October 27 2007

 Added  Parsha Tools section and The "Secret" Workshop

 November 20 2007

 Added  Reaching your potential brochure and more Parsha Tools

  January 1 2008

Added Meditations and more sections for The "Secret" Workshop

January 6  2008

Added  JTM section

January 23 2008

Expanded JTM section

January 28 2008

More in  JTM section

April 29 2008

Added latest  JTM Booklet

July 23 2008

Added  BRIDGES section

November 17 2008

Added Mastering Jewish Consciousness

April 24 2009

Added Kabbalah Series, updated tour schedule.

May 4 2009

Added Search.capability, Audio and Video sections

June 10 2009

Misc update

Augaust 19 2009

Added Tools Book.with audio meditations, updated  Audio section.

September 14 2009

Updated Tools Book.with audio meditations, updated  Audio section.

October 13 2009

Completed Tools Book.with audio meditations, updated the Audio section.

December 3 2009

Started new Paradise Healing.section with audio meditations..

March 17 2010

Added new Aliya Healing.booklet.

April 18 2010

Changed the site layout and the Nav model

April 28 2010

Added  Sefirotc Consciousness Meditations and updated the Audio section,

April 30 2010

Checked and fixed the dead links. Added blog

May 3 2010

Added complete Parsha Tools and Recipes    MS Word     PDF

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