By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz


1. Have patience with me dear friends. I'm searching and exploring for the highest

lights. I'm also trying to open up in myself and in you of course if you care to jump on

board, a higher consciousness - if not now, then WHEN right?!

This consciousness needs to be something that connects all of me with all of the people and the world with

whom I daily engage. This consciousness must inspire me to jump out of bed in the

morning. This consciousness must inspire all those I encounter. It must represent my

Ratzon [my innermost will]. This consciousness needs to reflect the best of me, my own

masterpiece in the art of living, my greatest hits, my higher self as well as my lower

self, a person fully expressed, all of my capacities opened up from a standard 4% level

of to a 70% or 80% level - and yet ,at the same time, all of this ME - ING needs to be

bridged in the ultimate paradoxical- ME-LESS-ING to G-D-ING, where all that I do and

become is aligned with the Divine, an extension of Him, my personalized attempt to

reveal Him in his hiding, specifically His hiding in the ME, and the totality of my

expression, me being a simple messenger or courier to drive this world into becoming a

Divine majestic Kingdom! All in all 'PARADISE ON EARTH' !

So we've tried a few things to try to make all this happen.... for a few years, we were

exploring Torah, turning its wisdom into tools, meditations, experiential, artistic and

creative expressions - we developed a seminar and a healing methodology called

Sefirotic Alignment Therapy. We created numerous formulas for instant-yet constant

'paradising'. What I'd like to explore at this point is a topic that is so vital and crucial to our attaining this higher

consciousness as well as crucial in simply coping in all day to day life situations, that we

oftentimes overlook it, even though it's right underneath our noses....the topic is




I approach this topic with a mixture of trepidation and exhilaration.... On the one

hand, I don't want to teach what's false or shady or untrue....our people have a long

standing tradition of being a nation of prophets and conduits of 'Ruach

Hakodesh'...we're no strangers to the inner Divine voice that speaks out inside of us -

we know that there are endless levels of purity and clarity involved in receiving this

Divine voice - G-d Forbid that we should misrepresent the deep and enduring wisdom

that our nation has inherited and knows deep on a collective subconscious

level....... ....on the other hand, the heyday of prophecy is distant past history, but

there is an awakening going on, a massive undercurrent of people being

Divinely guided, spoken to, dictated to, involved in Divine channeling, in Divinely

guided healing, in connecting to G-d through their own personal Divine voice, in so

many different ways, that it's hard to keep track....our Holy Books speak of the

Messianic times as being a time of reawakening our ability to hear this Divine Voice, to

prophesize...a time when the knowledge of G-d will cover the face of the earth like the

sea covers the land....


People's levels and abilities to hear their inner voices are as diversified as their personalities

are from each other. So too are the varieties of inner voices that are

available to us to hear. One person is an expert in one area, but is in need of the

expertise of another who is outstanding in an area in which they come up lacking.

Keeping this in mind, I'd like, with Hashem's Help, to try to open up our Inner Divine

Voice in as wide-angled a way as possible - I'd like to present a list of various types of

Divine inner Voices, drawn from a wellspring of sources  -  -  the Parsha Tools essays

of the last year and a half, as well as other tools I've collected over the years [my own

as well as others ] and various Torah sources ......... the idea is to see if we can

create [or better yet, co-create] out of these lists, a master formula for how to

maximally receive and act upon our inner Voice in all aspects of living [hopefully

directly drawing from the lists we will bring]........ since the work is extensive, we will

begin this week and carry on next week [and perhaps the week after].....I myself, at

this point don't yet know where all this will wind up, but I'm very curious and excited

with anticipation to find out...... in that spirit, let us begin our explorations....

As usual, I brought last year's Bhaalotcha Parsha Tools essay at the end for

those who are interested.....





In each of the following Parshas of

the Book of Bereishit [the 1st year's Parsha Tools], I am bringing the 'voices' in the

following format:


Hear [ in each of the following entries] your Divine inner voice that informs you about

_______[use the entry to fill in the blank];

              BERESHIT [Soul Resonating]

1...... what, in any given challenge in life 24/7, Hashem would advise you to do in His Torah [...just like Abraham was able to do...]

2....... what will be a given person's fate based on the fluency of the prayer [on your tongue] you are saying for them

3....... what the correct life direction there is to take, based on what your soul says NOACH [Seeing the positive in negative people]

4.......what is this [negative] person's redeeming and positive trait to focus on LECH LECHA [Holy selfishness giving]

5........what is your strongest 'peopling' trait that you can use when giving of yourself to people VAYEIRA [Grooving on giving]

6......... the deep pleasure that there is in giving to people CHAYEI SARAH [Never missing a day]

7...........whether each act, thought, feeling or spoken word that you do, enhances your connection to Hashem or not TOLDOS [Bar Mitzvah-ing]

8............whether or not your present activity can be transformed and \ or elevated to be in the category of a Mitzvah or Divine command...

              and if so, picture yourself surrounded by Divine Light, Favor and Well-Being VAYEITZEI [Jacob's Ladder - My personal Divine Coach]

9............what Hashem is guiding you to do, based on the experiences of your day [collected and analyzed]

10..........what is the impact of your good deeds, that are being drawn down from on High into your life VAYISHLACH [Yaakov's constrictive state of consciousness]

11...........people's unique needs in any difficult or unpopular situation, that you have been to before, and can therefore understand well

12...........what is the Divine redeeming factor or gift [i.e. ...'spark'] in an otherwise very lowly, hopeless or ugly situation


We will B"H continue with more Parsha based inner voices next time, but I would like to give you a taste of other types of inner voices drawn from some of my life tools - Here too, we'll use the same format as above;


Hear [ in each of the following entries] your Divine inner voice that informs you about

_______[use the entry to fill in the blank];

1........ anything that you experience in others being inside of you and that you can identify it and utilize it

2.........any trait in a person which repulses you, is actually a trait that came in handy for yourself at some point in your life

              [and you can therefore free up your repulsion]

3..........hundreds of new ways of being in the world that are available to you only open

            up your mind to choose such a way

4..........the best possible direction to take in life [my own personal coach]

5.......... the absolute preciousness and Holiness that each and every person you engage possesses [... from R. Shlomo Carlebach's way]

6..........when you are in your 'zone', you are being infinitely empowered from above

              [the same is true always, even when you're not in your zone]

7............ whether the person that you are connecting to is a kindred spirit or soul brother or sister

8.............the essence of the person you are connecting with

9...........the pure primal essence of any idea that you are thinking about while chanting a musical note at length

10..........the level of being 'here and now' that you are at presently and that you are capable of being at

11..........the level of healthy integration of your little boy or girl inside of yourself in your present situation or challenge

12..........the level of unification of all the many-varied components of your life are presently in, and can potentially be in

13..........the level of pleasure that you are taking on all aspects of life presently, and  can rise to

14.........the level of Infinitizing all the various aspects of your life that you are presently holding by, and can potentially be holding by

15.........the level of salvaging and taking advantage of all of your past and present

             personal resources that you are presently doing and could potentially be doing

16..........what G-d leans towards, regarding many different possible choices that are available to you [ the 'race-horsing' tool] everything is just perfect the way it is

18......... how all the many accomplishments that you achieved in the last week, were really not your doing at all, but rather all done
              through Divine assistance  [a Shabbos meditation] inspired you are and can potentially be you want 'your cake and eat it too' and you want it with all your heart

               and you believe that Hashem can inform you right now how to get it , and then you can

               just close your eyes and the solution will pop into your mind [the chutzpadik mastermind tool] much your lower soul as well as your higher soul resonates with doing any activity.

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