The essential definition of  the Paradise Principle,  perhaps the most central theme of all of our teachings, is to live a life that expresses the totality of yourself - all of you [including the part that is bonded with Hashem] is alive and in a state of paradise--a state that Adam HaRishon [the first man and woman] in the Garden of Eden Paradise  [and all of humanity that he comprised] was once in...
To begin to understand this state of being, let me offer you a formula, that is called, appropriately enough P.L.U.G. I.N .


P  -  Prescence  - Be 'present' with all that is going on right now, all that is immediately in front of you, all that is deep inside of you and what is all around you.....
L   - Lower soul - Integrate into your conscious life your lower self in a healthy way [ie.... we are definitely not refering to the part inside of ourselves who's very purpose in life is to destroy us, sabotage us, throw us off..etc..sometimes referred to as the evil inclination or 'Yaitzer Hara']. If this lower self or inner child is left out, squashed, blinded...etc..., then any and all attempts to be great and high and paradised will fail due to a constant inner struggle , not to mention the fact that if we successfully integrate the lower self, then we enpower a huge amount of energy into all the rest of our psyche....
U  - Unify  -  connect together all the disparate components of your life into one nuclearly powerful unified unit.
G    - Grooving - take pleasure in all aspects of life, people and Hashem, who's making it all possible

I   - Infinitizing  - open up, expand, liberate and eternalize all constricted, finite, enslaved and temporal aspects of your life

N    - Nitzul    - [TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ALL YOUR RESOURCES]  -  Salvage and take advantage of all of the resources and abundance available to you from the past, in the present  or potentially in the future

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