The Secret of the Secret

By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz

A. The essential idea is taught by our Sages in 'Pirkei Avot' ['Sayings of our Fathers'] in the 2nd

chapter[the 4th Mishnah]. They say, "Align your will with My [Hashem's] Will, in order that I [Hashem]

will align My Will to your will" [i.e.  ..I, Hashem, will will your will into being]. We see that the Jewish

angle for miraculously manifesting what we want, is to align our desires to Hashem's Desires...i.e. Do it

for Him or in fusion with him, as opposed to primarily focusing on what we can get Him to do for us [as

He is presented in the movie, 'The Secret', as a giant genie in a bottle saying to us that your wish is my


Here are a few other Jewish sources highlighting the principle of aligning our will to His Will;

    1. R. Avraham Yitzchak Kook [ob'm] in his classic work, 'Lights' [in the chapter dealing

with actualizing will], states that to the extent that we align our will to the Divine will, to

that extent, Hashem will cause our will to be manifested in reality [sometimes even before

we ask or pray for it]

    2. The second half of the Mishnah from 'Pirkei Avot' that we quoted above states, "Nullify

your will from contradicting Hashem's Will, and He will nullify all other people's will that

contradict your own will" ...i.e. ..align yourself to Hashem's Will with no internal opposition,

and everyone else will not only get out of your way, but will also do all they can to see to it

it that you get what you want.

B. Our Sages teach that a 'Tzaddik [a righteous person, who by definition is one who's will is

aligned with Hashem's Will] declares and Hashem manifests his declaration or desire'.

There are many Kabbalistic illustrations of this principle. Here are just a few;

a. See the book 'Innerspace' by R. Aryeh Kaplan [ob'm] on page 51 in the chapter dealing

with the Sefirah Keter, for a discussion of the power of fusing G-d's will to your own will, not

only in terms of manifesting your will, but also in terms of becoming a whole and spiritually

connected human being as well as being a person who as an extension of G-d's Will

becomes a loving infinite conduit constantly transforming the world into a Divine Kingdom.

According to the Kabbalah, the nature of the Rosh Hashanah [New Year] judgment

is to determine to what extent we are living out our 

calling in life, which by definition will be our unique contribution to assisting the Creator in

bringing the world closer to its perfection or Tikun. There are many Kabbalistic illustrations of

this principle.

So the Jewish angle for miraculously manifesting what we want is to align our desires to the

Creators desires, i.e. do it for or in fusion with the Universe, as opposed to primarily focusing on

what we can get the Universe to do for us. And to the extent that we do this, to that extent, our

“Will” will be manifested in reality [sometimes even before we ask for it.] If we think deeply

enough into this Divine Will Alignment dynamic, we can see that it is truly the Secret of the

Secret, or at least the Kabbalistic version. This involves a primal shift in focus from the

popular standard "Secret" orientation. Instead of focusing on what G-d can do for you, we say the

opposite. To the extent that I do this the Universe will want to manifest what I want, even to the

point that others will come flocking to help me carry out my desired outcome. And if I'm really

and truly aligned miraculous manifestations will happen for me constantly and automatically

without me even needing to ask for it! We are taught that the Divine Architect created the world in

order to ultimately be a complete revelation of His/Her presence - i.e. to reveal that ultimately

there is nothing else. Surely when we merge our most important faculty of will with that of our

Maker, we activate the primal motivator of existence. The question and challenge to be posed is

"How do I transform myself to become so aligned"?

I am presently working on opening up and hopefully illuminating this subject from a number of

different angles including some key points of a holistic presentation I have been working on for

years entitled "Sefirotic Alignment Therapy", as well as a very special personality portrait that is

taught at length in a classic Chassidic work entitled "Noam Elimelech".

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