

Infinitizing My Life

Personalized Torah Learning Approaches

32 Torah Approaches

Hearing Your Inner Divine Voice

Paradising My Life - [PLUG IN]
The Art Of Being A Bridge Person

Paradising Our Relationships

Soul Family-Ing

Paradising Difficult Relationships

Ratzoning Outline

Kotel Meditation


Kabbalistic Healing

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