[PLUG IN formula]

By Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz

Happy birthday to me today! I have a very special birthday wish. I want to be

born! I want to give birth to a life that I love living all the time -  I want to be

constantly paradising my life! I want to live it [paradise], and of course part of

living it, is to share it with others [that's where you come in]. Even though it's a

birthday wish, it's not a new wish. I've been working on it for years. It's so easy

to get sidetracked. There are so many 'second best' things to do that come up,

and before you can blink an eye, you're stuck doing something good, but not

something you really want to do. That's the nature of 'Ratzon' [primal will or

simply really, really doing what you want in life]. It's the most elusive thing in

the world. I suppose it's that way because good things don't come easy and

Ratzon-ing is so crucial to us -  - if we're really living in Ratzon, we're really

doing what we came into this world to do!


Anyway, what I originally and ultimately had in mind for myself and any of

you who wanted to join in, for this summer's weekly email presentation, was to

try to achieve some type of level of paradising our lives. We are trying to

connect to this through 3-week topics, excursions or explorations into various

aspects of 'Paradising consciousness'. Our present exploration is a holistic look

at the inner Divine Voices that are potentially available to us with a bit of

spiritual investment. In order to not fall prey to losing our original elusive

Ratzon of Paradising our lives and at the same time, not lose track of the

'Voices', I propose the following;


1. Let's reframe the inner voices [some of those that we have collected last week

and perhaps will continue to collect, along with other ones that are more

directly applicable] into a framework of Paradising our lives.


2. The paradising framework that I have in mind is a formula that I have come

up with over the years, and is expanding all the time - -I call it P.L.U.G. I.

N. appropriately enough. [see below for an elaboration of what PLUG IN is and

how to begin applying it]


3. The main goal involved in hearing our inner voices, is to be able to RECEIVE

from the deepest parts of ourselves, the inner Divine guidance needed to live

the lives we truly want to live. If we can't hear what Hashem wants from

us, which is ultimately what we want for ourselves, then how can we live in

Ratzon or paradise?!


4. Therefore, I'll present to you the basics of the PLUG IN formula, and get you

started with a few of the inner Divine Voices

needed to start the PLUG IN process... and it's up to you and I to take it from

there, and open up ourselves to more voices and maximally PLUG IN [... I

won't recopy the 'voices' list that I brought last week because it's too lengthy,

but I would suggest referring to the list as an added resource to open up each of

the PLUG IN categories]. I am as usual also adding last years Parsha Tools

essay at the end...



Learn to maximally open up the ability to hear your inner 'voice' speaking to

you from all parts of your psyche, as it addresses itself to your ability to

P.L.U.G. I.N. to living a life that you love. Here's a taste of what we'll be



P.L.U.G. I.N.  -   A FORMULA


P=PRESCENCE -  -  -  -  -  Be 'present' with all that is going on right now, all

that is immediately in front of you, all that is deep inside of you and what

is all around you.


The type of inner voices that can help you to be in a state of Presence, are first of

all, the voices brought above, focusing you on all that's going on inside and outside of

yourself right addition, try to hear the voices inside of you informing you of

other people's effect on you as well as the inner part of yourself that corresponds to

other people.........try to hear the strength of your presence-ing -  - -when is

it stronger and weaker, and how it grows and matures with time...


L=LOWER SOUL -  -  -  -  - Integrate into your conscious life your lower self in

a healthy way.

[i.e. .... we are definitely not referring to the part inside of ourselves

who's very purpose in life is to destroy us, sabotage us, throw us

off... etc… sometimes referred to as the evil inclination or 'Yeitzer Hara']. If this

lower self or inner child is left out, squashed, blinded...etc. ..., then any and all

attempts to be great and high and paradised will fail due to a constant inner

struggle, not to mention the fact that if we successfully integrate the lower self,

then we empower a huge amount of energy into all the rest of our psyche....


The inner voices to focus on here are all those objecting voices that are holding us back

from doing what we think we should be doing....On the positive side of the picture, we should

be listening to all of the voices that are calling us to be open and wild and adventurous and

fun-loving...etc. ...when all of these ways of being would benefit us...


U=UNIFY -  -  -  -  -  - connect together all the disparate components of your

life into one powerful unified unit.


The types of inner voices that can help you out here, are the voices constantly

urging you to be one-dimensional, yet not to leave anything out...also hear the voice

informing you of your interconnectedness with all that exists [referred to also as

microcosmic power] and how all that you do affects always some corresponding aspect in

the universe....hear your core motivation as often as possible which will naturally

unify all the other motivations that you have under it's umbrella....hear the

voice informing you in any given situation, what is the unifying, essential

factor involved...


G=GROOVING -  -  -  -  -  -  - take pleasure in all aspects of life, people

and Hashem, who's making it all possible


The voices to awaken are the voices of natural delight that you feel as well as the

isolated delight that you can feel in a less than delightful situation....for example dig deep to

hear the most redeeming and pleasure point in difficult people and hard situations ....also

hear the voices of delight of the past 24 hours and week and month and year, that are often

subconscious and need to

be recalled with a bit of concerted effort....


I=INFINITIZING -  -  -  -  -  -  - open up, expand, liberate and eternalize all

constricted, finite, enslaved and temporal aspects of your life


The voices to listen for are all tose that direct you to expand and maximize your

capacities and that call for you to say yes to what you normally say no to...similarly hear the

voices that propel you to achieve the miraculous and the impossible, not neccessarily with your

own ability, but rather on the strength of the ONE ABOVE...



 - Salvage and take advantage of all of the resources and abundance available

to you from the past, in the present or potentially in the future.


Hear the voices calling on you to not lose a drop...hear the voices calling

on you to remember all that you can about a given subject....hear the voice urging

you to trust in yourself and your ability to draw down tremendous abundance, just as

you have in the past....hear the voice calling in you to take great pleasure and feel

great gratitude for all the abundance that already exists inside of you.....


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